What a surprise

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In an effort to cheer me up I went out drinking and got a surprise

I was having difficulty getting over the loss of my girlfriend and desperately trying to avoid going back to my sexual relationship with my mom. As much as I had grown to love her on a much deeper level, I was now 21 and felt the need to live a more normal life.

My good friend Dustin and I went to this bar in a nearby college town and it was pretty dead there for the first part of the night. Then a pretty blonde girl sat next to me and started talking to me.

“Hey, I like your shirt. That’s my favorite band” she said.

A little drunk and cynical I scoffed at her and said “Really? What’s your favorite song?”

“OK, I lied, I don’t like them but I wanted to talk to you”

Well my asshole reaction didn’t scare her off and she did admit to lying so I knew I had to change my attitude.

“I appreciate your honesty, even if it was a bit late.”

“Thanks. I’m Krystaline” she said.

I introduced myself and bought her a drink. In fact I bought her a lot of drinks. We ended up hitting it off pretty well. We had a lot in common. Same interests in food and sports, even had the same birthday. We got pretty flirty quickly. She had her hand on my thigh for most of the night and we even kissed a few times at the bar.

Dustin wasn’t having a whole lot of luck and wanted to leave and try a different bar. I obviously wanted to stay put but he was my ride home. Krystaline offered to give me a ride if he left. So Dustin left. We had a few more drinks before we left. When we were walking down the street to Krystaline’s car I noticed in much better lighting that she had a rocking body. Very athletic, toned arms and legs. A flat stomach and an equally flat chest. The one part of her that wasn’t toned was her ass. She definitely had back! I was quite shocked at how smoking hot she was.

When we got to her car we stopped and started kissing a bit. It gave me an opportunity to feel her toned athletic body a bit. 30 or 40 seconds of making out and pushed me off.

“Do you wanna come back to my place?” she asked

“Of course!”

The drive back to her apartment was a quick one, no more than 10 minutes. As soon as we pulled into the parking lot we started making out in the car.

“I’m so horny” she whispered during a breath between kisses.

We got out of the car and she took my hand and lead me up to the 3rd floor where her apartment was. As soon I entered I closed the door behind me and we were at it again. Her tongue felt like it was down my throat.

She took me to her bedroom and took off her shirt and her bra in one motion. Her tits were small but her nipples were big and puffy. I followed her by taking off my shirt. She sat on the edge of the bed and began taking off my jeans. I didn’t even have them completely removed before she swallowed my cock.

I never know if women take it as a compliment or not when I say this because one woman might say thanks and a another may think you have some kind of implications but I said it anyways.

“Goddamn you’re good at sucking cock!” I told her.

“Thanks!” she said looking up at me with a smile.

She laid back and began unbuttoning her jeans. She pulled them off and threw them on the floor. That’s when I noticed the 7″ dick between her legs. I stood stunned for a second.

“Oh my God, you didn’t know?!” she said embarrassed. “I thought it was still obvious” she added.

“I didn’t know, sorry” I said.

“Shit, it’s me that should be apologizing to you. I feel so stupid”

She was still laying on her back on the bed. I climbed between her legs and told her. “Don’t! I’m bisexual.”

Without giving her a chance to respond, I took her cock which had lost some of its hardness in my mouth.

“Oh my God!” she yelled out

It didn’t take long for her cock to fill back up in my mouth. Feeling it harden like that turned me on unbelievably. Apparently it turned her on just as much because with in seconds I could taste her pre cum. Then she put her hand on the back of my head and pushed down. As she did I feel her load hit the back of my tounge and down my throat. As I said she was very thin and athletic. She ate right and took care of herself well, so her cum tasted amazing. She released her grip on my head but I wasn’t done sucking. She was still dripping cum and I wasn’t going to waste a drop.

“Goddamn, you’re good at sucking cock” she said with a chuckle.

I crawled up her body and started kissing her. Our clocks were rubbing against each other.

“You as good at fucking as you are sucking dick?” she asked biting her bottom lip a bit

I didn’t even answer her. I lifted up a bit and she rolled on her stomach. I slid down and spread her ass cheeks and plunged my tongue on her tight little hole. Her ass tasted almost as good as her cum.

” Grab the lube in that drawer!” she demanded

I opened the drawer next to her bed and saw the lube wedged between two giant dildos. I lubed up my cock and dripped a few drops on her asshole. She popped up on all fours as I began to push my tip inside her. It was so tight! It took me a couple of pushes to get it in. When my tip was all the way in she screamed out “OH, SHIT!!”

Before long her muscles relaxed and my cock was sliding in and out of her hole with ease. It wasn’t long before I knew I was going to cum.

“I’m going to cum so hard!” I shouted

“Cum in my ass!!!” she shouted back.

That was it! I unleashed my load inside her ass. I hadn’t came like that in a long time. I could still feel it as I pull my dick out of her. She quickly spun around and started sucking the last few drops my cock had to offer.

“Mmm, your cum and my ass taste fucking awesome!” she said.

When she finished, she laid back down and I laid next to her. We laid quietly trying to catch our breath for a few minutes.

“I don’t feel like driving you home so if you wanna spend the night you can” she told me.

“Is that your clever way of asking me to stay the night?”

“Haha, you already know me well.”

We shut off the light and went to bed naked. We ended up having sex again in the morning before we exchanged phone numbers. Krystaline ended up being my girlfriend for almost 2 years. We had a lot of crazy sex exploring just about every kink imaginable over the 2 years. Some of them I’ll get into in another story. Thanks.

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