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A Birthday to Remember

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He thought he had an unbeatable poker hand.

The storm is really moving in fast Stacey thought to herself. They both knew the area was going to get hit hard with rain tonight. The forecast was almost spot on with their predictions for a change. Her husband Steve was still out having a few drinks with his poker buddies. She told him to go out for his monthly game even though it was his birthday. It would give her time to get his gift ready.

Tonight she was the gift. Stacey went out and bought some new lingerie. She picked out a sexy lacy black number. Even though she had self-confidence issues, she had to admit how hot she looked. Standing there in their bedroom admiring how her new outfit made her breasts take full centre stage. Steve always told her how she beautiful she was, but he might cum in his pants just by looking at his wife in this apparel. Stacey even denied him sex for the last month making sure he would have more than enough semen to last the night. The down side of her plan was that she was as horny AF. Her hand slipped down between her legs feeling the thin lace barely covering her crotch. If her husband didn’t get home soon, she might have to take care of herself.

The rain was pouring down now. She could hear the drops slamming against the metal roof. Where was he? She went downstairs so she could be stretched out on the couch when he came in.

In the background, Stacey saw headlights coming up the road. They lived on a quiet side street with only a dozen houses or so. It had to be him, finally. She then heard the closing of a car door right outside in the driveway. Definitely Steve.

The door handle started to jiggle a bit. Steve must have been having trouble with the lock. It has been sticking lately and he hasn’t had the time to fix it. Not wanting him to be out in the rain any longer, Stacey ran over in her lingerie to the door to open it for him. What a birthday greeting. She turned the lock and starting opening the door.

“Happy Bir” she started to say

It was just opened an inch when she heard a loud bang. Then everything went black.

When she woke up, fear came over her. What happened? Where am I? The pain in her head was excruciating. Stacey had never felt this much pain. What was going on? Her eyes were covered and a rag was shoved in her mouth. There was the undeniable taste of blood. She tried to move but couldn’t. Her hands and legs were tied together with something digging into her skin. It felt like she was on a bed but she could hear a television.

“And now breaking news!” It was CNN that she was watching while waiting for Steve. He refused to put a TV in their bedroom. Steve always said the bedroom was for two things only, and the second doesn’t have to stay there. So where was she? The faint aroma of the chicken dinner she had made was now in the air. She was still in their house, in the living room, on a mattress, and tied up.

“You are fucking hot!” stated a strange grizzly voice noticing her movement. “The rules are if you scream, I’ll kill you.” he continued pressing what seemed like a knife into her skin.

Stacey could feel the cold sharp edge against her body.

“I’m not fucking joking either! I will kill you. Where should I start? I know, all of it.” The stranger said to himself.

He systematically used the serrations of the blade to cut off every stitch of fabric Stacey had been wearing. Her brand new outfit was destroyed but that was the farthest thing on her mind right now. Now she was laying in the middle of her living room naked bound by some stranger. He took his rough fingers and started to rub them against her exposed skin. Breasts, armpits, hips, calves, thighs before stopping at her labia.

“Promise you won’t yell?” he asked.

Stacey nodded her covered head.

The assailant pulled the rag from Stacey’s mouth. She gasped for air finally getting to breathe normally again.

“What do you want? Money? I only have a couple hundred on me but I can get more. Please don’t hurt me” Stacey cried out now sobbing.

The stranger grabbed her neck with his massive hands repling, “I don’t want your fucking money and I’m not going to hurt you. if you do what I say. Okay”

“Okay. What do you want then?” she asked timidly already knowing what the answer was.

“You sweetheart!” he chuckled.

The stranger took the ropes off her legs and retied them with her legs spread apart.
She could smell his stench as he came near her. The undeniable sound of a zipper being undone confirmed her worst fear. A large thud hit her already bruised face.
“Open up and don’t bite. Or I’ll stick ya with the blade” he ordered.

Stacey obliged opening her sweet mouth. The assailant crudely shoved his unleashed cock deep into her mouth.

“Oh yeah. Suck my cock. Fuck yeah. Good girl. Behave and you won’t get hurt.”

Stacey was disgusted. She usually liked blowjobs but this was making her sick. This one tasted different than her husband’s dick. And Steve kept his pubic hair trimmed. This was unkept. But holy fuck was it big. Longer and thicker than her husband.
Now his hand was caressing her tits. This monster was rubbing his dirty hands all over her chest. The worst part is that it was starting to turn her on. She could feel her nipples start to expand from her areolas. The sickness in her stomach was starting to subside. Then there was a sting in her face. Smack.

