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A new life

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True story… Married my highschool sweetheart Megan a few yrs ago. She’s a lovely ambitious woman who is also a bit racist. I never held it against her due to her up bringing but she made comments in public that often embarrassed me. I got several black Friends I’ve known since childhood that I can’t have over cause she might say something stupid. Anyways, I got the idea to get her “blacked”. Idk how I came up with the plan but arranged for my buddy Marcus and his nephew Jamal to stop by while I was at work to pick up a living room suite. I knew Megan worked out in mornings so I deglected to tell her they’d be by so early when knock knock knock, Megan doesn’t hear cause of her music playing so they let themselves in and see my lovely wife in her short boy shorts bent over doing yoga…they watch for several mins before she notices them and frightened asks how they got in. Calm down, Randall sent us to get the furniture, we knocked but no one answered and I texted Randall and he said to let themselves in. Megan begin to calm down after this but couldn’t help noticing the bulges both guys had. Eh stop that, niggers are gross she thought as she ked them to the back room. As she watched them she can’t help but notice how muscular both men are especially Jamal, jet black 6’4″ 240 pds of pure muscle. Marcus was older but still quite fit. She’d never had thoughts of other men even though her husband and only liver was not much of a lover. His thin 4 inch penis didn’t really do nothing for yet but he provided and she loved him but seeing these two men made her uneasy…the way Jamal looked at her, the big bulges, muscles, they’re musky sweaty smell. She excuses herself and let’s them finish. As she comes out of the bathroom and sees the men off she masterbates thinking what if….I told her that night that Jamal was in town for school and needed a place to crash so I was renting the spare room. She wasn’t comfortable with this idea but as we could use the extra cash, she said okay. Plus yes already signed a lease for one year. Jamal arrived the next day and although Megan was uncomfortable I really hit it off with him and enjoyed the make company. Jamal was just bidding his time, this stuck up white bitch was gonna be his soon. After he left for work one morning I went downstairs and watched as the bitch worked out, dick getting hard I rubbed myself. Today is the day he thought as she went to her room. I hear the shower but the bathroom is locked so I wait till she opens the door, in her bath robe and nothing else. Her eyes open wide as I’m there in only my shorts, sporting a huge erection. Wha-wha-what are you doing in my room she stammers. Jamal slaps her hard across the face, shut up cunt. He rips the thin robe off as she fights back, he ounches her hard in the stomach and pushes her onto the bed. In a flash yes naked and mounting her, pushing her thighs apart. No please what are you doing, I’m a married woman. Do as I say bitch or I’ll hurt you…shes scared of getting hit again so she complies. Have you ever been with a black man bitch? No Sue says only my husband. Haha your husband’s pathetic dick won’t feel nothing after I’m done with you. Meet Mr. Roundtree he says and she catches her first glimpse of the monster he calls Me. Roundtree. It had to be at least a foot long and thick as her wrist. She starts fighting again out if fear and Jamal slaps her 3 times almost knocking her unconscious…he positions himself at her tight pussy and slowly inserts the head, Ahhhhhh it’s humongous please don’t do this to me. Shut up bitch or I’ll slap you again. Afraid of that she cries silently as inch by inch he slowly works himself in about 10 inches. She felt like she was getting split into…as he starts pumping her like a pro, rubbing her erect clit as her body starts to betray her and moisten for this assault. She’d only been with one man and her she was with another cock inside her, a black cock. Im yo daddy now, I’m gone make yo white pussy crave this big nigga dick. Her hips involuntary lift to meet his trusts as she feels her first of many orgasms approach. Oh oh ooooooooh no please stop she says as her body starts to convulse, betraying her again. I told ya bit of, ya mines now. You belong to Me. Roundtree! As he continues his assault on her he speeds up and tenses, no please don’t cum in me I don’t want to get pregnant. Then another orgasm hits her, Jamal uses this moment to bury himself, all13 inches and his huge cock eruots, spewing a potant copious amount of cum into her unwilling fertile pussy. He stays inside as her pussy milks him dry and he slips out. He sits up and points to it, clean it and you better not use teeth. She slowly licks the monster, grossed out but also surprised that it’s not that bad, actually tastes pretty good. She never gives her husband head but she started to enjoy this. She even licks and sucks his huge egg sixed balls while slowly jerking him till he starts getting hard again and his balls tighten. You better swallow every drop of my seed or else. When she feels it twitch she closes her mouth over the head and strokes with both hands as the first couple hets go straight down her throat followed by hey after jet of his seed, she swallow as fast as she can but still has a mouthful. When he stops she let’s the cum play around her mouth, enjoying the taste and texture before swallowing it too. Jamal raped her twice more that day before she fully gave in to the pleasure of having such a manly cock in her. She came so many times as her pussy stretched to adjust and accommodate this new dick. They fucked everyday while I was at work for about 6 weeks when I had to go out of town for a week. Jamal and Megan fucked round the clock as she was now hooked on his boack dick. He also slept in my bed while I was gone. When I got home I happily greeted my wife and told her how much i missed her. As I kissed her and strarted to play with her tits, she said she had a headache and was tired but I was horny so she said hurry up and as I got inside herit was so loose I wasn’t hitting anything but I was horny and after a week without her I came in my condom after maybe 3 mins. As I pulled the condom off she actually laughed at me. I didn’t understand then but several days later she said we had to talk. She said and I quote”honey you know I love you more than anything right but your little dick just doesn’t do anything for me anymore. I’m sorry but it just isn’t…I love you and I want to stay married but I have a lover. Jamal has been fucking me for months now and I’m in love with him too. You can watch sometimes but youll no longer be able to fuck me. I’ll let you eat me and masturbate but no more pussy baby. You need to move into the spare room so Jamal can move in here with me as he’s the man of the house now. If this is a problem I’ll gladly divorce you but I can see your little dicky is poking out so I’m assuming you like the idea…haha I thought so. Whod of thought it, your proper stuck up racist wife is now a cum loving black man’s whore. And one more thing, you’ll need to start working more hrs as we’ll have another mouth to feed in about 8 months, I’m pregnant with Jamal’s baby”…..that’s how my new life started and I couldn’t be happier with my new arrangement. I love seeing my wife happy and satisfied, something I couldn’t do. This was 3 yrs ago and she’s had several blacks lovers, also 2 black babies and she’s missed her period so may be oregano again.

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      I let my girlfriend have BBC anytime. Won’t lie it awesome and can’t get enough of it.

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    Awesome. My wifes black boyfriend just moved in my house. I’m very aware who the man of the house is now.

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    Story okay but get a proof reader. So many grammatical errors can lessen the flow if a good story.

  • Reply Niall Murphy ID:2mutaxs4m1

    Good story, women will like eventually even after been forced

  • Reply Mark E. ID:3zxjren720c

    Lucky bastard!