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The Interview and antics part 1

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Casey needs a job and finds a new lifestyle.

Erotic World
Note to the Reader: This world is very similar to our own in events and history, however that is where the similarities end. Our world’s history is governed by the physical properties that occur in our universe. This world’s history is governed by the physical properties our own, and the powers of the metaphysical. This world has many of the creatures from folklore. These beings some living among human society others living on the outskirts of human society or the places that humans dare not go.

The Interview

It was a warm spring afternoon in Charleston S.C. when Casey pulled into the parking lot of a club on the outskirts of town. Casey Dawson was a college student majoring in Physics. She was pretty with a cute innocence to her. She has shoulder length blonde hair with green eyes. As she exited her car she looked around, the club was not what she thought the parking lot was clean and well maintained as was rest of the buildings exterior. The sign wasn’t lit but she could read it Dreamscapes Erotic Club. There were a few cars in the in the lot and someone standing at the door “What am I doing here?” she thought to herself. As she started to walk to the door she remembered what brought her to this place, her thoughts took her to a couple of days ago when she visited her father.
As she arrived home after an hour drive she pulled into the driveway pulling along the side of her father’s car. She walked to the door and walked inside. Her father was sitting at his desk reading a letter he had received from the college. He turned to look at her “ So what is this shit that you changed your major from Business to Physics?”. She looked at him “Hello to you too dad.”. She was now a bit angry being greeted like that. She looked sternly at her father “I happen to like Physics dad its what I am good at. Its my life and I will pursue what I want. I don’t even like Business.”. He stood up removing his glasses glaring at his daughter “ Now you look here little girl as long as I am going to pay for your college you are going to take what I want you to take. Now you will go back to that school and change your major again or the money is cut off and I will make a few calls to get your scholarships canceled. You are my daughter and you will do what you are told! If you don’t like that you can try to make it on your own but I will make sure that doesn’t happen. How far do you think you will get when no one will hire you how long do you think you will be in school? I know whats good for you and you will listen or suffer dearly.”. She looked at her father as menacingly that her 5’6” tall frame would allow “Fine be a selfish ass only concerned with what you want out of life, I will find my own way if you going to cancel the scholarships and what little you are paying for out of your own precious wallet. Good bye you fucking selfish bastard. I am glad Mom isn’t around to see what you have become. I hate you I wished you died and Mom stayed alive.”.
Tears welled up in her eyes as she stormed out the door, her father moved to grab her but was a little slow and she made it out the door before he could even move. She was crying fully as she drove away, upon returning to the dorm she went directly to her room passing through the common room that was occupied by a few of the other girls and flopped on the bed and cried heavily. A couple of minutes later there was a knock at the door and one of her dorm mates walked in, it was Samantha Trellis one of the girls from a couple rooms down. She had fawn colored hair that was wavy and reached the middle of her back, she had hazel eyes. She was dressed casually in shorts and a sports bra. Samantha Trellis walked over to the bed and laid a hand on Casey’s shoulder “Whats wrong?” Casey moved and got herself to a sitting position. Her cheeks were flushed and trails of mascara and eyeliner streaked her face. She grabbed a few tissues from her night stand and cleaned her face up. While she did this she began to tell her dorm mate about her dad, and his obsession to have her follow in his footsteps in business, and the conversation she had with him. Samantha looked at her “Wow what a dick.” Sam was at a loss for words. “What am I going to do?” Casey began to cry again. Samantha sat down next to her and hugged her “I think I can help you, your dad can’t be that influential can he?”. Casey got her crying under control “He has a lot of friends in high places he can do a lot of things.”. “You know Casey I think I can help you but you will have to be at least a little daring.” Casey looked up “Really? What would I have to do?” there was a glimmer in her eyes as the possibility of following her dreams filled her with hope. Samantha smiled “How do you think I pay for college? I had a couple small scholarships but my parents couldn’t afford to pay for much, they tried their best but that’s all that matters is they tried. The only thing is you will have to lose some of that shyness.” with a sly crooked grin as she laid out a business card on the night stand as she turned to leave the room “Your father has no influence there.”. Casey picked up the card and read it. Dreamscapes Erotic Entertainment.
