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The Coffee-colored Little Girl

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This is one of the many stories. She liked it after all…

I stood at the bus stop as rain drifted down and watched as the three older schoolgirls dragged and screamed obscenities at the little girl, forcibly shoving and passing her towards each other as if she were a little rag doll. The two old women that stood in front of me as we waited for the bus told them to leave her alone.

One of the older girls told the old women to mind their own business. “You cheeky little cow” the larger one of the two old women said as she proceeded to strike her with her umbrella.

“You dare, you old cow, and it will be the last thing you do” one of the other girls said, a menacing look on her face, hand on hip staring at the old woman holding the umbrella in mid-swing.

“Come on girls, that’s enough. That’s no way to treat people, is it? If it was happening to any of you three, you would stick up for each other, wouldn’t you?” I said as I rounded on them.

They stared at me as the taller one held the little girl by the arm, pushing her away from her. The little girl hit the bus shelter with force and fell onto the floor. She pointed at her and shouted, “Keep your mouth shut next time, if you know what’s good for you.” All three walked off in triumph.

I stared down as the tiny little girl lay sprawled on the wet pavement. She was about eleven years old, four feet tall – small for her age – “a first year, probably,” I thought. I knew the new school term had just started

Her head and shoulders were up against the bus shelter. Her beautiful shiny, long, jet-black hair hung damp in a tangled mess. Sobbing her little heart out, tears streamed down her face. The blazer of her blue school uniform was soaking wet and open, buttons ripped off her white blouse, which was wide open, revealing her flat chest. Her short, pleated, blue school skirt raised high above her thin coffee-colored thighs, showing her white knickers. Her white knee-high socks were filthy, covered in damp scuff marks.

I stared at the little mound, the small camel toe protruding from her white knickers as one of the old ladies lifted the girl to her feet. “Up you get, darling, and pull yourself together” she said as the other old lady smoothed and straightened her clothes.

The girl said “thank you” to both of them. I stared at the wet patch on the back of her skirt. She turned and said “thank you” to me. The bus arrived, the old ladies got on.

The girl turned to me and said, “I can’t get home. They took my money off me”

“That’s OK, I’ll pay your fare. Come on, get yourself on the bus.”

The girl got on and I followed her. “A full and half fare to the last terminus” I told the driver. Not sure where the girl got off. I turned and watched as the young girl walked along the aisle to sit on a seat halfway along the bus. Both ladies had sat just inside the doorway, and the old lady with the umbrella asked if I would see if the girl was OK. I nodded and walked along the bus, removing my raincoat and sitting down next to the girl, placing the coat over my knees.

“Are you sure you’re OK?” I asked. She shook her head. “No my back hurts where one of them kneed me” she said.

“Turn round and I’ll have a look at it.” The girl turned and lifted her blazer, pulling the white blouse out of her skirt and lifted them up. She leaned forward, and I stared. “I can’t see any marks.” She lifted them higher, and a round red mark appeared on her back. I stroked the mark gently, telling her what I found and she had started sobbing again.

The lady with the umbrella stared at me, “She’s got a mark on her back that’s going to turn into a nasty-looking bruise,” I said. The woman nodded. The other lady said, “It’s such a shame. She’s such a pretty little thing.”

I removed my hand and the girl still sobbed. Putting my arm around her shoulders, I pulled her towards me saying, “Hey, don’t cry, you’ll be OK in a couple of days.” The girl looked up at me and smiled. “Does it hurt anywhere else?”

The girl nodded. “My belly hurts. One of them punched me.” She pulled and lifted her blouse as I peered at her flat stomach. “I can’t see any marks,” I said as she tucked her thumb into the waistband of her skirt and opened it. I peered down and shook my head at her.

The bus pulled up at a bus stop and two young boys got on. I placed my raincoat over her thighs, saving her from embarrassment. The boys paid the driver and ran past us to sit at the back of the bus.

The girl watched as they ran past. I removed the raincoat and peered. “I can’t see any thing.” The girl lifted the hem of her skirt up high and slid down the seat. “There?” I pointed at the red mark slightly above her knicker-hem. She lifted the skirt higher and stared down. I reached and stroked the red mark gently, slipping my forefinger into the waistband and pulling her knickers open. “That’s going to be some bruise,” I told her. She stared as I stroked it. “Does it hurt anywhere else?” I said, peering into the gap between her knickers and coffee-colored body.

She nodded. “A bit lower down.”

The bus pulled up at another bus stop, and the two boys got up and ran past us. I managed to remove my fingers and cover her legs with my coat as they passed. A man got on and sat two seats in front of us.

