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Blindfolded wife

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In 20+ yrs of swinging, we tried it all. But one of the hottest was having her suck & fuck guys and her having no idea who they were…

My wife and I got into the swinger lifestyle just months after getting married at 18 yrs old. We were in the lifestyle for over twenty years and had tried threesomes, wife swapping, gangbangs, exhibitionism and lots more. But one of the hottest things we did was me blindfolding my wife, then bringing in someone else to have sex with her and she had no idea who it was. She wouldn’t take the blindfold off until they had gone so she never knew who it had been.

Some of the people were friends but there were also total strangers I’d meet and invite to join us. At 5-8, 110lbs, 34D-24-35 with long red hair and beautiful long red hair it was easy finding guys and some girls to join in on our little game. Sometimes it would be more than one person I’d bring in to be with her. And I usually joined in but occasionally I’d just sit back and watch while I jerked off. When we started out it was mostly some of our male friends, many of which we’d had threesomes with before. But servicing them and having no idea who it was got her even more turned on.

But I was especially turned on when I’d brought in total strangers or people we knew that she’d never had thought of introducing into our sex life such as a couple of guys who lived in our neighborhood, a couple of co-workers and others. But there were a few that would have really shocked her, and those were the ones who turned me on the most. One of the first was my boss. He’d seen her a few times socially at company functions such as Christmas parties. And ever since seeing her for the first time he’d made several comments about how lucky I was and how sexy my wife was.

So one night when we played our little game my wife was laid out across our bed in only a black garter belt & stockings. She’d fixed herself up and was wearing dark red lipstick & matching nail polish we referred to jokingly as prostitute red. I led him in and thought his eyes were going to pop out when he saw my hot wife lying there her sexy body exposed to him. He didn’t hesitate in sitting on the bed and proceeding to fondle her big tits and rubbing her hairy red bush. He was soon undressed and he moved her to the side of the bed and as he stood in front of her guided her mouth to his cock. She didn’t hesitate in taking it in her mouth and starting to suck it. And in no time was swallowing it to his balls. After sucking his cock and licking & sucking his balls for a while he moved her up on the bed on her hands & knees and got behind her and started fucking her.

Up to this point, I’d just been watching but I was so turned on I couldn’t just watch anymore and got on the bed in front of her and had her suck my cock as my much older boss fucked her. We were both fondling her big tits and moving our hands all over her firm young body. Finally, we were both so excited we couldn’t hold back any longer and I emptied a huge load of cum down her throat as my boss shot off in her tight pussy. We got up and left the room. During the entire encounter, my boss had not said a word but when we were out of earshot it was like an explosion as he began talking about what a fantastic body she had, and what a good fuck she was. And was especially excited about her cock sucking skills. Saying that his wife wouldn’t do that and that it was the first time he’d had his cock sucked in thirty years from when he was in the navy and had paid a hooker to suck his dick.

To this day she had no idea he’d seen her nude or that she’d sucked & fucked him. And whenever we had a company get together I’d get so turned on seeing them interact as I thought back to that night. But there were others that got me even more turned on. One of them being her own brother. He was a couple of years older than her and I’d noticed whenever he visited how hed check out her sexy ass as she’d leave the room and how if she leaned over he’d be looking down her top checking out her tits. Then one night when she wasn’t home he’d come over to watch a porn movie. I’d intentionally picked one that had a guy spying on his sister in the shower and watching her through a window and saw her masturbating. I could tell her was getting turned on and after we’d both had a few drinks I confided to him that I’d spied on my sister like that. But didn’t tell him eventually I’d actually started fucking her.

After confiding in him I asked if he’d ever spied on Lynn like that and he nervously said he had. And after another drink, he loosened up and we started to share our experiences seeing our sisters naked. Wanting to get him to open up more I told him I’d had fantasies about what I’d like to do with my sister. And as I expected he started telling me how he’d fantasized about fondling his sisters big tits, eating her pussy, having her suck his cock and finally fuck her. By now I think he’d gotten so turned on and this being the first time he’d told anyone he wasn’t even thinking about the fact that the sister he was confessing about wanting to fuck was also my wife. And the fact I was telling him about lusting about my sister it made him more at ease talking about it.

When the movie was over I told him I had something to show him, and I got a photo album out with pictures of his sister/my wife naked in various seductive poses. Then I got to some photos of her sucking my cock and me fucking her. And finally a few pics of her sucking myself and another guy and of her letting one of us fuck her while she sucked the other one-off. Seeing how excited he was looking at that I finally got up the nerve to ask him if he’d like to have his sister suck his cock while I fucked her. Or maybe even fuck her. He didn’t hesitate and said he didn’t know if he could fuck her but he’d love to have her suck his cock and to be able to suck on her tits. So I told him about our little game with the blindfold. He was turned on as hell and ask if there was any way we could do that?

So the next week I set our plan in motion and Lynn dressed in only a garter & stocking was waiting on the bed as she had with my boss. I led her brother in and he had a huge grin on his face as he went over to the bed and started running his hands over her sexy body. Then he started sucking on her firm 34D tits as his hand moved between her legs. He moved to the top of the bed and put his cock in his sister’s mouth. She started giving him a fantastic blowjob having no idea she was sucking her brother’s dick. She moved up and put his cock between her tits as she pressed them together and had him fuck her tits for a while. Then moved up and straddled him, guiding his cock into her hot wet cunt. He pounded his cock in her as hard as he could as he cupped her firm round ass. Then she moved back down and started sucking him off again and when he was ready to cum she started jerking him off having her brother shoot his cum all over her face & tits. I’d been jerking off and watching and was about to explode, so I moved over to the bed and shot my load all over her ass.

