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Twin raping

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A night out in the back yard went very wrong

Chloe and I are twins, we look much the same but there are a number of differences between us. We are 12 years old, Chloe got the good looks while I’m much planer.

A few weekends ago my sister decided we should go camping in our backyard. We set up the tent and got the big air bed and set that up. We had dinner with mum and dad, then went out to the tent.

A short time later dad came out and told us that grandma was not well and they needed to go and see her. He asked if we would be ok to stay in the tent or to come back inside. My sister told him we were going to stay.

I knew it was about an hour and a half to go each way to Grandma’s place. I guessed it would be very late before mom and dad got back. We changed into our nighties and then as it got dark we snuggled down while the wind began to blow outside.

We both slept for a while then we woke to a strange sound outside the tent. We were unsure what to do, then we heard the tent zip opening and a figure came in. We were both very scared and had no idea what to do.

The man growled at us, keep quiet and do as he says or else…

He pulled the blanket off us and then he took hold of my left ankle and he tied it to Chloe’s right ankle. He then bound my left hand to Chloe’s right, We were holding hands with each other. He then pulled our panties down and left them hooked about our ankles.

The guy then climbed over on top of Chloe, he pushed her nightie up to expose her boobs, which were bigger than mine. He rubbed and squeezed her boobs, while she squirmed and held my hand very tightly. Then he sucked her nipple into her mouth and pulled it up hard. Chloe gasped and cringed very hard, she squeezed my hand hard.

There was nothing I could do, I just lay there in deep dread, feeling for my sister and he worked his way over her body. He slipped down and began to run his mouth over her mound. Chloe squirmed and tried to move away, but she was bound to me.

Then he moved right up over on top of Chloe, she squealed as his weight came down on top of her.

Again he warned us to be quiet.

Chloe squealed again and arched up in agony. “No,” she cried as her fingers dug hard into my hand. Chloe began to sob, I was very frightened. Chloe squirmed and gasped as he drove his cock deep into her body.

Chloe lay there trembling, his cock worming in and out inside her. There was nothing I could do to stop the horror of this situation. I was terrified that I was going to be next.

After a couple more minutes the guy got more harsh and Chloe cried harder, then he grunted loudly and pushed very hard into Chloe, making her squeal again.

The guy sat up at the end of the tent for a couple of minutes, he seemed to be taking a break. Then he shifted over to my side. My terror began to rise as I knew I was going to be raped as well.

I tried to stay still as he pushed my nightie up but once his hands found my boobs, I began to squirm in earnest.

His mouth clamped over my nipple, sucking it up hard, and I began to cry. I squirmed, writhed and wiggled as he squeezed and rubbed my boobs, then he began to kiss me down over my belly to my bare mound.

A minute or so later he climbed up on top of me, pushing my legs wide. I felt deep dread as his weight came down on top of me.

He positioned his cock against my pussy, then he began to push in. I squealed and cringed hard, telling him that it really hurt. He didn’t seem to care. His cock began to worm its way into my body. I cried and writhed, my fingers digging into Chloe’s hand.

He began to pump his cock inside my pussy, I hoped he would not last long, but he seemed to be going on for a lot longer than he did with Chloe. I cried and cried, his cock filled my lower body with an awkward tightness.

I could hear Chloe softly crying, she was not responding to my efforts to hold her hand anymore.

It took a few more minutes of pumping bore the guy went hasher, then with a grunt and a hard thrust I felt a deep warm rush inside me. His cock pulsated and twitched, then he eased out of me.

I was in a state of utter misery, hardly daring to move, the guy was still in the tent and I had no idea what he or we could or would do.

The guy took his time then he climbed back on top of Chloe, she squeaked and squealed as he forced his way back inside her. After a minute or so, Chloe went quite limp, she was unresponsive to my hand as she just lay there under him. Several minutes past before he grunted again, then he was still.

Again, he paused for a few minutes then he shifted over to be on top of me, his cock pushing into my body and going deep. He went on for a long time, then at last he grunted and I felt his release inside me.

He untied our hands and ankles, then he slipped out of our tent, and disappeared into the night.

We were just too scared to venture out and go to the house. We had not heard mom and dad returning. Finally, when dawn arrived we ran to get inside. We found a message on the answerphone that our grandmother had passed away. Mom and dad wouldn’t be back for a few days.

Chloe and I hugged each other for a long time, we knew we couldn’t upset mom and dad by telling them what had happened.

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  • Reply Bruh Nick

    What did your parents say?

    • Clare

      Mom and Dad were very shocked and very angry we did not tell them straight away. They told us it was now too late, we missed a chance to prevent the pregnancies. Mom looked upset and then went out and left us with dad. Dad took off his belt and used it on us.

    • Carl

      You got strapped! Awesome, how many times and did he take your panties off to do it?

    • Clare

      We were told to take out panties off, then put our panties into our mouths to stop us from screaming. We were then bent over kitchen chairs. we both got six strikes, Chloe first then me. it really hurt.

    • Carl

      That sounds like a very good hard strapping, nice you had to take off your panties and to use them so you couldn’t scream.
      Are you still sort from it?

  • Reply Noone

    I would realy like to talk to you two in privat maybe snapchat

    • Clare

      Hi Noone, we are keeping low profiles for the moment, we won’t be chatting too much to new people in the meantime. Perhaps in a couple of months.

