Big brother seeing little sisters boob’s

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I am 35 yours old I seen big and little sisters naked I was 16 my little sister was 12 I had a dream to see here boob’s I was in our bathroom she was a bit of a slob I see a bra on the floor pick it up the tag on the back said 34c I know see did not like to ware a bra big sis moved it was little sis thanks to her bedroom door not warking and a major she was standing in front of I seen her take her shart off she was not wearing a bra it felt like I hit the lottery.i did this to becose showed her my penis she like how big it was she got use to the hard on my balls I had a booner
to I wanted to swese her boob’s I did jark off to her I did get to see little sis in a bra we by owerseves in a matle room and she cut the straps off her bra.makeing it straples I did not see her in her panties sise she developed and was not need a bra.we did like to get naked when we ware little and made her panties in to a thong by shuving the back of them in to her butt crack I had my penis and balls hanging out of my underwear

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  • Reply Nigga what ID:2c3gpwr6ic

    Nigga what

  • Reply Hey sup ID:fx7itbehl

    Send me photos ya young sister

    • Ben ID:bpcjnotv3

      This was before smart phone days I can tell you little sister’s boob’s ware the shape of traffic cones yeld at her one day for not wareing a bra

  • Reply Jenn ID:7ylrenpzrk

    Did you fuck her?

    • Ben ID:bpcjnotv3

      I did not fuck her my big sister took me for my 21 barthday to a strip club and I ask the girl for her bra size 34c just like little sis at 12 I swesd them thay ware swishey

    • Ben ID:bpcjnotv3

      How old are you

    • Anthony ID:1bfepuyzd9c

      My sister Sheila had big boobs by age of 6 so I decided to push my penis up her