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Teen crossdresser finding out has a brother

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Well it was a total surprise to me when I was just 17. I just got home and there was a guy talking to my mom a little a couple of years old than me. I was dressed pretty hot that day in a mini skirt and lace blouse and thong matching bra and garter belt and stockings and high heels. Of course makeup and lipstick and accessories.
Well I had been gone for a good two hours. She said introduced us saying that he was my half brother from a fling. Well he wasn’t bad looking but kinda of nerdy. Well I was sitting beside him at the kitchen table and my mom got up and went to get another cup of coffee and when she turned her back he felt my legs and under my skirt. I didn’t say anything just let him thinking what the hell. Well we talked about stuff he keep trying to get up my skirt and I got up said I be right back .
I got back and sat back down. Well this time he was in for a surprise for when he reached I had no thong on and pulled my skirt up . Well he reached under he hand froze and then I reached over and grabbed his crotch. He didn’t know what to do. He went to move his had an I whispered an said no . Well after about a hour or so mom said that I should show him around town.
He said that be ok if I didn’t want to. I said I did and took his hand an we left but I wouldn’t let go of his hand. He said that he was just fooling around. I said oh really I then said you are a virgin aren’t you. He mumbled yes. I said well you shouldn’t have started what you did then. He said that he was sorry and then I could tell he felt awful about it. Since we were on a back road I stopped and planted my lipstick yon his lips and kiss him passionately. He didn’t know what to do. Still with my arms around his neck I said I don’t care if you are my half brother you started it and I need and want some dick. But you are going to do what I want you to do. He said okay and I took his hand again. I lead him up a trail an told him to wait for me. I went up to a old house and unlock the paddle lock on the door. I went in took off my skirt and blouse so I was just in my pink bra and pink garter belt and stockings and high heels. I went back and got him he just kept staring at me in amazement.
I made him feel my ass cheeks before I lead him to the house. When we got to the house and inside I told him to strip naked. He got everything off except his boxers and I said everything. He did I said dam he had a good 7″ thick cock. I took him to a bedroom. He asked me if I was going to have him fuck me. I said no you are going to make passionate love to me.
I wrapped my arms around his neck and started to kiss him passionately and pulled him down on the bed. He finally relaxed and he was more into it than I made him lick my glued down boi-virgia and then my gurly-boi-pussi hole he did a fine job at it and buried his tongue in me for a while and had me moaning in pleasure. So I made him get in the 69 position so I could suck his hard thick cock . Well it didn’t take him long to shoot his hot creamy load into my mouth and throat I swallowed every single drop of it and keep sucking him. I was surprised that he didn’t go completely soft and soon was hard.
But this time I made him get on top of wrapping my legs around his waist and had him slide his cock into my wet gurly-boi-pussi and did I made him go slow as we kissed passionately. Well he made slow passionate love to me for about an before we came I loved it when he filled my gurly-boi-pussi full of his cum. We laid there a few minutes catching our breathe and kissing. Then were getting dressed when he asked what we were going to tell Mom. I said don’t worry about it and kissed him.
Well we got back home from the walk . Mom asked him if I showed him around town good he said oh yeah very good stuff that I could only image about. She said that she bet I did. I said that I didn’t mean to be rude but I was going to go take a bubble bath.

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