“You like this don’t you?” he said as he slapped her face. “Tell me you like this. Tell me you want more.”

“I want more! Give me more” she said.

He yelled, “What do you want? Say it!” again slapping her.

Stacey yelled back, “I want more, I want you to fuck me. I want your cock in me!” The sad part is that she wasn’t lying. She needed to get fucked right now and didn’t care by who.

The stranger repositioned himself between her spread out legs. “I have to sample the merchandise first.” as he lowered his face into her crotch.

With the blindfold on, Stacey could not tell who it was. It could be anyone from a homeless bum to Chris Pratt. That was kind of exciting to her. She was not expecting the flick of the tongue on her dampened pussy lips. She quivered at the slightest touch. The witholding of sex from her husband had backfired. She was about to cum all over her assailants face. He continouosly buried his face into her twat as she bucked around trying to escape her confines to no avail. Stacey had no choice but to plaster his unknown face with her juices.

“Fuck yeah. You do like it you little whore” he boasted.

Stacey begged, “Just fuck me now and get it over with”

“You asked for it” he said jokingly.

Stacey could feel the movements of her attacker bringing his body up to even with hers.

“Just no kissing please!” she begged. “Just not that. Please!”

Without warning, her rapist thrust his dick into her juicy vagina. He must have got a running start by the force of the cock ramming passed her swollen lips and into her love canal.

Stacey was indeed enjoying the sensation of the large cock inside her, although she would have preferred it under different circumstances.

Just as she was losing herself to the pleasurable sea of ecstasy, she felt the assailant tense up. Reality sank in quick. He was going to cum. Did he put a condom on? Stacey couldn’t remember. What if he didn’t? She wasn’t on the pill and of course the diseases. But there was nothing she could do now. She was still tied up.

Sure enough he increased the pace of his thrusts and then just stopped seemingly frozen inside her. Stacey could feel the ropes of semen shooting inside her body. Guess that answers that question.

Thinking the attack was finally over, Stacey relaxed. The rapist had other ideas though. He resumed fucking her pussy again not giving his cock time to deflate.

“The sexy body of yours deserves one more” he said.

“Make me cum too. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck!” Stacey cried.

This time Stacey did climax. He wasn’t finished with her yet. Being tied, she had no choice but to lay there as his cock kept fucking her tiring pussy. Stacey had two more orgasims. It seemed like eternity before the rapist pulled his dick out of her. His cock was acting like a dam so when he did, the river of juices came running out of her vagina on to the mattress. He crawled up to Stacey’s chest and jerked himself off until he came all over her chest and face.

“Just marking my territory”he said.

The attacker stood up and got dressed leaving her tied up, nude, and covered in his cum in the middle of the room. Stacey heard the car door open and the engine fire up. She listened as the car backed out of the driveway and pulled down the street and out of earshot. They are right about the other senses being heightened when you lose one. Especially inside your body. How long until Steve was home? He should have been here by now and what will he think when he sees her in this condition. Even with what just happened, she couldn’t help but be worried about him.

Across town Steve orders two more shots of top shelf liqour. Both are for him. Why not? He was drinking alone and they were going on someone else’s tab. He knew this would be his last night out. Steve had hit a real bad stretch at the poker game. He wouldn’t be playing cards again. Especially against Chad. They were square now and he never wanted to see his smug face again. That smirk he had when he beat his four kings with his straight flush will be etched in my mind forever.

“Last call!” shouted the bartender

But fuck it, “One more shot barkeep. Make it two. On fucking Chadwick’s bill”
He could afford it the big fucking movie star. Fucking Black Panther. Fucking T’Challa. Steve wasn’t paying for the bar tab, although he knew his wife just had.

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    Am enjoy it . What next?

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    china will have its own version

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    american story are waste

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    Like I said I don’t know how these stories get rated but,if this is your cup of tea more power to you.i read some kick ass stories with great details,great sex,the setting was great,and they got two and three stars only.bull shit.

    • Wayne ID:3uv9ppws8ri

      Her husband loses her of playing poker and bbc guy used her married ass pussy and my her a poker whore and pregnant one

    • Stephen ID:15qcc2twv9d

      nice story but he should get her pregnant (with twins) that way husband has permanent reminder.