Bob Moved Out Anne Moves On

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Bob and Anne lived together for 2 years. He took a promotion and moved to another part of the state. Anne moves on to erotic fun.

My name is Anne. I am 22 years of age. I am 5’3”, petite, 36d, athletic body, I have long light brown curly hair with blonde highlights. I have a masters degree in computer science, IT and AI. That makes me a smarty pants with an overactive libido. I like to fuck. I have been having sex since I learned where a boy’s “pecker” goes.

I now have a great paying job that has daily challenges in the computer world. I still like the other side of life. The erotic sexual, sperm squirting all of my holes. The fulfilling of my needs.

During college I lived with Bob. He was nice to me but not sexual. When I graduated from college and got a great job, Bob was promoted and moved to the northern part of the state. I am free at last. I still have an option. I worked at Chaz’s Club and Bar during college to make extra money. Charles the owner is a good man and I love him. I still work there as a barista. This big brown man had asked me to move into his estate. I couldn’t at the time. Now I can. I called Charles. I asked him if his offer to move into his estate was still open? Charles said, “ “yes baby. I have a suite ready for you. You will be my permanent guest. You can come and go as you please. I have one rule Anne. Don’t bring guys into the estate. It is our home. I want you to meet my security company representative at the gate of my estate at 4:15 tomorrow after work. He will install your thumbprint on the security gate control and for facial recognition. This will be for entry and exit of the estate and on the mansion. No key, codes or cards.

I got to work at 4:45 PM at Charles Club. He was in his office. I knocked on the door. I heard him say come in. He saw me and his beamed a big smile. He said, “ come here Anne. He was seated. He turned to me and we kissed. He put his big hands on my hips pulling me to him. We kissed and French kissed. He commented on my short shorts and strappi cami top. I am braless. The customers like how I am undressed and watch me shake their drinks as I smile at them. I put a little show on for them. I get great tips. My strappi cami top is designed to show skin between the top of my shorts and cover my breasts. Charles had me straddle his lap in the chair. He lifted my cami, licked, sucked my breasts and nipples. I told him I am his after work. I will stay the night with him. He kissed me and gave me a little slap on the ass. He smiled, “get to work.” I smiled and replied, “yes Charles.”

After work I kept my word. I followed Charles’s limo. I stayed the night with him. This 6’6” 300 pound black man is a loving bull. He likes to DP my ass and pussy. I am 5’3” and petite. His body totally covers me. His cock is 12 inches and his ball sack is huge. When he squirts deep inside of me his sperm is thick, white and copious. I had multiple orgasms. I was panting and squealing my enjoyment of his cock. My pussy was full and dripping. He rolled off of me. He used a spoon collecting his dripping sperm from my pussy and inner thighs.
Charles spoon fed me his sperm. He said, “l know you love to eat sperm. I love you. I want you to have my DNA. I am now in you and a part of you. You are special to me.”
I smiled as I ate his sperm. His words touched my heart. He is a man of his word. I hope we have a long loving relationship. I showed him on my tongue his sperm and I smiled and swallowed it. I kissed him.

I licked, sucked, his cock and balls. When his cock was erect he rolled me on my stomach on the mattress. On my knees, head down on the bed, he pulled my ass up high. He lubricated my anus and his cock. He held my ass with his hands slowly pushing his thick cock into my bubble butt. I grunted feeling the pressure in my anus as I pushed to have his cock deep inside of me. His cock was finally fully inside my ass. Charles moved his head next to my head. He said, “I love you Anne. You took my entire cock into your ass. He kissed my cheek.” I was honored by his words. I moved back and forth to fuck his cock. Charles pushed his cock deep into me when I moved back to receive it. Charles holding my ass cheeks pulled and pushed me faster on his cock. I was panting and squealing from the sensations and stimulations. My movements back forth were fast met with Charles pushing his cock hard and deep. Charles started straining louder and louder. He pulled me up off of my hands holding my back against his chest. He held my breasts as he kissed my cheek and squirted my ass copiously causing me to have multiple orgasms. I was squealing enjoying the deep feelings in my ass. He kept fucking my ass flooding my ass with sperm. I put my hands back on the bed moving back forth to pump his cock for more sperm. When Charles finished fucking me I laid on my side facing him. His copious sperm flowed from my ass. I reached between my legs and got a handful. I licked my hand and fingers. Charles laid next to me watching me swallow his sperm handful after handful. He said, “You like my sperm don’t you?” “I love your sperm.”
Charles said, “why do you love it?”
I said, “I like the taste. It has protein and other natural nutrients beneficial to woman. It is your essence. No other man has your essence and DNA. I was trained to respect and serve the Black man.
Charles said, “who trained you?” I showed him my tattoo on my mound.
He said, “What does playing card symbol of a spade and large Q in the center signify?” I said, “The Black Spade ♠️ symbol is a word used in American history to describe a Black man. The Queen represents white women who prefer Black cock. They were called Black Cock whores as I am.
I added, “When I was in college I took an off campus course titled Sex Education for Students. Classes were Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Graduation on Sunday. The professor and owner of the school is Marcus. He is a Black Cock Master. He watched how I participated and was uninhibited he asked me to stay with him during the course. Everything I did for you he trained me to do. He shared me with masters in training and 3 older Black Bulls. I graduated Sunday as a Queen of Spades. He paid to have my tattoo Queen of Spades with his name Marcus on me. He has marked my body to tell other Masters I am an owned white girl. I am his Queen. A Master owns a girl with a Q of S with his name on her. Even if she is with someone or married he owns her ass for life. She will submit to him.

Charles thanked me for telling him about myself. We kissed and showered together. I sucked his cock in the shower and again I am his “Protein Queen.” We put fresh sheets on the bed. We have to work Friday.

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  • Reply Mckenzie ID:fx7ita98l

    I hope she catches something to,total dumb ass.but the story is more than likely bull shit,made up.the majority of white women that would do this are 300 pound skanks.

  • Reply tvsally692 ID:fx7ita98k

    Ooooooo love to suck that daily and weekly and monthly. Black men Rule whites. Love to suck that BBC.

  • Reply Anonymous ID:7ylren4m9a

    Hope you get aids dumb ass,or a disease.

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    white girls love black cock! I also love girls that want a black man, text me anytime at (347)949-2811 tell me more !