    • Noone

      I kind of understand but i would like to talk and maybe help a bit

  • Reply Jo Crystal

    Any update?

    • Clare

      Hi Jo, we both have had some morning sickness, mom took us to see the doctor. We are both pregnant. Im not sure what giong to happen to us now.

  • Reply gfappsp

    Have you thought of finding solace with each other ?

    • Clare

      Hi Gfappsp, we often do find solace as twins.This is something much more that we ever imagined. This is really hard for us, I cant see anything changing soon.

  • Reply Bruh Nick

    So you guys are 12 years old? Damnn my mom got raped at 7 and had me
    If you guys are pregnant, are you keeping them?

    • Atlas

      Your mum was raped at 7 years old and got pregnant with you thats nor possible because you dont start getting your period around the age of 12

    • Clare

      Yes, we are 12. We can’t confirm we are pregnant, but it looking very much like we are. We cant get test kits due to the lockdown, so we have to wait. We both had a bit of morning sickness in the last day or so and some cramps too. I think by the time we get out of lockdown we will be well and truly pregnant and will have to have the babies

    • Bruh Nick

      No she got her period at a really young age, it’s been in my family for years.

  • Reply Noone

    Would it be able to talk more together in private would also like to see the progress if you two are pregnant

    • Clare

      Im not sure chatting more inn private is possible just yet. We are both certain we are pregnant, but we cant get test kits as we are now in lockdown. I think we are now 6 weeks pregnant.

    • Atlas

      I would realy like to talk more in private maybe by mail or kik

    • Noone

      I was hoping i could see both your stomaces and maybe more dont you two have snapchat Instagram kik mail or something to talk in?

    • Clare

      Hi Atlas & Noone, for the moment this is the place where we can chat, I know its not the best, but we just need to be careful. Being 12 and pregnant is difficult for us.

  • Reply Clare

    We will not be using snap for a while.

  • Reply Clare

    Hi David, we are both very scared that we are pregnant, our periods are late, but we dont have a testing kit, we are too scared to get one for each of us.

    • David

      Does it turn you on a little the thought that his sperm is trying to make a baby with you two?

      It would be awesome if you both got babies

    • Carl

      The thought of the little raping sperms in their young bodies trying to make babies excites me.

    • Clare

      Hi David, I really don’t like the idea of the raping sperm being busy inside our bodies making babies for us. But I believe now that is exactly what has happened. We don’t have any way to take a test yet, but my sister and I have noticed changes in our bodies. We have not had our periods, and both my sisters and my nipples have darkened up quite a lot, and are quite sensitive too.

    • Lazer1

      Nice that things are looking up for you two. I think it awesome that his little raping sperm got deep into your girly bits and made little babies inside you. I love to keep an eye on your progress. By the looks of things, you are both a bit over 5 weeks pregnant. Congratulations

  • Reply Delany

    So good, nice raping, fucked and fucked again, cute virgin pussies getting taken, nice cum dumps too, got what they deserve, so happy they got nailed, do hope they got pregnant

    • David

      Well hopefully he lives close enough to see you belly’s getting big and your tits full of milk.
      Now you two are really to start fucking lots of men

    • Janine

      I was also raped at 12… read my true story! Maybe you’ll like it. you can even email me if you want to talk with me

    • David

      Janine I didn’t see your story on here. Who raped you a stranger or friend? Did you get lucky and make a baby? Did you like having a man sperm in you?

  • Reply clare

    My name is Clare too, sounds like a fantasic raping, both together, virgin pussies, big cum dumps. Just what you needed, nice start to your slutty sex lives.

  • Reply A Dixkson

    Ohh yeah, nice, two little girlies out in their back yard, nice virgin pussies asking for a raping. Really good situation. I’m so glad he caught you both and raped you a couple of times each.

  • Reply MFW

    That’s….. Jesus christ what the fuck did I just read….

    • Lazer1

      You just read about twin girls getting unexpectedly fucked. Nice story and so exciting too.

    • Bruh Nick


    • me


  • Reply John

    When did this happen?

    • Chloe

      29th feb


    you both need to call your parents and tell them what HAPPEND!you need to call the police and report it and go to the hospital and get check out,if you both get pregnant what will you do with baby and your parents could go to jail for leaving 2 minors outside and alone with no adult supervision!

    • Delany

      NA, let them be, they are going to be good little sluts, would be nice if they got pregnant too. That’s what they are there for. Awesome rapes too.

    • David

      Did either one of you get lucky and make a baby.

  • Reply John

    How long ago did this happen?

    • Carl

      The story says a few weekends ago, I would guess about 3 to 6 weekends.

  • Reply Carl

    Do you think it could be true, I think so, yeah

  • Reply julio

    is this a true story?

    • Carl

      Sounds like a good true raping to me

  • Reply Lazer1

    Great story, love how you were both helpless as he repeatedly raped you. Awesome.

  • Reply .

    Did you two end up getting pregnant?

    • Clare

      I don’t know, my sister is scared we might have got pregnant, but we have not had any tests yet.

    • chloe

      Yeah, we haven’t had any tests, but hopefully, we got pregnant together, that would be fun.

  • Reply Carl

    Very nice, double trouble for you both, Nice raping of good girl virgins. Well done.

    • Clare

      Double trouble raping for us both yes, we lost our virginities together.

    • TM Tom

      Will you enjoy sex next time?

    • Clare

      Sure thing. That’s what my dad would say.