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The laundry room

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So let’s recap what happened. I fucked my sister and then dry humped her. My shorts were full off jizz and her yoga pants were all moistured. Like I said it would only be a a moment before we would meet up at the laundry room. I was expecting her to be only in her panties then. I was even though I just had cum already ready for the next round but it turned out to be different. When I came into the room my mother was there and so I really disappointed had to leave… Or give my jizzy short to her. What I would definitely not do. So the encounter did not happen as hoped and I had to get rid of my boner by mastubrating. After that it tooked a whole week before we could get to have fun again. The whole week she was sending signals, bending over in front of me, giggling and annoying me, showing of her camel toe and so on but there was always my dad or mother near and since it was a silent agreement we couldn’t just meet up for sex. I know it would need to be a perfect moment like it was before. I trained since the dry bump every day hoping she would come into my room again but she did not. So after a week I was really worn out and also quite disappointed. Als the sexual arousal without relieve…i even thought she might had changed her mind. I mean I thought about it too! I could have get her pregnant but she luckily took the pill and also it was just wrong to have Sex with your sister but as long as we pretend that it is not happening everything between us was perfectly fine. So I stopped looking for opportunities to fuck her and everything seemed to go back to normal like all of this never happened.
But it was not over yet.
The next encounter was quite an surprising one.
Since I was not expecting to have sex with her anymore i was mostly ignoring her sexual “attacks” and she also seemed to stop anyway after 5 days.
It was a quiet Sunday 8 days after my rub when my parents decided we should have a family activity day. It was a rainy day in autumn when they decided to go into a indoor bathhouse. So we took our swim suites and went to the local bath. It was a small one with just one sauna, 2 whirlpools and 3 pools. One for kids, one big for swimming lines and one half outside which was very hot. The day was really quiet for the bath too. It was just us and like 8 pairs of old people. No one in our age or younger. But there was one thing more besides the pools occupied by old people. We went very often here when we were quite young and the thing me and my sister most enjoyed was the waterslide. You had to take a big air pumped tire to ride it and it was really fun. At least as I remember it. It had a small hill you would need to overcome at the middle of the slide so basically it was not just one way down but one down, than up and then again down. My sister and me used to take one tire for both of us. But since we hadn’t be here for years the slide was way bigger in my memory than it actually was.
So all in all it was an okay activity. Since the waterslide was not that big anymore as I rememberd it did not really attracted me in the beginning but then like half day in my sister came up to me “hey Tony wanna go for the slide?” first of all I declined, explaining that it will be boring and I would rather not to. But then she started to tease me. Like I’m scared and and boring and fat and stupid shit like this. But she got one point, since we alway did the slide at least once when we were here we had to do it at least one time just as a tradition. sS after all I agreed to one slide. We went up the ladder only to discover that there was one tire. Lol. They seemed to never have replaced the broken one but when I looked around what the average age of the customer was it did not make sense to buy new one. So what we gonna do? Well of course my sister persuade me to go with her on the one tire since we had done it like this the old days before….terrible mistake. There was a weight limit which we did not know. The ramp was not long enough to get you over the hill when you are to heavy. But how could we know?… I mean yeah we could have read the sign but since it was never a problem when we were young we did not read it this time either. So I sit down in the tire and my sister right on top. Squeezing her round ass directly on my hip. The slide opening was very tight too. The slide itself was more or less built for childs under 10 and the hole was very slim. We would barely pass it with her on top of me. Then We counted from Three down to one and pushed forward… God was it slow… and half the way up of the hill we stopped and slided back to the lowest point. Fuck. We were Stucked. The next thing I said to her was:”ähm Alexa can you move?” her answer was no. We tried to push ourselves up with our feet the way we came bjtt the water was to slippy and we always were flushed back down and we couldn’t move forward either since we were sitting in a tire and could only use our hands to push upwards. We tried to get out for like 10 minutes, cursing the situation when we decided to scream for help. But no one would hear us. The part with the hill was outside of the bath it was built like this to attract people or something and if no one would come to the opening on top or the finish line, no one would hear us! And the old people would never go to the slide not our parents! God that was horrible. I was so pissed “Alex that is all your fould” I said to her but we also knew at some point they would need to notice us. It would just need one person to try the slide. Since there was only one tire they would probably go and as for a new one and then they would need to look after us. Or we would be Stucked there for another two hours until our parents decided to leave. Still an awefull situation.