Casey shook herself back to the real world before she approached the door. The man in the door was a ruggedly handsome man with dark brown hair that was close cropped, his eyes were also brown, his body looked like it was chiseled from stone. He acknowledged her presence with a nod as she got to entrance. He had been watching her since she got out of the car. She was wearing a knee length skirt and a short sleeved shirt that did little to hide her young supple breasts. She had nice curves, and he wondered what the rest of her body looked like. Most guys would have reacted differently by watching her every move with lust, but he saw beautiful women everyday and was able to keep his professional demeanor..
As she got to the entrance he smiled “ Welcome to Dreamscapes I am Darius how can I help you?”. His voice was deep and had a bit of an authoritative tone to it. She smiled nervously thinking of how sexy his voice was “I am here to apply for a job. Are you guys even open?”. He shook his head “ Nah not for business however we do take applications, and also train new hires during the day while we are closed. I will need to see your identification before I let you in.”. She looked puzzled for a moment “Oh yeah, right….” letting out a nervous giggle, reaching in her purse she took out her license and handed it to him. He looked it over then took a small reader from his belt and scanned her ID, about 10 seconds later a light flashed green as it confirmed her age of 20. Handing back her ID he stepped aside and opened the door nodding to another man on the inside of the door he just said “Applicant” and nodded. The other man nodded in response.
Casey walked into the club and as her eyes adjusted to the interior lights the club spread before her seeming larger on the interior than the exterior allowed, a large bar was center along the right wall, tables lined the walls along with some tables spaced around the middle of the floor. The stage was towards the rear of the building, the stage had a couple of poles on it that went to the ceiling but also seemed modular. There were a couple of guys sitting at a table while a woman stood in front of a few other women. “Ok ladies we have a minimum standard which I am sure you have been told so lets have those tops off.”. A couple of the girls shed their tops without hesitation. One girl who was in a one piece pull over dress slipped her dress off revealing nothing underneath. The last few girls were a little nervous but then removed their tops. The lead woman clapped her hands together a little “Now that’s better, ok you are here to serve drinks and maybe do a few lap dances, remember you only go as far as you want. Although the more you do the more tips you get that is the nature of the business, with that being said that does not mean you are just a toy for the customers. This session of training will show you how to deal with rude and touchy customers. During business hours there will be a lot more of those gorgeous hunks of men we call security. There will be also security dressed as patrons. She continued on.
While she was watching the training she failed to notice the woman that was approaching her from the bar. “Hello there you must be Casey.”. Her voice was husky and sexy, Casey looked slightly startled as she turned and found herself looking at a beautiful woman slightly taller than herself with long black hair and sky blue eyes. She was wearing a short skirt and a half shirt that revealed her ample breasts and a belly piercing. Finally Casey answered “ Yeah how did you know?”. “That’s simple to answer, Samantha called just before you got here, and asked me to give you a shot, and since we have had a few people leave we have some spots to fill. I am Lexi DeCarlo by the way I am one of the managers here.”. As she motioned to one of the tables. They made their way to the table and sat down, Casey looked at Lexi “You said you had some girls leave was there something wrong?”, Lexi smiled “No. One of the girls who was one of our bartenders went on maternity leave and has plans to be a stay at home mom for a while, another girl left after her promotion and moved to Reno. And the 3rd moved on to the photography side of the business.”
Lexi having done this a number of times before could see that this girl was nervous “ Ok I can tell you are nervous so I will make it a little simple, this is an erotic club however we will not force you into doing anything you don’t want to do. We care for our employees and wouldn’t want anyone to be uncomfortable. So I have to ask can you at least handle being topless?” Casey was a little shocked by the bluntness of this woman but answered “ yeah I think so. Why?”. Lexi giggled a little as she looked at Casey “Because we want you to show something off at least. And from what I can see you have some nice tits.” Casey visibly blushed at the comment she was not used to hearing stuff like that from other females. As she sat trying to answer Lexi she found herself considering things she had never done before. While waiting for an answer Lexi waved at the bar and man with curly black hair came over with 2 glasses of water, he was shirtless. Lexi glanced at him “This is Brian DeCarlo my husband and also a manager of the club.” Casey couldn’t help but look at him he was tan about 6’3” his eyes were gray. He was well built with defined muscles. As he put the glasses down Lexi said “Thanks babe.” “Don’t mention it.”. His voice was not too deep but Casey was convinced that he could get a girl to bed just by talking to her.
