Confusing sex

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Beautiful staircases in new house but it did lead to confusion.

After reading some other stories, and because I’m bored! I’ve decided to tell mine, whether you believe it or not it’s up to you but I don’t really care one way or the other, one other thing is me and my mum look like twins! you can’t tell us apart especially from the back and there are plenty of pics on google that will bear that out!

Ok first off no names or places, what I’m doing isn’t exactly legal!
At the beginning of October last year the build of our new house was finally finished and we were pleased to move in, one novel feature was the two staircases, one each end leading to upstairs to the bedrooms, depending on which one you used left and right were reversed!
We had just got the place sorted out enough to have a get together of friends at new year and everyone admired these staircases cause they did a full twist, so the evening was going great and my mum decided just after midnight she was going to bed, so bidding everyone goodnight off she went, leaving me dad and my rather drunk boyfriend, after another half hour, mainly cause my boyfriend was drunk and asleep on a sofa in the conservatory, I decided to do the same.

I’m not really sure how long I had been in bed for, I wasn’t asleep but not awake, somewhere in between and really relaxed, one things for sure I never heard my bedroom door open, the first I was aware there was someone there was being touched between my legs, I naturally assumed it was my boyfriend and he sobered up enough to come to bed, what he was doing felt really nice and I opened my legs letting his finger inside me, after a few seconds of that it was removed, my leg was lifted up and it replaced by his cock.

What happened next I was pleased I had my back to him, he called me by my mothers name! by this time his cock had already penetrated me, I lay there in shock thinking he’s walked into the wrong room and thinks I’m mum! from that moment on I was fully awake.
It had took less than a minute to get from his finger to his cock, if I call out and start shouting it will wake mum, and what’s that going to look like! it would be the most horrible mess!
I decided to stay quite and not say a word, I had my back to him and he certainly can’t tell! he’ll finish up fall asleep then I can get up and clean up, not the best of plans I admit but to save all round embarrassment, it was the best I could think of.

I lay there while dad made love to “mum”, he was significantly bigger than my boyfriend too, by a huge margin too! I didn’t want to be turned on by this but I really couldn’t help it, all I could do was bite into my pillow! after a couple of minutes he lifted up my leg and pushed really deep inside me, I swear to god he hit my cervix! he was huge! I couldn’t help myself, I buried my head in my pillow and came, dad gave me my first squirting orgasm!!!!!!!!
After a very short time he pushed all the way in me, I felt his cock throb and pulsate and even squirt inside me making me cum again.

Ok I thought, that’s it, he’s shot his bolt so to speak, he’ll fall asleep now, I couldn’t have been more wrong, after he came he never pulled out of me, he continued on, every in and out stroked my clitoris he was so big making me cum almost continuously, I was so well lubricated and he still felt like a tree trunk inside me!

Ten or so minutes later he pushed again inside me and once again he throbbed and twitched with another huge orgasm.
I think we must have been there for about an hour, he came in me four times, all really big throbbing ones! I orgasmed a lot too and I almost bit clean through my pillow! he eventually relaxed and fell asleep though.

I got up as quietly as I could and made my way to the next bedroom, they were all en-suite and I needed a loo and a shower!
As I sat there what didn’t run down my legs came out of me! which was a lot! I was on a high, I couldn’t resist putting a finger inside and getting some of his cum on it to taste it! I even played with my clitoris making myself squirt down the loo!
I had a shower put on a dressing gown and went downstairs where my my boyfriend was oblivious to what had just happened! and so was everyone else.

I took a morning after pill with my cup of coffee too, heaven forbid he put enough inside me to get a whole town pregnant!
I wasn’t angry or upset, I don’t know why, maybe I should have been in tears or something but i wasn’t, instead I couldn’t help think my dad is multi orgasmic! no wonder my mum is happy!

I waited until morning thinking about it! I even remember it was a Wednesday!
I heard a noise upstairs and it was dad getting up, he came downstairs for a drink then went back to bed, but this time he got the right room, I went upstairs to my room and stripped all the sheets of the bed, they were soaked and mattress was wet too so I turned it over! I remember thinking I don’t know how he hasn’t noticed but I’m pleased he hasn’t.

A couple of days later and things were back to normal, or so I thought anyway, I was pre-flighting our jet, I fly dad to work every day and this morning he said, you were up really early new years day, did you notice anything sweetheart, like what dad I said, well he said I noticed I came out of your room that morning and I thought I would wait till we were alone before I asked you!
I have not told my parents lies for a very long time, but I’m pleased he’s doing it this way I thought, well dad that morning you walked into my room by accident when I was in bed, and before I really knew what was happening you were already making love to “mum” I said, I expected him to be shocked or something, instead he sat down, sort of thought for a moment, then said thank you for telling me the truth sweetheart, I knew I wasn’t with your mother when I got up, we talked about it on the flight, I said I lay there cause I didn’t know what to do so to save embarrassment I let him finish then left, and with that we never talked about it again.

The April of that year my mum suffered a huge hemorrhagic stroke, she never really knew what hit her, she was still young, she had me when she was 17! she never came round from it and she died a couple of days later, it was a confusing time trying to figure out what happened and why and a couple of weeks later we had her funeral.
I know we were lost and angry, not with each other but because we couldn’t understand why, I said we needed to get away somewhere, anywhere but not here for a while, dad said one of his colleges had a beach house on the canary islands and could maybe arrange for us to go there for a couple of weeks, and with that he arranged it.