We left the room and the big smile he’d had on his face going in didn’t compare to the huge smile he had then. He told me hed often jerked off fantasizing what it would be like to fuck his sister and that it had actually surpassed all his fantasies. He, however, would surprise me a few weeks later when he arranged a threesome with him and his hot seventeen-year-old girlfriend. But that happened quite a few times over the years, after sharing my wife with them they’d return the favor by talking their wife/GF into a threesome. Lynn has never known who the guys or occasional girls were she’d had sex with while blindfolded and that turns us both on. There were only a couple of girls and they really turned me on. The one I think about the most is a girl she worked with named Ann.

I’d often thought that Ann was bi and that she was turned on by Lynn by things I’d seen, as well as some things Lynn had told me. I’d seen her eyes moving over Lynn’s body several times. And once when they’d gone shopping together when they got back to Ann’s house she’d insisted on trying their new outfits on, including see-through nighties and wanted to do it in her living room. Lynn being an exhibitionist was thrilled. And she’d enjoyed seeing Ann naked. But insisted she didn’t think Ann was bi. But after talking to Ann one night at a party I was convinced she was. So I brought up their modeling their sexy outfits after the shopping trip and told her I’d have loved to have seen it. Ann had a big smile and said that would have been fine with her. Ann and I had always flirted a bit and played it off as joking but I’d fantasized about the possibilities a few times. She was about ten years older than us but still looked really hot, and had a personality that came across to me as someone who’d be really hot in bed.

As we talked I said yea I’d have loved to have watched you both undressing each other and maybe rub some oil on each other and. And she stopped me and said they didn’t undress each other. So I told her in my mind they did and laughed. At that she moved closer she said between us I’d have liked your way and went on to say how sexy she thought Lynn was. Then told me but she knew Lynn didn’t go that way. I asked her if she did, would she like to have some fun with both of us. Her eyes lit up and she asked me if I was sure this would be kept between us? I assured her it would, and she told me she’d fantasized about both of us. But never in a threesome, and that she’d love that. So I went on to give her a hypothetical question. And asked if she’d be into coming over and Lynn would be blindfolded as we both got into bed with her and proceeded to have a really hot threesome? She didn’t hesitate in saying she’d love it.

We waited until a few weeks later when her husband was going to be out of town. Lynn was on the bed waiting in a white garter belt and sheer stockings and heels. I’d had her wait sitting on the side of the bed. Ann and I undressed in another room and she didn’t even wait to go in the room where my wife was waiting before she dropped to her knees and started sucking on my thick almost 9″ cock. But I reminded her of what was waiting on her through the door. So we went into where my wife was waiting. I could tell Ann was turned on as crap seeing Lynn like this. When we reached her she started moving her hands over my sexy wife’s body and when Lynn reached out and felt Ann’s big tits she smiled and said oh wow you brought me a girl this time and began squeezing Ann’s tits.

Ann moved closer pressing her tits against my wife’s mouth and Lynn didn’t hesitate in taking them in her mouth sucking on them. As she rubbed Ann’s wet pussy. After a few minutes, Ann went to her knees and started eating Lynn’s pussy. I moved closer and she started taking turns between eating my wife and sucking my dick. And she was really good at it. I moved both girls to the center of our huge king size bed and they continued to take turns sucking each other tits & pussy then got in a hot 69 as I stood by the bed stroking my cock and playing with their tits. At one point I had them both put their attention on me as they both sucked my cock & balls. Then Lynn laid back and Ann was eating her pussy again. So I moved behind Ann and started fucking her. She had an amazing ass and I couldn’t resist so I started rubbing the tip of my cock against her bunghole. When she pressed back against it I knew it was ok, so I began to ease my cock inside her tight little ass.

As I pumped my dick in and out of her sweet ass she was going wild on my wife’s pussy
bringing her to two orgasms. When I knew I was going to cum I pulled out and moved up beside them and shot my cum all over my wife’s tits, which she loves. An Ann didn’t waste any time in moving up and licking every drop of cum off of Lynn’s tits. I just sat back & watched as Lynn went down on Ann again getting her off again. Finally, I led Ann out of the room and after washing up she got on her knees and started sucking me off again until she had a mouth full of cum. She told me she’d wanted to fuck me ever since the first time she’d met me. And she grew to be just as turned on by Lynn and said she’d on several occasions thought about telling her, but was afraid Lynn might be straight and it would make things weird.

It was funny because about a year later we’d gotten together with Ann and her husband and at his suggestion gotten into a game of strip poker and ended up swapping wives. It had shocked Ann more than anyone because she thought her husband would go nuts if she ever suggested that because he was extremely jealous of any guy who came near his wife. And here he was watching his wife suck my cock and saw me fucking her but was totally cool with it. Of course, he was doing the same with my wife. We swapped with them a couple of times but the girls never hooked up again and she had told me her husband hated gays & lesbians so had no idea she was bi. And Lynn never knew either, nor did she know she’d had sex with Ann. But they had to move only a few months later because he got a job promotion.

I’ve told Lynn I’d tell her the people she had sex with blindfolded but it turns her on not knowing. So it’s just my, well our little secret. I hope you enjoyed a little peek into our bedroom. Correspondence is welcome but not pic request. [email protected]

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