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Brother and sister

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My name’s selena I’m 5’2 I have 34B cup books an hour Glass Fran and long wavy brown hair let’s not forget my plump lips.

I lost my virginity to my uncle at 13 and I realized I was attracted to creepy peeping Tom’s I loved the attention got at school and home from the men in my household the grabs on my ass from my father made me wet or when my grandpa’s made me sit on his lap after he took Viagra.

And let’s not forget my brothers loving he’s rub against me and go down on me. My town was known for in breeding so it was no problem in school when he kiss me.

Until on night we stopped oral he’s invaded my forbidden fruit.

It was 110 degrees and the AC was out so short booty shorts a sports bra is what I wore around the house I sat on my dads lap as he groped me I felt his cock against my ass.

Your my special princes baby but daddy has to work maybe some head after work baby love you he kissed my lips leaving out my grandpa was visiting my mom so now it was me and my brother.

He wore boxers and nothing else I watched his muscles flex as he tried to fix the AC.

He gave up and turned around to me with a smile he told me we should try something I agreed and a few minutes later I laid naked on the bed he was in-between my legs rubbing his 9 inch thing cock on my core.

While his friend recorded he was going to join in later he pushed it in making me moan out he slammed into me my I moaned they joked and called me name’s before his friend joined in fucking my face his cock was 8 inches and I took it all while my brother hand gripped my ass before I felt cum in my mouth he switched and fucked my ass I felt so full from alltbagt cum in me and I knew I’d be passed around once they posted the video.

Not real

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  • Reply Andy Ward ID:5q5u64w42

    Sick bastard!

  • Reply Tracy ID:1i2kovirk0c

    My mom’s took my virginity when I was 12 his friend video tape it. I found out later he sold copies to customers of a bar my mom own.
    I be at the bar after school and it get late my mom would let customer take me home. I end up having sex with them. My mom was pimping me out I didn’t know it

  • Reply . ID:h6r73w343

    I wish you were my sister and then I would fuck you the same time I fuck my older sister

  • Reply Nikola ID:82e7lwo58l

    Hmu for a real insest story [email protected]

  • Reply kimfslut ID:bvk4fzri

    I love the stories name. I love being his whore

  • Reply Trish d. ID:fx7ita943

    Just another bullshit story added to this site.you cañt have a child from a family member without the child being retarded or a disability. Their is so much talk on this site about having a baby from a family member.so many dumb ass people.

    • Kimfslut ID:5u1d7cdzrb

      I came from incest. I believe I turn out ok