The Dorm Room

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This world is very similar to our own in events and history, however that is where the similarities end.

Brie Carson was cute in the nerdy kind of way she was about 5’7” with long auburn hair pulled into a pony tail that hung to her lower back. She looked out at the world through eyes of jade behind thin framed glasses. Her slender body was covered by a loose fitting t shirt and shorts. She was nervous about this whole college thing, she was 19 and this was her first time away from home.
Brie had graduated Valedictorian of her class and had earned a number of scholarships. Her acceptance into the University of South Carolina made her parents proud. Majoring in Paleontology with a secondary of Biology her schedule was going to be filled with some heady classes. She had wandered the campus getting familiar with it and eventually came to her dorm. She only had a small bag with her as her parents would bring her other stuff later.
As she approached the door she stopped a sudden wave of nerves hitting her. Finally steeling her nerves she walked into the dorm and was greeted with a group of girls in the common room all huddled around a table laughing and carrying on with a card game that she didn’t know. She looked around the common room seemed like an oversized living room with chairs spaced around the room and a large couch along one wall. The back wall had a hallway leading away toward the rooms and on the right side was an office. After a moment Brie went to the office and knocked on the door a voice from the other side “Enter”. Brie opened the door and found herself entering a small office with a desk some file cabinets and a couple of folding chairs in front of the desk. Behind the desk was a woman with long blonde hair and hazel eyes. She was full bodied and drew whistles and stares from many men even though she wasn’t a runway model. Tammy Lindstrom had graduated years before and did her internship for counseling in the dorms. After a couple of years she decided to stay on as the dorm counselor to assist with new students adjusting or whatever problems any of the girls may have had.
Tammy looked up at the girl that was in the doorway “Can I help you?”. Brie was a little nervous by this whole transition but stepped inside the office “Hi I am Brie Carson I was told that I was to come here for a room.”. Tammy nodded and pointed to one of the chairs “I have been expecting you please sit.” She then reached for a folder on the side of her desk and handed it over to Brie “Inside this folder are the rules and other documents you need, such as a list of administrators and other information. Do you mind sharing a room?”. Brie took the folder and opened it glancing at some of the papers and handbook. She thought about the question before answering “No I don’t mind sharing but I would prefer a single room if one is available.”.
Tammy looked down at her desk a moment and let out a sigh “We have a single room but nobody really stays in it. The girls that have stayed in the room swear its haunted having experienced some kind of weird events. It has been empty for months.” Brie considered what she heard and was skeptical she didn’t believe in ghosts and such. Most events that people experience can be explained. “That sounds great I will take the room.”. Reluctantly Tammy stood up “Ok follow me.”. Tammy led Brie down the hall to a final room on the right. She opened the door and turned on the light. Brie stepped in the room it was clean but had the air of emptiness to it. There was a bed, desk and chair, dresser, and a cabinet that would function as a locker of sorts. The air in the room was cool, Brie turned to Tammy “This is awesome I love it.”. Tammy smiled slightly “It’s yours then. If you need anything I will be in my office till 7 tonight. Tammy then turned and walked down the hall thinking to herself {I give her 2 weeks tops.}.
Brie started to unpack her little bag and was suddenly startled by her dad standing in the door as she turned around. “Hi Daddy. How long have you been standing there?”. Tyler Carson was tall just over 6’2” tall and athletically built he had black hair that was just starting to gray at the temples, and looked at the world through eyes of dark blue. He was a handsome man in his late 40’s. He kept himself in shape by jogging to work everyday. He smiled at his daughter he was proud of everything she had accomplished and now she was leaving home. He wasn’t sure how to feel about that. “Not long sweetheart just long enough to check out the room.”. He reached next to the door and grabbed the large suitcase that he had brought. “Your mother packed your clothes, it still baffles me how she fit your closet in here.”. Brie gave her dad a sarcastic look “I don’t have that many clothes. I am not like some of the other girls I grew up with.”.