I whispered to the girl, “do you want me to have another look?” She stared at me, then nodded. I moved my coat and reached either side of her knickers and whispered, “Lift up a little.” She lifted her bottom as I slid her knickers down her legs to her knees and stared at her little, coffee-colored, completely bald pussy mound. A large red mark covered it.

The bell rang, telling the bus driver to stop at the next bus stop. As it pulled up, I covered her legs with my coat again. The two old ladies got off and they waved at us as the bus set off again. The girl waved back.

“Do you want me to take a closer look?” I asked. She nodded. After moving my coat I bent down, opening her legs. Her knickers slipped further down her socks to her feet. I slipped them over her shoes and put the small piece of white cotton material into my coat pocket.

The girl stared at me as I held her knees and opened her legs, staring at her chubby, tanned pussy lips. “It looks a little sore there” I said, pointing at the red mark on her pussy mound. My fingers touched her mound, stroking it gently. “Feel better?” I asked. She smiled and nodded.

The bus pulled up at another bus stop, I covered her again, keeping my hand on her pussy mound, gently stroking it, while a young woman struggled to get on the bus with a push chair. I asked the girl where she lived. “Bromley estate,” she said. I nodded, knowing the estate well. It was quite close to where I lived and I knew we both had to alight at the terminus and walk awhile, but that was another nine bus stops away.

I continued to rub her mound, thinking the girl must be one of the foreign refugees that the local council had moved onto the estate. My middle finger slipped between her pussy lips and stroked. The girl pulled closer to me as I teased her tiny little clit from under its hood. I stroked it gently. “Does that feel better?” I whispered. She nodded.

The small child started crying and the woman lifted it out of the push chair and shushed it.

My forefinger began to strum her little clit as it hardened, gently slipping my middle finger between her pussy lips and sliding it up and down. The girl lifted and straightened herself up. I pulled her closer and my finger slid down to her pussy hole and dipped inside. She closed her legs, holding my finger tip inside. She stared at me, a look of concern in her eyes. “It’s OK, I wont hurt you,” I whispered as I pushed my hand between her smooth inner thighs opening them wider and dipped my middle fingers tip further inside her entrance. My thumb was now resting on her tiny hard clit, rubbing it gently.

Click, click, clicking noises came from below my coat as I continued to push the tip in and out of her pussy. She was starting to get wet and opened her legs a little more, allowing me further access. I pushed a little further and she opened her legs a little wider. My finger slid up to the first knuckle. As I touched her hymen, the girl jumped. My cock struggled in my trousers from the excitement, wanting to escape its confines.

The eighth bus stop approached, seven to go. I hoped the traffic was going to be busy as we crossed the bypass; it usually was at this time of day.

I whispered, “Sorry,” telling her I wouldn’t push too far in. She whispered, “Please don’t hurt me.” I nodded, smiled and carried on dipping in and out. My thumb continued strumming her tiny, hard clit. My left hand stroked her flat chest under her school blazer, finding the gap where the buttons were missing from her blouse and tenderly stroking her tiny right nipple. She pulled the blazer and held it tight over my hand, concealing it.

The traffic on the bypass was heavy, as usual, I hoped today was going to be one of those days when there was a car crash; that happened quite frequently on this stretch of road. We would be here for hours, I hoped.

The bus driver, a surly-looking sod, stared one way and then the other, looking for an opening in the traffic. He yanked the hand-brake on. I smiled thinking, “We’re going to be here for a while.”

The girl opened her legs wider. I smiled down at her pretty face, snuggled against my chest. She smiled back. “Are you OK?” I said. She nodded and closed her eyes. Her juices had already started to flow, making my finger slide along her pussy lips easier.

Her little hole was starting to widen as I reamed it. My index finger rubbed around the rim, hoping it was wide enough to join its partner. Suddenly the bus jerked forward. The bus driver had obviously found an opening in the traffic and pulled out to cross the road – or so he thought. The air horn of a skip wagon sounded, and the bus slew to one side as the bus driver yanked the steering wheel, catching the bus’ wheels on the curb.

The girl squealed into my armpit, as both my fingers shot inside her pussy up to the knuckles. I held her tightly, keeping my fingers wedged inside. The man in front shouted, “Bloody hell, that was close!” The child cried in its mother’s arms, drowning out the girl’s squeals.

The bus had managed to cross the carriage way, and it slowly came to a halt. The bus driver stood and looked around. “Is everyone OK?” he shouted. We nodded our heads, and he got off the bus to see if there was any damage. The wagon driver had carried on with his journey, not bothering to stop.