Lexi looked at Casey curiously “Well…… is this something that could work for you?” as she slid over a pamphlet. Casey picked it up and as she looked through it and saw the benefits, wages, and a nice college incentive program. “Ok so what do I need to do?” Casey answered finally. “Well thats up to you, you could start as a topless waitress or you could be bolder if you wish.” Casey sat there “Can I ask a few questions?” “Sure ask away”. “ What are they doing over there?” “Those girls are training to be waitresses they will go through a series of programs from shorthand for drinks. Also is a program for handling customers that push them to far, this would include head and hand signals to let security know she needs help. And the main skill how to pass through a crowd with a tray of drinks.”. Casey nodded in understanding “Are there any waiters or other guys besides security?”. Lexi smiled “Actually yes there is almost as many as we have girls. Being that we are an erotic club its more than a strip club, we actually have scripted shows involving guys and girls and sometimes the patrons themselves. If you would like to know more about that I can give you a card that will give you unlimited access to the website including previous shows since we broadcast the shows live.”. A curious look came across Casey’s face “What about unwanted pregnancies and std’s?”. Lexi smiled mischievously “Well that is a good question.”. As Casey looked at her the pupils of her eyes changed to vertical slits “We have enchantments to protect against such things.” her eyes then returned to normal. Casey wasn’t sure how to react, Lexi sensing the confusion “I am not human and I crave the sexual energy of humans, but it can be dangerous. The owner of Dreamscapes found a way to allow other creatures to live with humans without harming them. Working here you are liable to see things that you normally wouldn’t see. I will explain more later, let’s just say this is a lot better than the way it used to be.”. Casey’s eyes widened there was more to this place than she realized “Ok I guess there is more to the world than I know but I reserve the right for asking more questions.”. Lexi smiled “That’s not a problem, is there anything else?”. Looking over at the girls training she saw a couple of them had stripped their bottoms they seemed to be getting more comfortable. Remembering Sam’s words “Could I try the stage?”. Lexi smiled again “You sure can, just let the sound techs know what you want to play.”
Casey stood up and walked over to the stage where she actually now saw the sound booth. As she walked over the sound tech looked up, he was a bit of a nerd he had a slender build. His hair was blonde and long pulled back into a ponytail. Thin rimmed glasses hung from his nose. He was fair looking and most women didn’t pay attention to him much although the girls at the club knew him to be a sweetheart and they all loved his stamina. “So what are ya dancing to?” Casey bit her lip she couldn’t believe what she was doing “I am not sure something with a good dance beat.”. He just gave her a thumbs up.
Casey got onto the stage and looked out she could see all eyes were on her even the trainees were watching. There were only around 15 people in the club and all were employees. The song started and Casey could swear that she felt the music more than she heard it. She began to dance and it seemed her body just flowed with the music, while she danced her hands started wandering all over her body. Casey swore that the bass was going straight to her pussy as she could feel its rhythmic pulse. She began to rub herself with the music. She had never been turned on so much in her life as she slowly removed her top and flung it at the first table. The employees wanting to give her the full experience started cheering and shouting like a crowd would. This kind of worked for the one training the waitresses giving an example of what to expect. Casey found herself in a zone as she slowly unclasped her skirt letting it fall to the floor before kicking it off stage. Shortly there after her panties came off and she started fingering herself. She didn’t know what was going on but she couldn’t help herself. She was enjoying this as she fingered herself in front of this small crowd. The sounds of the crowd encouraged her and she moaned loudly as she brought herself to an orgasm. She hadn’t even noticed that her song had stopped and some other dance style song was playing. She was fingering herself to the beat of the music bringing her to another orgasm.
What she didn’t know was that Brian was coming up behind her on stage. He was already undressed and his large cock was already hard. He came up behind Casey and wrapped his arms around her, one hand cupping one her breasts and starting to squeeze and massage it. His other hand goes for her pussy pushing her hand out of the way she is completely soaked, he slid 2 fingers inside her and began to finger her vigorously. His hard cock pressed up against her ass as he also matches her motions. She moaned as he expertly pleasured her body. Casey could feel her climax start building as this man fingered her pussy like it has never been before. Then suddenly it hits her causing her to shudder with the most powerful orgasm she has ever had and she screams, It left her weak in the knees and he gently laid her on the stage. Cheers from the small crowd fills the club and a small chant begins “Fuck her, Fuck her, Fuck her”. Her chest was heaving as she breathed, still not finished Brian grabbed her legs and pressed his tongue on her dripping pussy and began licking her clit and swirling his tongue around the entrance to her mound. Casey’s breath coming in short gasps as she is being taken to heights of ecstasy like she has never felt. Loud moans escaping her lips, as she now tries to get away from him to get a reprieve from his assaulting tongue. His grip was strong and she couldn’t get free, over her moans she can hear Lexi yell “Fuck her Babe I want to hear her scream your name!”