But then things changed… “Tony” my sister said after 20 minutes in the slide … “I have to pee”… Oh my God how awefull can this get?… She was sitting right on my hip and dick! And I told her NO! “But Tony I really need to – I’m so sorry but I had to pee even before the slide. I thought I could piss into the pool after we finished” – well as embarrassing that truth was, I mean we all piss into the pool, but what I’m going to do now?… There was no choice, so I agreed… Getting myself prepared that my sister would piss on me… She also pushed herself a little bit more comfortable and up by pushing her legs against the walls of the slide and then she started to let it flow… Warm hot Urin running down my hips and penis. I don’t now why but my body was reacting to this . Remember her ass was pushing against me and when she repositioned herself it was more lr or less her pussy on top of my dick. When the heat of her piss run down my penis shaft my dick became his own will. He got harder and harder until the point were it would lift himself up. Guys you now what I mean.
When she was nearly finished I was rock solid and my dick had moved himself up to my left leg opening. I didn’t said anything since I knew it wouldn change anything. I could not stop myself getting horny and my sister wouldn’t stop peeing either. When my dick had reached the top of my short, which had slides down since I was lying on a tire, it just pushed himself out and repositioned himself aiming for my sister. My dick was just a half centimeter of her pussy away and she was peeing directly on him….”god was that good” she said finishing to pee. But then she wanted move back down and was immediately welcomed by my dick… I was so extatic, I didn’t know what to say and I was also horny as shit so I didn’t said anything when she let herself fall down and her with swim suits covered pussy was welcomed by my hard dick who tried to penetrate the suite. “uhhh” she said immediately rising herself up again….no one said anything at this point…we were paralyzed at this moment… She could not hold herself up like this for long so at some point she would need to acknowledge my erected penis and me and here would need to go through one of our most embarrassing moment in our life to talk about repositioning herself and my hard dick so we would both be comfortable until someone safes us….at least that was what I thought… But my sister was thinking differently. “I will let myself fall back down to you now” she said. I couldn’t respond, I was so confused! I was horny, aroused and also embarrassed and worried the same time when she fall down. I expected my dick to push a second time against her swim suite and then bend to one or the other side but it turned out differently.
She moved down slowly, moving her hand down and back up, doing something down there but instead of a swim suite the head od my penis would push against I felt some skin tissue. Covering my head and instead of forcing my penis to the side, my dick was slowly covered by warm moistured skin tissue pushing itself down my shaft until the moment he was fully covered by hot warm walls of pussy. Both of us started to breath heavily…enjoying the moment we did not move for a while… Not saying anything… So instead of having the probability most embarrassing moment of our life’s we were back to our silent agreement. The moment before she moved down she must have used her hand to move her swimsuit away. And then she started to raise herself up again but slowly also not zu far to make sure that my dick would not be able to leave her pussy by accident. And than back down. She was fucking me from now on. Since I had no space to move it was all up to her what would happen down there. She also had to use her arms to hold her up. But me on the other hand, my hands were free so I helped her raising her up and down. This was amazing, the best thing that ever happened to me. I also grabbed her breasts and squeezed them! I never had felt real boobs before. Both of use were moaning in pleasure. It felt so good. Every thrust was better than the one before and her inner walls started to hold tighter and tighter every time.. “ugh hiha, argh” my sister was also starting to giggle here and then while moaning and breathing heavily. Every thrust brought a wave of orgasm through my body and my sister must have felt the same. I was building up the pleasure more and more. I could feel myself getting ready to blow the load… Just a handful of thrusts more… My sister also increased the speed when I could feel her orgasm! It was something I never had experienced before. With every of her thrusts her pussy would squeeze me tight, her inner walls would fall together and there was nothing that could stop me of Cumming too. The tingling in my penis was incredible, my mind was just thinking of blowing my load when she increased the speed even once more “uhhhrg” was the only thing I could say when her pussy was forced down once more, giving me the heaviest, warmest, and softest resistance I ever had on my dick before, that made me cum. She still was thrusting for herself while I was pumping my load inside here. Then she stopped releasing a final moan before falling down on me. I squeezed her boobs hard while I was still throbbing inside her. I ejaculated everything I had and when I stopped pumping I also let her tits go… Amazing… My penis went soft and left her pussy slowly while we were still breathing… It must have been at least 40 minutes after the first entrance since just at the moment when my dick left her pussy someone was screaming above if someone is inside the slide and we would finally be rescued. Luckily ak the water was washing us clean from jizz and pussy lubricant. Before the went to our side and opend an emergency exit. “this was the most funniest slide I ever had, don’t you think so brother?” – “well you had to piss on me” we both laughed liked this was the only thing that just had happened. After that we met up with our parents, relaxing in one of the whirlpools before we left back home. While in the car my father asked if we should do a family activity next day too when my sister answered ” definitely! I could do this every week” while looking at me out of the ege of her eye and smiling in a way that was making hope for more.

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