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Blackmailing Mom

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I think they left the blinds open, so they could keep a lookout. I did that, sometimes when I had the house to myself. So, I could look up dirty stuff on the computer, and [x] out the Incognito window, when somebody came up.

Of course, I had my phone, too. It’s just such a tiny little screen that if you zoom in enough on any detail, you can’t see anything else. I got it out, and didn’t even try the door to find it locked. Of course they locked the door, so they’d get an extra moment to straighten up, when I got my keys out.

Mom, and her lover. [Pic!] I knew they were sleeping together, for years, but I never caught them in the act before. Literally, they must have gotten so worn out, that she fell asleep, in his lap. His dong hanging limp between her legs, and his juice still all over her face, she didn’t even wipe it off?

I sent it to my boyfriend, and he texted [WTF?] back. You couldn’t see her boobs, not really. With her arms across them, but you could see her bra off. Draped over the arm of the sofa, and she had her leg crossed over her beaver, too.

[Now, she can’t keep cock-blocking you, and I bet I can get her to put me on birth control, so we can go all the way!]

[Well, you could’ve at least shown her sucking him off.]

[No, not really. They were already passed out like that when I got home, but isn’t it exciting?]

[Yeah, I guess.]

[Show me. I want to see how hard your boner is.] So, he sent me a pic, and I turned around, to sit back on the little landing. “Huh!” I called him, and looked around, to see if anybody was out in the parking lot, where they could see me. The concrete was a little cold under my skirt, but it was warming up.

[You hot, and wet?]

[Yeah, getting there.] I felt through my undies, and switched hands, to spit in it, and hold the phone up on my shoulder. Pull the front of my panties out, to let the spit run down my fingers, and switched back to the chat, to tap the camera icon. “Huh, you can’t save it, though.”

“I know, but you’ll be 17 soon enough.”

“Yeah, but you have to be 18 to do porn, even amateur with your boyfriend.” At least he’s 18 all ready, but we’d been going out ever since middle school, and I just loved watching him develop. His little dick, and hairless balls getting bigger, and hairier. We’d been sexting ever since we’d gotten phones, but I’d rather hear him breathing.

“Oh,” moaning quietly, and lowering his voice, to a whisper. ‘i’m gonna nail you so hard, the next chance i get.’

‘huh, i’m gonna make her watch. would you like that? yeah, balling me for the first time, while my mom watches, because she can’t do anything about it, or i’ll send her dirty picture, sleeping with her lover with his cum all over her face.’

“Uh, huh! Ngh!” He grunted.

“Huh! Show me. Take a picture, I want to see your load.”

“Uh, huh!” he panted, out of breath, but then his breath got quieter. Farther away, when he held the phone out, and snapped a picture of his soft satisfied cock. Draped over his thigh, and the tip still a little damp, from shooting streaks up his panting tummy, and holding his shirt up to take a picture, and show me.

“Oh!” I jumped up, when I heard the door lock. “They’re up, I’ll call you back.”

“What are you doing out here?” He held the door, and looked back at mom. In the window. “Little nympho.” He reached out to touch my shoulder, but I slapped his hand.

“None of your business, fuck off!” I ducked in the door, and slammed it. Turning the lock, and finally giggling when I looked up at mom’s face. At least she wiped it off, and put a shirt on, but she left her bra on the end of the couch.

“Now, I know that you must be a little confused,” she started.

“Oh, mom. Give me a little credit, it’s not like you haven’t been watching soap operas, and reading nasty cheating housewives novels my whole life. How long have you been sleeping around on dad with him, and is he the only lover you have?”

“Well, no none of your business, and don’t turn this around on me?”

“What? Oh, now I’m in trouble for having a boyfriend, when i’m sixteen, and how old were you when you gave up your virginity?”

“That’s none of your business!”

“Well, I’m still a virgin, for your information. I haven’t even had a tampon in my VJay, but it’s not like I’m sucking him off, and getting facials behind your back.”

I turned the phone around, sideways, and she snatched it away from me. “Delete this immediately.”

“It’s too late, I already sent a copy to. A friend, for safe keeping.”

“Yeah, this friend of yours, in contacts. How old is this GoatDeath666 anyway?”

“18, but I’m 16 now, so it’s legal.”

“I don’t care about the statutory rape laws. You still live here, under my roof, rent free I might add.”

“Yeah, and I can’t wait to move out, but I have to finish school.”

“And he sounds like a satanist.”

“No, that’s just a gamer tag, he’s not a real satanist, I mean yeah. He’s agnostic, but that’s not the same thing.”

“Look, I know how you must feel right now. Believe it or not, I remember being a teenager, and.”

“Mom! You’re changing the subject again, and whatever sympathy you think you might have, I’m not asking you, for anything. I need birth control, now.”

“If you need rubbers, then why don’t you get this.” She held up the phone, and made a face, shaking her head. “Edgelord.”

“Because, I don’t want to use rubbers, and we’re not even having sex yet. Not real sex, but don’t you think it’s a little weird, doing it with a natural dick, only to stick an artificial rubber in there with it? I want to feel him, inside me. Not a raincoat, I want him, and how come you don’t use rubbers when you’re cheating on dad, anyway?”

She swallowed, and nodded. “Okay, you’re right, I don’t like the way they feel, either, but that’s not the point.”

“My point is, I need birth control, and I want you to be there, to make sure my first time is perfect.”

“What?” She let her arm fall, and almost dropped the phone.

So, I nodded, “Yeah, he wants you there too, to watch.”

“I don’t want to watch you two.”

“Well, you don’t have a choice.” I pointed, “I told you, I’m not asking. This is what I want, and you don’t want dad to know what you’re doing with every guy in the complex.”

“It’s not every.”

“Shut up. Shut your goddamned mouth, and listen. It doesn’t matter how many, and you know it.” I held my finger up. “One man. All it takes is 1 man for him to leave you, and you know it. Is that what you want? A divorce?”

“No?” She sounded so small, and defeated.

“Then you’re going to get me on the pill, and you’re going to let me lose my virginity with whoever I want, and you will watch me do it!”

I stormed off, but I couldn’t pretend to be mad any more. I felt so powerful, and in control, I couldn’t even laugh. It wasn’t even funny, it was just the most awesome I ever felt in my whole entire life!

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