Before she could react he is on top of her she can feel the tip of his cock at the entrance to her pussy. As she looks at him, she can see his eyes are full of lust and he has a smirk on his face “Are you ready?” he says just before he slides his 10” pole inside of her burying it all the way. Her eyes widen in surprise as she is impaled by the largest cock she has ever had in her life, not that she has had that many as she has only had a couple of boyfriends. He starts fucking her slowly pulling out most of the way only to slide slowly back in letting her feel its entire length. She moans with each thrust. She hears in Lexi’s voice “Dammit Brian I told you to fuck her, I want to hear her scream your name. Give her that cock like you give it to me!”. Brian obeys his girl and grabs Casey’s legs and holds them to his shoulder as he begins to fuck her hard and fast. Her breath now coming in gasps as she also screams in ecstasy, another orgasm rocks her body. Its not long before Lexi gets her wish as Casey screams his name loudly as her whole body tenses with a powerful orgasm. Lexi continues to watch her man pound this young woman’s pussy. She loved seeing her man rock another woman’s world. But as she watched she could see he was getting close “yeah baby keep fucking that pussy, yeah don’t stop. Fill her up babe, fill her with your cum.” it wasn’t long after that Brian lets out a groan and buries his cock deep in Casey’s well fucked pussy.
Casey’s eyes widen as Brian buries his cock all the way to the hilt and holds it there. Casey is sent into another orgasm as Brian’s cock pulses inside of her shooting creamy ropes of cum deep inside of her. It takes a full 5 minutes for Brian to stop cumming inside her. Lexi looks down at Casey “Well sweetheart you fucked her into another world.”. After recovering Brian slowly gets off of Casey pulling his now softening cock out of her. Some of his cum leaks out of her as she lays on the stage trembling in the after effects of multiple orgasms. The small crowd cheers and claps their approval.
As Casey lays there on the stage she hears in the familiar voice of Samantha “Damn Case that was hot as fuck I didn’t know you had it in you.”. Casey turns her head and sees Samantha looking at her “So do you think you can handle this job?” Lexi asks. Casey just nods barely able to move at this point. Samantha helps her sit up as one of the other girls brings over some water. Casey takes the water and drinks it as she recovers. Samantha already having gathered her clothes helps Casey stand up “Come on lets get you cleaned up.” as she points towards the back. Before she is led away Casey looks at Lexi “So when can I start?” Lexi just smiles “In 2 days I think you could use the recovery time. However if you want to come in tomorrow so we can take care of the paperwork that would be great.”.
With that Samantha led her to the back where the dressing rooms and showers were. Like the rest of the club this area was also very clean and well maintained. Casey didn’t say much to Samantha as she was running the events through her mind. The shower felt good as she washed herself. Samantha couldn’t help herself and stripped got into the shower with Casey. Without warning Samantha got down on her knees and began to lick Casey’s pussy. Samantha could taste Brian’s cum and continued to attack Casey’s sensitive pussy. Casey could barely stand when Samantha attacked her now she was holding onto the rungs in the shower for dear life since it seemed that her legs were now barely strong enough to hold herself up. It wasn’t long before Samantha was rewarded with a mouthful of Casey’s cum mixed with Brian’s, Casey moaned loudly as another orgasm shook her body.
