The surprise

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My cock stiffens as I hear my cell phone buzz again. You’ve been sending me texts all day. Teasing me while I’m at work. You’ve been sending me naughty texts, pictures of your sexy body. Telling me how you cant wait for me to get home. Your such a tease I think to myself as I brush aggressively over my pants. Sending a wave of pleasure through my cock and body. I cant wait to get home to you. I open the phone up and it’s another picture of you. This time you’re wearing a sexy skimpy schoolgirl outfit. It’s so tight on your sexy tone body. The text underneath says hurry home I have a surprise for you ;). My imagination runs wild thinking of all the possibilities it could be that would involve you in such a slutty outfit. I rush through the last file of the day, get in my car and rush home to you. I walk in and you’re waiting for me. Still dressed up like a little school girl. My cock starts to bulge through my pants. You lick your lips as you move toward me. You give me a quick kiss as you get down on your knees. You look up at me with your big eyes as you undo my belt. You unbutton and unzip my pants slowly. Smiling and giggling like the giddy little school girl you’re dressed up as. My cock falls out of my pants. Thick and hard. You grab it and start stroking it with your hands. Your grip perfectly tight as both of your hands move back and forth on it. You start licking the tip. Running your lips up and down my hard shaft. It feels so good. I let out a moan. You look up at me as you slide your lips down my shaft. Your head starts moving back and forth on it. Your hand still wrapped around the base of my cock. Your stroking and twisting with the movement of your lips. I’ve been waiting for this all day. All your teasing building up inside me. You suddenly stop and stand up. You smile and say that the surprise is still yet to come. I’m surprised by your comment. My momd starts racing again. Your hand grips my hard cock again as you guide me up the stairs. You open the door to the bedroom. And I see my surprise. Sitting there on the bed is your super sexy friend from down the block. I’ve always fantasized about her. I dont know how you knew but you https://t.co/VfBQ6vAdnp push me into the chair and You jump on the bed next to her. She’s wearing the same little outfit as you. You say surprise as your hands move over her thigh. You smile as you see my cock stiffen up even more. You dont say another word. You push her hair back and start kissing her neck. Her hands moving up her thighs. She lifts her skirt o realize she isnt wearing anything underneath. Her hands start rubbing her pussy as you suck on her neck. I’m sitting in the chair speechless. I cant believe what I’m seeing. You lift her top over her head and her tits pop out. They are Even better than they were in my fantasies. You kiss down to them and push her onto her back. You both giggling. Enjoying each others touch. Your lips moving to her nipples. She pulls your shirt up over your head. Your amazing tits fall out and you go back to sucking hers. She moves her hand down to your pussy. My hand moves to my cock. I start stroking myself aggressively. I’m so turned on by what’s happening in front of me. I watch you kiss down her body moving your hand up her thighs. You start fingering her. She moans with pleasure. I watch her back arch as you pleasure her. I stroke my dick even harder. Watching you two is incredibly hot. You get back on your knees and look at me smiling. You use your finger to tell me to come join. Theres no second thoughts running through my head as I stand up and rip off my clothes. I just in the bed and start making out with both of you. My lips move to yours as her lips move to my cock. I feel her lips move down my shaft. I moan as I kiss down to your tits. I bite and suck on your hard nipples. Your hand gripping and playing with my hair. Your head falls back as you moan with pleasure. I fall on my back as you kiss down my stomach. You join your friend at my cock. I look down as you both run your lips up and down my shaft. Your tongues moving from the base back up to the tip. Your lips meet at the top as you exchange saliva and then move back to my cock. Both of you look up at me it’s so hot. My cock feels like its going to explode right then and there. Your friend moves on top of me straddling me. She guides my cock into her as you sit back. You start fidgeting your pussy as you watch my cock disappear inside her pussy. You’re enjoying watching her bounce up and down on my shaft. Her tits bouncing as she moans in pleasure. Its turning you on so much. She stops bouncing and starts moving back and forth on my cock. Her clit sliding back and forth on my pelvis. Her back arches as she moans. My hands grab her big tits and squeeze. You watch her as she digs her nails into my chest. You’re pinching and twisting your nipple with one hand and violently fingering your dripping wet pussy with the other. You hear her moans get louder and louder. I feel her pussy tighten around my cock as she orgasms on it. She slides my cock out and I look at you. I grab your legs and pull you over to me. I flip you over and slap your sexy ass. You get up on all fours as I grab your hips. She sits in front of you and spreads her legs. You move your face to her pussy. Excited to taste the juices from me mixed with her. I watch you lick her pussy as I thrust my cock into you. It’s so hot. You feel so good. Each time I pound my dick into you you’re face is pussed harder into her pussy. I hear your muffled moans as I speed up and slow down. You feel my hands run down your back and then back up. I dig my nails into you as I move them back down. My cock is throbbing hard as each stroke sends a pleasure through my body I’ve never felt before. I hear you scream my name. I cant hold my pleasure back any longer. My hands firmly wrapped around you hips I thrust into you over and over again. I watch as you lift you head unable to multitask in the moment. I watch your friend grab her tit and bit her lip. Between that and feeling your tight pussy I’m sent over ther edge. My cock explodes. I feel all of myself shoot deep inside of you. It feels so good. Over and over I thrust until my dick becomes to sensitive to thrust anymore. I fall onto the bed as you and your friend lay on each side of me running your hands gently up and down my and each others bodies. We lay there pleasure and out of breath as I whisper thank you baby.

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