The conversation was interrupted by her mother “Hello sweetie”. Jessica Carson stood next to her husband who was a foot taller than her 5’2” frame. She kept herself in shape with various exercise routines. She had long brown hair and green eyes and despite having turned 40 she sometimes got mistaken for being her daughter’s older sister. They entered Brie’s room and sat and talked with her for a couple of hours before they had to leave for their 2 hour drive home.
After her parents left Brie found herself sitting in her room, the events of the day running in her mind. She now realized it was real and for a brief moment she missed home. She shook her head and laughed to herself, she grabbed a few things and headed to the bathroom for a shower. After her shower she went to the common room and tried to socialize. The girls there all introduced themselves and told her she was crazy for taking the room. She listened to all of the stories but told them she didn’t believe in ghosts and that stuff. She found out the game earlier was a game called Cards against Humanity. After a while though she decided to chill out and wind down in her room.
Brie was laying on her bed in a bra and panties thinking about her change in life and began to doze off. In her dream she found herself with a handsome man with rugged chiseled features, she didn’t recognize him but his hands were all over her exploring her body. She was reacting to the sensation becoming aroused and suddenly the dream ended but she could still feel the sensation of hands on her. She had fell asleep with the light on. Her glasses were still on and she looked down and could see slight impressions on her skin moving around. She jumped out of bed and looked around. The room seemed empty the air was still cool but there was a scent she wasn’t familiar with. It had a masculine quality to it and she found herself liking the smell.
While looking around she heard a slight sigh. Her thoughts began to replay the stories she heard the sensation of hands on your body, a smell with no source, and sounds with no source. The sound of the chair creaking with weight being pressed on it drew her attention and for a brief moment she thought she saw an outline of something. Her heart was now racing not knowing what was going on but part of her mind was curious wanting to know what was going on. She clenched her fists steeling her nerves.
She looked directly at the chair “Ok show yourself if your there.”. In her mind she thought that this was her imagination playing with her. A moment passed the chair moved slightly as a figure materialized. He was humanoid at least 7′ tall with grayish tan skin. His body was cut like a body builder and he was nude. Her eyes widened as they took in the sight before her. Bat like wings sprang from his back, they were the same color as his skin. His face was handsome with chiseled features, a mustache and goatee framed his mouth his ears came to a point. His eyes were solid orbs of blue. Black hair topped his head with horns that wrapped around his head and came to a point behind his head. His member was the biggest she had ever seen hanging at least 7” flaccid, the sack that hung below seemed to have 2 tennis balls in it. She took a deep breath a part of her afraid but he didn’t seem aggressive.
Brie’s mind was rushing so many questions and why was she so damn attracted to this thing. She found herself getting very aroused at the sight of him. She cleared her throat “Ok what the hell are you?”. For a moment he was stunned she wasn’t running away and she was the first he revealed himself to. “I am from a different universe and my species name is unpronounceable in your tongue.”. His voice was soft in volume but deep in timbre. She found it extremely sexy, her fear now gone she was curious about him. He continued still surprised that she hadn’t run away “My name is Stellyx, and I came to this place when I was ripped from my home by a witch 2 centuries ago. She cast a spell to bring her a male that could love her, however when she saw me she instead cursed me to be bound to this location. Apparently she was disappointed with the spells effect. I have been trapped here for over 200 years and all I have sought is companionship and a way to break this binding.”
Brie sat and listened he wasn’t what he appeared his voice had a sad quality to it’s tone and she found herself feeling sorry for him. “What would companionship bring you we are kind of different from each other?”. He sits in the chair again “In order to break the enchantment that binds me to this place I have to find someone that could accept me for what I am. Someone that is true with their heart, that is what will break this torment.”. Brie walked over to him even sitting down he seemed tall. “Are you the ghost the others talk about?”. “Yes unfortunately my actions frightened them it was not what I wanted. I want to be able to leave this place, to see the world I am stuck on now. To know friendship and experience a life with someone.”
