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Biker Rape

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This is my First time writing a story of the subject I like and love. The last was what happen to me. If you like it let me so and I will add more

My Father, Mother and I were camping across the country in an RV. Dad pulled into this camp ground in an offsite location. When we got there we were to only one there. About 8 pm I heard a loud rumble and up pulled a biker gang. About 15 to 20 bikes. They look rough and gross. My Mon told me to get into the RV and wait.

My dad was 32 years old and mom is a years younger at 31. She was about 5’ 6” blond hair and deep blue eyes. What her stick out was her 40EE tits at around 155 lbs. I was 13, blond hair and blue eyes. One day I ask Mon if I was going to have large tits like her. I was already showing large “A” cup or maybe “B” cup

One think about our family was we were very opened minded. I remember ask dad and mom “Do men like it to be call cocks” We talked about sex a lot. I knew that Mon and dad fucks a lot. I even in a couple time watch they. One time I watch Mon suck is cock off. I remember she told him to rape her ass. They never saw me watching. But they were at it at least once a day.

The bikers got off and walk up to dad and one quick move he was on the ground. Mon ran to him but was stop in her tracks. This one man pulled out a knife a foot long and about three moves she had no clothes on. I watch they tie dad up and tock Mon to this picnic table. This one man drop his paints an out came his cock. It was long and thick.

They the slam open and two man drug me out. All I was wearing was a light blouse and cut offs. The men with the knife came and cut my clothes off, that is when I notice this one man fucking Mon and this other fucking her month. The fucking stop and he came over and slab me a couple of times. He yields “”HOW OLD ARE YOU” I said “13″. He grab me buy my neck and lifted me off the ground and slam me down next to my mother. He pushed my legs apart and allied his cock and started to push it into me. I was screaming and pegging and he just kept pushing. I felt it rip me open and them it could not go any farther. He pulled back and rams it harder into me. I was in such pain, I was not sure what was happen next but I was crying. I look over at Mon and she was on her gut and this one man I found out later was fucking ass. The man that tock her first was fucking her face.

Then I felt it. His cumm filed me up. It kept coming and he did not stop fucking me. He pulled out and before I knew it another man was in me. Then this one grabs my head and bent it backwards. He yelled at me if I bit him he kill my dad

I watch his cock coming to my month. “Open you slut month bitch” Just before I did I saw Mon with 3 men using her. He fucks my month so hard I again was in pain. I was not sure how long it lasted but He shot his cumm deep into my month. Screaming” Swallow it bitch”

I started to notice that my I was likening a cock in me. I don’t know why but I love cumm. I want more. By body was telling me what it wants and let it.

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  • Reply stepol ID:tgcces8i

    Good start to a good story. Try triple the length of the story and you will be styling.

  • Reply Mark ID:7ylren8d9a

    Love the story kimfslut

  • Reply J.S. ID:10cp6len20d

    Wow this is the worst grammar/spelling I’ve ever encountered. Idk if you just aren’t familiar with English or you’re simply not aware of the fact that you can spell check anything. Even if English isnt your primary language. You’re definitely attempting to write it in english so yea, spell check! spell check! spell check!

    As for your story. What exactly happened to your dad? Or I mean what was supposedly happening to him as all if this was going on? He should simply be removed from the story entirely. He’s basically a waste of space. They could have easily used your mom against you rather than threaten your dad. The story makes your dad seem like a pussy for not even attempting to do anything in general to stop them or protect you two. Idk many men who woul just sit idly by as their wife AND 13yr old are being gang raped. Atleast write that he ATTEMPTED to do something.

    But either way, the story details are irrelevant at this point The grammar is the main concern

    • Kimfslut ID:5u1d7cdxia

      I did a second story. Check it out

  • Reply Dan ID:1c25mmimoid

    Maybe you should work on your english…

  • Reply Carl ID:6629enpd9a

    Bikers know no limits when it comes to fucking, it good they got you.

    • Kimfslut ID:5u1d7cdzrb

      In this story yes and more bdsm to

  • Reply Amy ID:30rzguf5hk

    Was that your true story ? I was stranger raped years ago .

    • Carl ID:6629enpd9a

      Sounds good Amy, Tell us all, be a good girl for us.

    • Angelo tolentino ID:60zt3e520j


    • Kimi ID:5u1d7c3t0d

      Did u like it?

    • Kimfslut ID:5u1d7cdzrb

      Read my next chapter

    • Zigla ID:hd33o520c

      Did you like the rape

    • Kimfslut ID:5u1d7cdzrb

      I was rape and I grew to love it

    • horny ID:5u1d7c3xic

      i’m 17 and very horny love the idea of rape. my kik is mypussyiswet89 message me

    • Vlad ID:2kye84kg8k

      Tell me about your rape [email protected]

    • sick ID:22lrannqrc

      Did he rape your little ass open?

    • Scotty ID:1d4t55ohdh4u

      Tell me what happened