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Silent agreement continues

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As you can imagine the last fuck inside the water slide was something special. It could have been the most embarrassing moment of my life but it turned out to be an awe experience. After this I knew we would continue to have sex but how would alway come up as a random coincidence. There was barely a chance to force it. Otherwise we would have needed to talk about it and most of the time my parents were around anywhere. Knowing this I just needed to be on my guard waiting for an opportunity. And it was hell. Every time I saw my sister in her yoga panties or her skirt I was getting aroused and she loved to tease me. One time when we went shopping instead of using the other door on the car, she used mine instead just to sit down for a brief moment on my hips, squeezing her ass deep down to my penis. She bent over as much as she could and sometimes she would let me have a glimpse under her skirt by laying on the floor in the living room and let it fall back on her stomach. It was terrible. I always went over to beat her up but then she just run away giggling and laughing. After two weeks of this torture there would finally my chance to release myself… But not as you may expect. My sister really enjoyed to make me suffer and on a Friday after school she got an hour off earlier. So both of us were able to take the same school bus. You have to know that there are only two for a whole school and if you are not getting picked up by your parents you would have needed to squeeze yourself with everyone elese into the bus. But I was prepared.The last lesson I had was sport. And to be in first line of the bus stop I had to skip changing so I was wearing my short indoor trousers but it was no issue since it was warm inside anyway. I was in the first line when the bus arrived and just when he opened the yellow door I pushed in and aimed for the first and place in the bus. It was right behind the driver. A single seat! I just barely made it when a bunch of 5 class kids swarmed the bus….and my sister was in between them. She saw me and pushed herself over to me. It was a 30 minute drive until our stop would appear and so she asked “Tony can I sit with you?”… “well where? There is no space!?”… “oh come on, I’m your sister just let me sit on your hips”… Well this went over for like 2 minutes before I agreed. So as I said I was wearing a short sport trouser that is very thin and my sister was wearing a short skirt and some tights. When she sat down I could immediately feel her warm body. Her ass cheeks pressing down on my legs and… Of course my dick that was laying in between of my inner legs. She had put my back on the side of the seat so it was covering us from the side and then she was holding her own on top of her legs so it was covered too. No one could have seen what she started then. When the bus started I couldn’t control myself after all she had teased me for weeks and when I felt her butt I was getting erected. She was giggling and when I asked “what’s so funny?” she said “nothing but this is going to be a good drive home, thanks for letting me sit here. I will get you something for it”…so we were sitting and drivkng for 5 minutes with me having a semi erected penis when my sister started to shake her ass and hips slowly. Oh God and she did well she was rubbing and digging herself deep down into the my hips and if my dick wasn’t ready before he was rock solid now. The vibrations from the bus weren’t helping either and so shortly I started to feel the tickling on the tip of my dick getting stronger… I wanted to say something but I knew if I would it may would be over forever. But I also was getting nervous since I knew what would happen… I would jizz in my pants and it might be able to be see3on the outside as a wet spot… People would laugh about me! It would be the end of my school career it hell was my sister doing good. I grabbed around her hips. Holding her tight, thinking that this would stop her but she must have interpret this as our silent agreement and start to squeeze harder and move much more forward and backwards as before. It was still 2p minutes left of drive and I knew I wouldn’t make it. So I decided if I cum fast it may would dry before we reach our destination and so I let it happen. Sitting on a bus chair and my sister moving her ass in a circles and forward or backwards.. The tingling went fast into waves of orgasm coming to a point where the build up started.. It was awefull good. I started to move myself too. And then I was edged to the maximum, the point of no return was reached … SHOT!… I starded to pump… I was so embarrassed and released on the same time. My sister stopped too when she felt my throbbing dick. And so both of us were watching to leave the bus… Hell was I scared that someone would see that I jizzed in my pants but my plan was successful and it was dry enough to leave with no one noticing what happened.
But this is not the end as you may think. My sister was aroused too… We went home and my parents were not there. Just a note that both of them went buying groceries and wouldn’t be here in the next two hours. Both of us looked each other. Knowing that we would have 2 hours for Sex…whas this the moment when the silent agreement would be a erased and we would just fuck?…. Nope. My sister said “oh cool” and left to her room. I was quiet disappointed but I wasnt in control of the situation since I jizzed on the bus. I wanted to take a shower anyway but before I could my sister was screaming after me – I went upstairs to see tbat she had got rid of her tights but she also looked angry “did you stole my phone charger?” I didn’t now what she was taking about “I… I don’t know.. No?!” – “oh I’m sure you did and you will say me were it is now or I will beat you up!”… I was scared and said that I don’t know when she grabbed her pillow and run me over. I felt on the ground and she was sitting on me. Squeezing the pillow into my face! I screamed: ” stoop!! I can’t breath! ” I tried to crawl backwards and in the process my trousers was sliding down until the point my genitals were full exposed. This was the moment she pushed the pillow back into my face and sat her pussy directly on my dick. Starting to rub herself again in circles like she did on the bus. I went immediately hard and a short moment later my tip and then my full dick was completely controlled by her inside pussy. It really happened so fast. And I was also really fighting for air. She was thrusting up and down as fast as a machine. She was moaning very loud. She must have needed that for at least as long as me. Thrusting and thrusting over again. Her walls were hot, moistured bit also demanding to grab my dick stronger and stronger. I was about to cum when I expirienced her orgasm….her wall started contractions every time she pushed back down. There was no way to hold back longer and with her final push I was exploding! I was moaning also loud out but she pressed the pillow immediately on my face… I was gasping for air and pumping my load… This was so strange… She started to grind me for a little more before getting up. I felt my dick pulling out and the pillow moving. I immediately started to gasp for air when she said “oh here is my charger, sorry brother *giggle*” can you please move out of my room now.. So I stood up getting my pants back on and went to the shower.

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  • Reply Norvin ID:64spuyhd9i

    That’s really hot !

  • Reply WARREN KEGLER ID:fzq5oov9i

    how young is your sister and was that the only time you had time for each other?

    • Tony ID:8bw2xrpzri

      She is two years older than me. I was 14 and she 16 at the moment.

      There is more, just read my story how everything started