Brie now stood in front of him looking him in his eyes, she was no longer afraid of him. Instead she found herself attracted to him, her heart was racing threatening to pop from her chest. Her stomach felt like it was on a roller coaster. Without conscious thought she leaned in and kissed him, and he kissed her in return. He stood up and moved the chair aside. He took her in his arms and leaned in and kissed her again. This time it was passionate and with deeper meaning for both of them. When they separated she looked into his eyes “What happens now?”. He smiled and picked her up “Passion and ecstasy.”. He laid her on the bed and his eyes flashed a little and a spark of purple energy sparked from his horns and spread throughout the room. “What was that?” she asked, without hesitation “Just making sure that no one else hears what is going on’”.
Brie was now laying on her bed as Stellyx began to kiss her all over her body. Each touch sending shivers through her body. She found herself just wanting him to take her and make her his but he had other intentions. Stellyx took his time savoring this young female who didn’t reject him. As he explored her body he made her garments just disappear. Kissing and licking his way down her body he found her mound and began to kiss and nibble her clit driving her crazy with ecstasy. He began to lick her slit which was already soaked and he savored her taste. Her eyes widened as he covered her pussy with his mouth and plunged his tongue into her penetrating her at least 6 inches with his tongue. He wiggled his tongue inside her like a writhing snake, this drove her over the edge and she came hard her entire body trembling from it. She screamed like she has never before. Her body was trembling from the series of quick orgasms back to back.
She wanted him inside her, Brie had never wanted to be fucked so badly before but all she wanted was him inside of her. Brie reached down and lifted his head “I want you inside me now, just fuck me!”. He climbed on top of her placing the head of his now rock hard 14” long cock at the entrance to her. Sliding the tip up and down probing her hole slightly with the head. Her eyes widened as the head entered her and she felt its girth. Then slowly he started to enter her, going in a little before pulling out and then sliding a little deeper until he was buried all of the way inside of her. Brie’s eyes felt like they would pop out as she was impaled deeper than ever before.
Strellyx was surprised that she was able to take his whole size as he rhythmically moved in and out of her pulling out most of the way before plunging into her again. The room was filled with her moans and screams of ecstasy. Her mind was swimming in pleasure it felt so good she didn’t want him to stop, with every thrust she felt like he was going to come out of her mouth. Then without warning he began to pick up his pace grabbing her hips and slamming into her, she knew he was getting close to his climax and she wanted it. She could feel his shaft getting harder and swelling a little more and then he was filling her with his seed. His cock pulsed inside her sending her body over the edge from a building orgasm. His hot cum filling her deep, every pulse giving her a small orgasm each time and for a couple of minutes he stayed inside her filling her.
When it was over he slowly pulled out of her as she lay on the bed her chest heaving with each breath. Her body trembling from the sheer amount of ecstasy she experienced. He was standing there his own legs barely holding him up, he was looking at her {Could she be the one to break his binds?} he thought. He hoped so for some reason all he wanted to do is make her happy. As he watched her recover she drifted off into a deep sleep, he smiled and watched her sleep the rest of the night.
When Brie woke in the morning she wondered if she dreamed the whole thing, was it real. As the cobwebs cleared she could still smell him although her room smelled clean. She was sore from the actions of the night. She pried herself out of bed put on shorts and shirt and went to the bathroom. She couldn’t believe what she did last night, what was she thinking. In the same light she just met someone who made her heart race among other feelings . Was she falling for him, was she the one to set him free and what would that mean? All she did know is that she didn’t want to be without him. She returned to her room grabbed her shower stuff and cleaned up from the night before.
As she headed out the door to take care of a few errands she ran into Tammy “So how is the room?” she asked. Brie smiled “I love it, you don’t have to worry I won’t be moving anytime soon.”. As she walked out of the dorm Tammy and some of the other girls looked at each other with surprise. Strellyx watched from her room window deep down he knew his life just got a lot more interesting.

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