I stared down at the girl, shushing her. Lifting my coat and staring at my hand, my fingers remained tightly wedged inside her pussy, and her tiny little clit poked proudly out from its hood.

The bus driver returned from his inspection. “There’s no damage, is everyone all right?” We all nodded.

“Thank god.” The man sitting in front of us said.

The young woman said they were fine, and the bus driver stared at me. “Are you two OK?”

I nodded. “Yes, she just got a bit of a shock, that’s all.”

“We all did,” said the young woman.

The bus driver started the engine and we set off on the rest of our journey. “Not as much as you got a shock, aye my darling?” I said to the girl.

“It hurts,” she said.

“I know, but you’ll get used to it,” I told her.

My fingers made a scissor action inside her pussy tunnel, stretching it wider as she shuffled on the seat, inadvertently opening her legs wider and allowing me more access to invade and violate her pussy. The scissor action continued.

My coat now discarded, allowing me to watch as my thumb worked like magic on her tiny hard clit, I slid my fingers slowly back towards her entrance, slowly sliding them back in. I wasn’t sure if she was wet from cumming or it was because of the blood from her ripped hymen. Not that I cared, I’d never had a virgin before. I considered this encounter as a stroke of pure luck. I had a few over the years, especially on public transport.

My favorite had been a little blonde twelve-year-old girl, on the train back from the highlands in Scotland. I always made sure I sat on a seat nearest to the toilets, and in the less populated, quietest carriage, the girl – Morag, her granny had called her – was a sweet little thing.

I waited for the right moment; her granny presented it to me as she decided to pop down to the dining car about four carriages away. I chatted and stared at Morag’s legs below her short skirt as she thumbed the magazines I’d bought and read. Morag noticed me staring and asked if I thought she had nice legs.

I said “I would love to see more of them.” Her skirt rode up as she spun around in the aisle, revealing more. I asked her if anyone had gone into the toilet.

“I don’t think so,” she replied.

“Would you have a look for me?” I asked. She smiled and nodded. I watched her as she skipped through the sliding double doors. Her head poked around the corner, staring through the door’s window, and shook her head. I got up and went through the doors, asking if she was sure.

She pushed the toilet door open and peered inside. I stood behind her with my hand up the back of her skirt. Groping her tight rounded bottom and my other hand over her mouth, I pushed her into the small cubicle, leaning against and shutting the door behind us. “I want you to pull your pants down to your ankles and kick them off. Then I want you to hold your skirt up high, so I can see all your legs.”

She was a very good girl and did as she was told, staring down at her body at the little blonde tuft of pubes. I asked if she had been fucked. She mumbled through my hand and nodded. “Good girl. We haven’t got much time, so you can suck my cock ’til it’s hard and then I’m going to fuck you, OK?” Morag nodded.

Like I said, she was a very good girl and did everything I asked of her, especially as she sat on my knees facing me. As I sat on the toilet lid, she struggled to get all my cock into her tight pussy. Morag managed to take it all. She had been fucked before, but whoever had fucked her only had a little cock.

That encounter lasted all of fifteen minutes. From the memory, I’ve had hundreds of wet dreams over Morag.

The girl moaned at the side of me. I stared down at the sweet smile on her face and thought, “You and I are going to have some fun, baby.” as my fingers slid faster in and out of her pussy.

The bus had passed two stops while I had been daydreaming. The bus stopped and the young woman with the push chair got off. Thank god no one else had gotten on. Three stops to go. The girl was really moaning now – a bit too loud, I thought. When the man two seats in front turned around and stared, I glared at him menacingly. He soon turned back around. He got off at the next stop and peered through the window to see what I was doing.

“Too late, nosy bastard.” I mouthed at him. I had already covered her with my coat. The bus slowed down, pulled into a lay-bye, and reversed. The bus driver asked if I was in a hurry.

“No,” I said.

It was his half-hour break, he said. He still felt a bit shaken up from the near-crash and he wanted to call home. He pointed toward two cottages a short distance down the road. “Take your time,” I told him, and he stared and nodded.

“Oh, she’s asleep.” He smiled, said thanks and got off, closing the door behind him. I looked out the window. Empty fields were on my left, the road on my right, and the bus concealed by bushes and trees. I kissed the girl on the forehead. Her eyes opened and stared at me. “Well, my little darling, it’s just you and me, all alone.”

