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Couldn’t resist my wife’s 14 year old daughter and her 14 year niece

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I couldn’t resist my myself. I was always left alone with these two girls. They would both wear the most tiny and loose shorts around the house. They both had this nice big and hard ass. Both very athletic. Everytime they would walk there ass bounced. I wanted them naked. I started wanting them because when we would watch tv in the living room we would all sit on a different couch and they would always put there legs up and I could clearly see into there shorts. I would take pictures and jack off to them. They started slapping my ass one day and they would laugh so I told them I was going to do the same. My stepdaughter said it’s ok and I said are you guys sure and they both said yeah. I would grab there ass when I had the chance and they would laugh. One night I was home with them and my wife’s niece was laying on her stomach and I could see her ass and her pussy. She wasn’t wearing panties. My stepdaughter saw me staring and she got close to me and gave me a pillow and said cover your boner. I didn’t realize that it was visible. I went to the shower and I found both there panties in the hamper, they had both showered. I sniffed both of them and jacked off. I went and sat with my stepdaughter and she grabbed a blanket and covered us both, I first just started playing with her legs and I kept moving up. She wasn’t moving or saying anything, I started sliding my fingers in and out touching her panties. All of a sudden I had my fingers under her underwear. I acted as if I was going to pull her shorts down and she grabbed them and said go turn off the lights. When I turned them off I sat next to her again and started touching her again. I was so hard at this point, I grabbed the waistline of her shorts and pulled them off slowly down to her ankles. She was wearing a white see through underwear and I started rubbing her pussy. I could feel her breathing harder, I pulled her underwear down just enough so I can feel her pussy. She was so wet and I asked her if I can finger her and she nodded her head. I slid my finger in and out slowly for a long time but not wanting her cousin to turn. She then pulled up her panties and shorts and said later she was going to do something for me. I wanted her so bad. She ended up going to sleep but I knew her cousin was still awake, I went to the bathroom and grabbed her panties from the hamper and went into my room. I was standing up naked sniffing her panties and stroking my dick. I left the door open just enough so she can see me. I watched her get up slowly and tried to hide so I wouldn’t see her but I knew she can see and hear everything. I started moaning and calling out her name. I wanted her to hear me. I kept moaning and saying Alexis i wish I can put this hard dick in your mouth. I want your pussy baby. I just kept going and going and she was there the whole time watching me. Right before I was going to cum I said oh baby I’m going to cum I’m going to cum and I exploded all over her panties. The next morning my stepdaughter left with her friends and I stayed with her cousin. She was wearing these black tight leggings with a white thong and her ass stretched the leggings so I can see everything. She asked me to go with her to the laundry room to get the laundry and she bent over right in front of me. Right before we walked out she put my arms around her and pressed her ass against my dick. She felt that I was hard, I slowly pulled her leggings down and I picked her up and layed her on the dryer, I told her I was going to lick her pussy and she let me. I told her I couldn’t help it, I wanted my dick inside her. She asked me if I had a condom so I went and grabbed one and put it on she told me she was a virgin so I took it from her.

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  • Reply S~S~ ID:gnrvcvoid

    Now Leave Your Comment…NICE STORY

  • Reply Nobody ID:1ded1iinvh0b

    Where is part 2

  • Reply Anonim000 ID:1dbv7twnucld

    What was the smell of their pussy and panties like? What are their pussies like? labia majora, labia minora, clitoris, urethral orifice, vaginal orifice, color of her pussy? What does the vaginal discharge of both taste like?

  • Reply Bob ID:ffh2ubrzj

    More details please

  • Reply alex ID:2nhm7c18rk

    stayed over at jennys a fuck bud i met 6 years back working together. shes a single mum a very good one. we get together every so often have a drink and fucking her has always been good sex. ifirst met her daughter 5 yrs backvery cute but young. last year we arranged to meet up again when i arrived jen said he daughters friends staying over. chatting away having a drink jodie walked in wearing crop top and panties she smiled i took one look and my cock almost exploded . she was hungry and asked if her and meg could make a pizza . she ran upstair and i heard her saying to meg omg hes fit and i could hear giggles. they both came back down sat on the floor infront of me flashing thier panties couldnt believe how hot they were. i could feel the atraction but kept my composure. next day i found a pair of panties in my jacket pocket. few weeks later i went round again. this time jodie kept getting close to me in the kitchen and eyeing me . when i got a shower i overheard jen saying stop flirting with him put some cloths on.i woke up for work the next morning went downstairs to the shower jen was fast asleep when the door opend it was jodie she said ive woke up and my panties are soaking

    • Anonim000 ID:1dbv7twnucld

      How did her panties smell? were there stains? What knowledge did they have?

    • Captain America ID:55wsg94x8

      Did you fuck the daughter

  • Reply Jeff ID:1i2kovirk0c

    I should have been as smart as you and used a condom when I had sex with my girlfriend daughter.
    I got her pregnant when she told her mother her mom said she was pregnant also.

  • Reply anomalously ID:bpcjnotv3

    What size bra do that wear

    • anomalously ID:bpcjnotv3

      What size bra do that wear

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  • Reply alex ID:4kecg9ihk

    my cock is throbbing, if anybody wants me to fuck their daughter let me know. 23/m kik scunnid

    • Jess ID:3oyukm9c

      I’m not a daughter I want to be fucked hard

  • Reply AL ID:1hr6f15o49a

    Easy group of cunts to fuck as they want it bad. Make it a lifetime thing just as I have with the step daughter and a couple of her friends. Broke the step daughter into fucking more than one at a time and she loves the split roast and can suck and swallow like no tomorrow even though she is married and has 2 kids, still loves the cluster fucking.

    • woody ID:3zxjk3e5qrk

      Will it to love to help you break her kids in. Are you gonna have them next? [email protected]