Samantha content for now stood up and helped Casey finish in the shower “So when do you want to move to my room? Samantha asked. Casey smiled as she thought about it “How about when we get back to the dorm?”. Both girls got out and dried off dressed and started to head out, as they exited the back of the club they heard music playing it was some kind of dance beat with a nice amount of bass, there were 2 girls up on the stage. The music wasn’t loud and the girls on stage would stop dancing every so often after signaling for the music to stop. They seemed to talk about something and then continue. As they walked past the stage looking to the front door they could see that Lexi was bent over a table and Brian was railing her from behind he had her arms behind her and raised above her back. They caught sight of cuffs holding her wrists together he also had her hair in his other hand her guttural moans of delight filled the immediate area the sound of his hips slapping against her body. Casey watched a little as they walked by, she stopped a moment continuing to watch her own body reacting as she remembered the feeling she had getting fucked by him. Suddenly a hand grabbed her arm and Samantha’s voice filled her ears “Come on you if you stay now we won’t get you moved at all today.”. With a sigh of reluctance Casey turned away and continued to the door with a giggle Samantha turned to Casey “So did you like your interview?” “Yes” she replied “I can only hope that the job is better.” Samantha laughed as they parted towards their cars “It gets better, much better. Why do you think I have so little stress.”
The security Man at the door watched as the girls headed for their cars, he was partially watching them and watching the surrounding area for anything suspicious. As the girls drove away 1 car behind the other another car from the other side of the parking lot also left the driver nodding to the guy at the door. In the security booth Joey Baker had only been working for Lexi and Brian for a few months, was about 6’3” and very muscular. He had light brown hair that was cut short and he peered through the world with dark blue eyes. The owner wanted to make sure her employees were safe. He hadn’t met the owner yet but had heard that her beauty was breath taking. His eyes shifted to the camera that was focused on Lexi getting railed by Brian. He flipped a switch and could now hear her moans and screams. “Damn she is hot.” he thought to himself as he sat back and watched he took his cock out and began to stroke it slowly to give him some relief.
He was so intent on watching he didn’t notice that one of the girls had been told to bring him something to drink. She had entered the security room and stood watching Joey stroking his cock. Natalie Barker had blonde hair down to her waist. She had a shapely body and long legs. She looked at the world through green eyes, and those eyes were focused on Joey’s cock and she wanted it. She slipped out of her outfit letting it fall to the floor. She was 18 but only just by a few months. She walked over to him standing in front of him. He looks away from the monitor only to see her standing there naked. Before he can say anything she knelt before him and wrapped her lips around his cock and began to suck it sliding it to the back of her throat before coming back up. Joey removed his hand and sat there enjoying as this girl sucked him better than some older girls.
After a few minutes of sucking him she stood up and sat in his lap impaling herself on his pole. She begins to ride up and down on it feeling it’s size and enjoying every minute of it. Joey grabs the girl’s hips and holds on making sure he doesn’t slide out. Riding his cock she can feel herself getting closer, she increases her pace and moments later she screams as her orgasm causes her body to quiver and she screams loudly. Her legs become weak and her movements take effort, sensing this Joey still holding her hips picks her up and puts her on the security table and begins fucking her hard, her screams filling the room. So intent on rocking this girls world Joey didn’t notice his own climax building until he reached the peak, and began to shoot his load into her with each thrust a stream of cum shoots deep into her. He stops cumming after a couple of minutes. She looks at him smiling, she gets up “We should do that more often.”. Joey can only watch her leave grabbing her clothes and heading toward the main floor.
Lexi was in heaven Brian knew how to take care of his girl, the cuffs and the slight pain from her arms only added to the pleasure of him taking her and making her his. She felt it building inside her “Here it comes.” she thought to herself and then it hit her, her body tensed and trembled. Her muscles tightened around Brian’s cock causing him to explode inside of her, his cum shooting inside her only help to add to her climax as she screamed in ecstasy. Brian found himself only holding the chain of the cuffs he used to bind her. She broke free and grabbed the edge of the table as her back arched and wings that were bat like in appearance came out of her back, and a long slender tail with a tip shaped like an arrowhead came from the base of her spine. Her wings were were red in color with black along the edges. Small horns sprouted from her head, the others all watched in fascination as Lexi’s true self showed, some were not shocked they had seen it before except the new hires who stood in disbelief. The trainer smiled “Whats the matter girls never seen a horny little devil before? That ends the training for today get dressed and I will see you Monday. Oh and make sure you sign the training sheet so you get credit for it and can get paid.”.
Across town the 3rd car that had followed Casey and Samantha to their dorm, the driver parked a little ways away and watched as the girls went into their dorm. Once inside he pressed a button on the dash and began to pull away slowly. At the club in the security room a green light lit up on a console. Joey still in the security room made a note of the time in the log, the light was from one of the mobile units signaling safe and sound.

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