I picked her up and carried her to the back seat, my fingers still wedged tightly in her pussy. I lay her down, lifted her right leg and sat between her legs, ramming my fingers in and out. “Well, my little angel, it’s time for this” I said as I undid my trousers, pulling them and my underpants down to my ankles.

Oh how the little darling stared as I held my six inch cock tightly, squeezing it so the blood rushed to its engorged head. As I wanked it slowly, she started sobbing. “Don’t cry, baby. I got my fingers in, didn’t I, and it doesn’t hurt now, does it?” She looked down at my hand and stared at the two fingers working in and out of her pussy. “You like that, don’t you?” I asked the girl. She nodded.

“Well I’m going to push all this in your little pussy and you will love it.” She stared, unsure. I bet you think it’s too big and won’t go in?” She nodded. “Believe me it will, once the head’s in this bit.” I squeezed the engorged head, “and once that’s in, the rest will easily follow.” The girl still stared, a terrified look in her eyes.

“Now I want you to lift your legs up and bend your knees.” She lifted and bent her knees. “Good girl. Now open them wide, a little wider, that’s it.” I turned my fingers inside her pussy and slid them along her newly-made pussy tunnel until they reached the first knuckles. Making a scissor action with my fingertips, I stretched her pussy rim open. I stared. She stared. “Look, see how wide it’s getting?” she nodded. “Do you think it will go in there now?”

The girl stared at my fingers opening her pussy, then at my cock and nodded. “Good girl.” I said as I knelt on the seat between her thin coffee-colored legs. My trousers and underpants lay on the floor. I shuffled closer and held her legs behind her knees and closed them together, doubling her tiny body up. I placed my right forearm behind her knees, holding her legs and lifting her little skinny bottom up until I could see her arsehole.

I shuffled forward a little, resting my cock head on her pussy lips, holding it tightly with my left hand and started sliding it up and down. I placed her feet on my shoulders and reached down, opening her lips, and dug my thumbs into the inner rim, stretching her hole wide. My cock, precum dripping out of the end, tested the way forward and popped easily inside, as I removed my thumbs. Her pussy lips enveloped my cock head. I held her legs behind her knees and slowly opened them. She stared down her body, past her flat chest, past the two buttons fastened at the bottom of her blouse, and past her belly button to her smooth mound and along the shaft of my cock. Her teeth bit into her bottom lip.

“You’re not sure are you?” She shook her head. “It’s gone in tighter little holes than yours,” I lied. Now rest your head back on the seat and it will soon be over.”

I adjusted my knees and thrust as hard as I could. The girl screamed. I pulled it completely out and pushed in again, and again. She was screaming hysterically.

I had managed to get four inches into her. Pulling back, I pushed again and my cock bottomed out. I carried on sliding it back and forth along her pussy tunnel. She stopped screaming and was now sobbing.

“There. Have a look now.” She lifted her head and stared. “I told you it wouldn’t all go in, didn’t I?” She stared at the two inches that hadn’t quite made it and nodded. “Now you just lay back and enjoy it.”

She laid her head back down, and I slowly fucked her pussy. She started to moan. I lifted and stretched over her body, my hands either side of her head, staring down at her face, and sliding my cock back and forth.

Developing a steady rhythm, I pulled it back slowly keeping the head just inside, my balls tightened. I knew this would be the last big push. I thrust hard, all my weight dropping down onto her, my cock shot into her like a bullet and broke through into her womb. She screamed and screamed as my cock throbbed, flooding her womb with my cum. Her pussy muscles tightened around my shaft, locking us together.

“Oh yes, baby!” I cried out.

The door of the bus suddenly opened. I turned and stared, unable to move. The bus driver got on the bus and stared at my hairy arse. He walked slowly up the aisle, smiling. I lifted back onto my knees. He stared and I stared at the base of my cock stuck inside the girl’s pussy.

“Very big, are you?” the bus driver asked.

I smiled proudly. “Six inches.”

He smirked. He pulled off the clip tie and undid the buttons on his uniformed shirt, throwing them onto the seat behind him, and stood by her head looking down at her face.

“You ok darling?” She shook her head, he smiled.

He undid his belt, the button on his trousers and slowly unzipped the zip, letting his trousers drop to his ankles and stepped out of them. I stared and the girl stared as his at least seven-inch semi hard cock. It was fatter than mine, hanging between his big legs. He lifted it in the palm of his left hand and the girl’s eyes and mouth opened wide as he laid it across her flat chest.

He smiled.

“My turn next?” he said.

The girl whispered, “Yes. Please Sir!”
I quickly made room for the bus driver…

To be continued.

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