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Call Guy

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“I’m a bachelor, too!” I tried to tell my dad, “I don’t even have a girlfriend,” but he said I was too young to go to the party, and instead, I had to go watch the stupid kids next door. So anyways, they passed out about 11, and they were so happy to get to stay up late, on a school night, but that left me with the couch.

Stupid old couch, the springs are shot, so it sags down, and even with a pillow under my side, my shoulder digs into the cushion, and it makes my neck hurt, so I got up. Went out, the kids would be fine, and smoked a butt on my way around the side yard. I climbed up the gate, and across the wall to the roof. Up there to my window, that I left unlatched, because I knew the couch would be a problem.

It’s too short, or I’m too tall, it’s busted up, and there’s no place to put my legs, without my knees hanging off, but never mind. I got in my bed, and tried to tune out the music downstairs. I think I was almost asleep when the doorbell rang, and I got up to see who it was. From the stairs, I could see uncle Fred’s fiancee. My soon to be aunt Claire with my mom, answering the door.

All their friends were crowded around in the foyeur, but they said it was going to be a wedding shower. So called because they showered Claire with gifts, but after that, I guess they decided to party, for real. So anyways, this guy came up to the house, and rang the doorbell, dressed up like a cop.

He said “I got a call about the music,” and all the women started talking, but he took off his hat, and through it like a bouquet. “No, you’re going to have to turn it up!” They all backed up, and he ripped open his shirt, but it wasn’t a real uniform. It was a costume, you could tell, because the real police won’t let you rip the sleeves off, or run around in tight short shorts.

He was a stripper, I think, and after he closed the door, the women all came around, and started touching his arms. His chest through his shirt, and pulling him back down the hall to the living room. I had to lean over the railing to see what happened next, but they don’t let you touch the girl strippers at the night club. Not even the topless waitresses at the bar, that’s the rules, but I guess if you call a man to come over, then you can touch him with all your friends.

Good thing he had all the women’s attention, because nobody looked up to see me peaking out over the stairs. Then, they turned the music up, and I had to come down to watch what was going on, but I snuck through the dining room. They took all the chairs out of there, and set the coffee table up on the side, with mom’s holiday trifle bowl full of some fruit punch, I think. It had pineapple slices, and oranges cut in half, floating in it, anyway.

Maybe it was Sangria? I don’t know, but anyways, they all sat down to watch him dance, and started getting real wild. Laughing, and fanning their faces, like they were getting hot, and he was taking off his clothes, but slowly. I got under the table, so I could peak out through the table cloth, without being seen, but all the women were pulling up their tops, or slipping the straps on their dresses down their arms. Some of them had their skirts up, so I could see their panties, and then the man asked “Who’s the lucky lady?”

He was down to his thong underwear, and Claire jumped up, laughing. She danced with him for a while, with her hands on his chest, and her boobs pushed up almost out of her bra, but I could see her nipples, and he had his hands all over her. Then, he felt up her arms, and pulled her hands down his body. To his crotch, then his thumbs slipped in the side of his thong, to pull the G string out of his butt crack, and slip it down.

Claire went down, on her knees, and sat on the side of the coffee table. The bunch bowl slid back, but then he started swinging his hips, so his big stiff crank swung back and forth, and swatted her face like a baseball bat. The other women, including my mom got up to crowd around them, and I saw some of their hands feeling his butt, before he disappeared, but I crawled back, with a big boner of my own.

Well, not that big. I mean, I only just started growing hair on my balls, and working out, but mostly just to get big and strong, before I start high school. I didn’t want to be a shrimpy freshman, and get picked on, but I never felt sexy. I mean. yeah. I got boners, and all but not muscular, and attractive, like him. All the way up the stairs, I tried to swing my hips like him, with my pajama bottoms tucked under my nuts, so my boner swung back and forth, and bounced off my leg with each step.

My tight muscles felt swollen, like I just worked out, when the last time I broke a sweat was just climbing up to sneak in my window, but then I got back in my room, and I saw the light on, across the way. Next door, I never looked in the girl’s room, because it would have been weird, and besides, the girls were good enough to close the blinds, but now they had them up, in their nighties, and the window open, too.

Crowded in under the little roof, that was kinda like a dog-house, only with a window instead of an archway, they leaned out, and yelled, “What’s going on over there?”

“My mom called a stripper,” I put my hands up, around my mouth, “Or maybe a giggalo, I don’t know.”

“Like a Juggalo?” Now, Romy, she’s just turned 12, and the oldest, but she didn’t know what a Giggalo was, she thought I ment some ICP hatchetman fan.

“No, like a whore, but a man.” I shook my head, “Maybe he’s just a stripper, I don’t know cause I left before he started doing it, because I couldn’t really see anything, without coming out, and getting caught.” I’m not even supposed to be back over here, let alone watching the bachelorette party turning into some kinda CFNM reverse gangbang, but I only ever seen something like that in pornos. I never thought for a minute that it would happen right here, or downstairs in the living room, with my mom, their mom, and all their friends.

I guess, if it’s okay for our dads to take uncle Fred out to a strip club for his bachelor party, then it’s only fair for the women to get a stripper for their baby shower.

