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Bad or good idea

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I was fucked by my dogs one after another

Let me set an image in your head of what I look like I’m 18, long black hair, 14E breasts and a nice round ass.

My parents we leaving for the weekend and my brother was at a friends house for the weekend so I was home alone and this may sound weird but I like to take long showers. I have 2 dogs the first one is a husky his name is Blizzard and my second dog is a rottweiler his name is Axel.

I was in a shower and I was fingering myself after my shower I went to go dry my hair and Blizzard was sniffing my vigina I pushed him away he jumps at me and knocks me on the ground so I start to get back up then he mounts me I look back and I see his cock getting bigger. I was amazed but also getting horny so I direct it to my pussy lips and he thrusted so hard I felt it hit my cervix over and over again trying to go deeper and deeper. I had so much orgasms it was amazing then I felt something big enter my pussy it was his knot I was too horny to care so he starts to cum in me and I look down and realise how big his knot is (it was around 6-8inchs). When he stopped cumming he was pulling and it hurt, his knot finally deflated but I saw Axel standing there and I was starting to get more horny so I whistle him to get over here and he mounts me his cock was much bigger and I felt it start to enter my cervix I was scared thoughts ran through my head like “what if his cock actually enters my cervix what do I do” then it does enter and his knot entered simultaneously I was in so much pain as I look down there was a giant bulge of hot dog cum. When he was done he started to pull more and more I realized that his dick was still in me and it was starting to get hard so he remounts me and he starts to fuck me he was still at the point of cumming so it wasn’t that bad but he starts to cum and my womb was so full of hot dog cum and it felt so good sloshing around everytime I move his knot finally deflated and cum started to pour out but I still felt my womb bulging out because of all the cum and I couldn’t get it all out for a few hours so it was just pleasure sitting there with cum still in me. I sadly but finally got all of it out but I still do fuck both of my dogs when ever I can and it is still fun.

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  • Reply [email protected] Australia ID:1cn60hrk7z4d

    Fantastic story nothing better than a young girl fucking her dogs

  • Reply Anonymous ID:21zg5n3hri

    Did you suck the dogs or just fuck them

  • Reply Varun ID:7ezegwmv9a

    For crazy fun snap me : varun4yu

  • Reply Jimmy ID:3zxjl2twqrd

    Awesome story I have a fetish maybe you women could help me out with I love to smell dirty sweaty panties.. text me 814 319 8624

  • Reply My name is Carlito ID:5u0zlwr6i9

    I really enjoyed reading this story and now I would like to read more story’s like these but I all so like watching lady’s being sexual with their Dogs

  • Reply Frankie ID:cxtrttzfik

    That’s really fucking hot

  • Reply Happyman ID:645fcmqb09

    Since u let your dog cum inside your pussy,
    Do worry about pregnancy ?

  • Reply T ID:4lonbbgm4

    Great story!

  • Reply The Pussy Gaper ID:vuf1mnqj

    Hey, I’m just wondering. What did it feel like in your beautiful pussy? Did it feel pleasurable to where you kept having orgasms or do you feel you want something more desirable? Forgive me if this is rude but usually with some girls who fucks animals they sometimes try bigger things for their pussies from a dog to even a horse. And usually, I love to hear how these girls gape their beautiful pussies and fill their lustful desires with stretching to the point of no return. I maybe a freak but I love gaping pussies. If you want to go that route then that would be promising for you in this form of pleasure. If you want remain tight then it’s okay. Either way I want you to be happy with what you choose in your life.