I knew I couldn’t fly there cause with all that happened I couldn’t sleep, I was just too tired to fly and it was dangerous so we took a commercial flight down.
We had this place for a month, all we did was talk and eat, we still didn’t really sleep properly though and it was seriously getting both of us down, then one night I decided I’ve had enough, I left my underwear on and to dads surprise, I climbed into bed with him! I kept my back to him just like before, feeling him there sent me off into a wonderful sleep, god knows I was tired enough, and he said he fell asleep too cuddled into my back, not altogether ethical but it worked, and no one knew us there.

It all changed one morning when I noticed dad had an erection! and new year came flooding back, I shouldn’t have done it, I shouldn’t have been there to start with really but it was really helping us, but I reached behind to touch him! it was the first time I touch him and what I felt was enormous! all of a sudden he said that feels nice sweetheart and I got a bit of a shock, I thought he was still asleep! but it didn’t put me off, I reached down into his boxers and took his cock in my hand, it was no good though, I had to turn around and see for myself, he made no attempt to stop me as I puled his shorts down, he must have been at 10 inches and very thick, his balls were big too!

I lay there playing with his really big cock, getting his pre cum on my hands too, I remember thinking he was like a big log inside me and now I know why!
Of course it wasn’t enough just to touch him, I wanted him again, I stopped what I was doing and removed my panties and bra, there was no need for words, my dad reached down between my legs and stroked my pussy, it felt so wonderful, of course I knew exactly where it was going, and made absolutely no attempt to stop it, I lay on my back and opened my legs, voluntary this time, his fingers probed inside me making me cum on them, after a five or so minutes of foreplay he climbed between my legs, I felt that cock of his against my pussy, then push the lips aside, he slid inside me nearly all the way.

Again he made me made me cum really hard on him, he made really long slow gentle thrusts, until he all of him was inside me, this time we wanted it though.

We stayed there for all of the morning! he came time and time again inside me, all big and throbbing, and god knows how many times I came!

That was last year, when we came home we continued to sleep together, I realize I have someone who will never hurt me and if the truth was known, what every woman wants! he is in the top 15% of men who can orgasm all night! and as a matter of fact we have both admitted we are in love with each other, if your wondering what happened to my boyfriend, well he just drifted off long ago, would I have it another way, If I could have mum back tomorrow and give dad back to her I would in an instant and be grateful for the time I had with him, but of course, that won’t happen.

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  • Reply Delhi grl ID:36tkyfs4k0c

    Enjoyed thevstory.An old uncle would be more to my taste..

  • Reply vive-la-baise ID:3i7n800lk0d

    I am happy for both of you, exept of course for the lost of your mother, but gald you both find love and happiness in etahc other arms and bed. I HAVE NO FAMILY MEMBER THAT I AM ATTRACTED BUT IT DOES NOTSTOPME FROM BELIEVING TAHT INCEST SHOULD BE LEGAL, FOR REASON THAT would be too long to write.

  • Reply Psiberzerker ID:1fr6k6ud4

    Mennonites make houses like that, with 2 staircases, and 2 upstairs, to keep the men, and women separated. Of course, it doesn’t always work!

  • Reply C ID:82e54r2g44

    Amazing story, I congratulate you on making what was a huge loss to both of you into something wonderful and meaningful, I totally believe you when you said if you could have your mother back you would would give him up.

    • X ID:46w3ypw2fii

      Thanks for your comments C, being together we worked through our grief as we were the only ones who truly understood what we were feeling, and yes if someone said you can have your mother back but it would mean giving him up, I would gladly, I now only call him Dad when we are around people we know! all other times it’s sweetheart, darling, honey things like that, he is the most amazing lover a girl could have and if I could legally marry him, I would!

    • Anonymous ID:1i2lw1peqrd

      Fuck me someone

  • Reply anon ID:1tw2i1nm2

    Loved your story, I myself is doing the same with my sister, we are twins although not identical, have been since we were 13 although we never actually had sex till we were 16, but we did touch each and make each other cum, it all started when she asked me what certain words meant she heard at school, i.e. shag fuck cum, I told her but it didn’t end there! eventually we fell in love with each other.
    Our parents are gone now and we are in our 60’s, we’ve had 4 kids all healthy but no twins! I’ve been temped to tell our story but I don’t know where to start (I know at the beginning!) maybe one day I’ll get round to it.

    • X ID:82e54r2g44

      That is so touching you have been together all that time and you’ve had children, I would love to talk to you properly but no contact details on here please as anyone can read it, congratulations on your healthy children and best wishes.

  • Reply Noone ID:1yr1nwoia

    Are you going to let him get you pregnant

    • X ID:7qdw1pkm9b

      Hello Noone, maybe in a couple of years but at the moment we are having way to much fun just enjoying each other

    • Noone ID:1yr1nwoia

      Ok but you should realy let him get you pregnant to show you love him so much and dont mind having his kids

  • Reply young guy ID:5te7mh4xib

    varunsodhi2 add me on sc

  • Reply Barbra ID:7qdpuz0k09

    After the first time he comes are the others small? and what’s it like to have a man like that?

    • x ID:1tw2i1nm2

      Hello Barbra, I can’t speak for others but no, all dads are the same as the first! as for whats it’s like, it feels quite amazing and weird to have a man who can match me in orgasms! my ex was a one hit wonder as most men are and I never really reached a satisfying orgasm with him but with dad, the skys the limit and beyond.

  • Reply Chandler Hurt ID:fzq6vfv99

    Add me at chandlerhurt on snap

  • Reply Stephanie ID:4172kdir49k

    Loved reading your story, it has been one of my fantasy’s to have sex with my dad but the closest I have got is seeing him in the shower! maybe one day.

  • Reply Jan ID:hecl8y58k

    Great story, I to have sex with my father when we are alone., no substitute for experience.