“Take it off!” Then, Romy snapped me out of it, and I realized that i was starting to dance, to the deep beat from the stereo downstairs. They sure were loud, and pulling up my night shirt, I felt my abs, and tried to flex them. Like they do when I’m holding a 10lb plate on my chest for crunches, but I pulled my shirt up, and held the back of my head, to do standing cross crunches. Touching my knee to my elbow, then putting my foot down to do it again on the other side, it was starting to get hard to keep up with the beat.

Which was like a heart beat, at first, but now it reminded me of the headboard, hitting the wall, and Romy let go of her top. The top of her nightgown, where she had a little bit of swelling, from her starting puberty too. “Take it all off!”

I nodded, smiling, and remembering how he pulled Claire’s hands down his chest. His tight cut abs, and stuck my thumbs back in my waistband. I pulled them up, as soon as I saw the light shining across the side yard, but now my boner was rock hard again, and it popped up, hitting my pubes, and my balls bounced. I did that baseball bat swing again, and Romy let go of her top, to Pump her fist in front of her, and nodded.

Then, I looked down, and saw her little sister’s hair. Just the top of her head, peeking out over the window sill, but behind her, Romy’s nightgown slipped up in her hands. Over the front of her legs, and I tried to flex, pumping my jock slow. A lot slower than the beat, knowing that if I tried to keep up, I’d blow it right away, but then I saw the crotch of her underwear, right over the back Callie’s head, and I couldn’t keep my eyes open.

“UH! Huh, fuck! Ah shit.” She’s just 10 years old, and I was so busy looking at Romy, feeling so strong, muscular, and sex, I knew she was there, and I even looked right at her, but I felt so guilty. Exposing myself, and dancing naked for a 10 year old little girl, and it’s not like Romy is a teenager, neither. Even if she acted mature, and egged me on. Demanding I take it off, take it all off, but the cum was so powerful, even that little bit of regret wasn’t enough to ruin it.

“Come on,” Romy helped Callie up, and slipped her hand back out of her panties, but I had to look away, when I saw Callie’s butt. Her bare butt, pulling up the back of her undies, and then letting her nightgown fall back down. “You better come over, and watch us, or I’m gonna tell!”

Callie yelled back? “No, don’t tell, I’ll be right over, just. Let me clean this up.” Real quick, I realized that I shot a lot, and not just on the window sill. I could see streaks of it shining on the shingles outside, and I realized I must have shot it halfway across the yard, to clear the eaves like that.

So, I was careful, not to step on it going back to the wall. Hanging over to feel it with my feet, and climbing down to their side yard. I didn’t need their gate, climbing down, I could have jumped like I usually do, but I was barefoot, and a little scared. Not to mention pretty nervous about facing the girls again, after what I just did, and then there was their little brother, Corey to think about.

No, it turns out that he was out like a light, and stayed out. I kinda ran him around the yard, chasing the ball, playing catch, because he can’t catch very well yet, but he didn’t stay up as late as his sisters. Heck, it was after midnight when i came back, and the girls were in the front window. Naked. “Is that him?” Romy looked back, holding the drapes open, with her little sister in front of her.

Also naked, and I didn’t even want to get close to them. Close enough to look out the window, even with my Pajamas on, and my bottoms pulled up. I wasn’t going to get a boner again, not as satisfied as I was from putting on that dirty little show, but Romy. She’s only a year, and 5 months younger then me, and I never noticed how her tits were big enough to hang down, and jiggle a little.

I never looked, I’m not a perv you know. At least, i never even seriously considered doing something as perverted as exposing myself, dancing naked, and jacking off in front of the girl next door, and her 10 year old sister. “Carrie, go to bed.”

“Oh, I want to see, and I love your muscles, can I touch them?”

“No, you’re too young, and your mom left me in charge, so do what I say.”

“Or what, you’ll tell?” She giggled, and shook her head.

“Well, you’d be in just as much trouble as me if you do tell, and you know it.” She let out a guilty little grin. “Now, go to bed, show’s over, and I have to talk to your sister, in private.”

“Oh,” she yawned, “Okay.”

“Huh!’ Romy ran over, and hugged me. “I can’t believe this is really happening!”

“What is?” I’m confused, “What are you talking about?”

“Oh, I guess you never knew how I had the hots for you, all this time, but I never thought you’d feel the same for me.” She felt up my leg, and rubbed my crotch. “You do, think I’m sexy, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, it just takes a while to come back, after I.” I just shook my head, “No, this is wrong, I shouldn’t have done that in the first place, you just made me feel so sexy.”

“Well, it’s about time. You really didn’t know how hot and sexy you are, with your skinny muscles. Working out, and teasing us across the fence. You mean you weren’t doing that on purpose?”

“Skinny muscles?” I shook my head.

“Yeah, you’re not like that.” She hooked her thumb, “Fake cop stripper guy, or man whore, or whatever.”

“So? I’m only 13, I’ll grow bigger.”

“Not too big, though. Not yet, I’m not big enough myself for a full grown man like him. I want you, no one else but you, and will you just shut up and kiss me now?”

So, i kissed her, to shut her up too. I guess, but she makes me feel sexy. In a way, i never thought that i would ever feel. Hot and sexy, the way she said it. I always thought that was for girls. Well, of course, as a boy, you want to be sexy for the girls, but I never knew that it worked both ways, I guess.

i have a lot to learn.

“Huh, now finger me until you get it up again.” She took my hand, and put it between her legs.

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