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Seduced by Aunt Mary

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As I went near her she started to give me hard kissing. She gave me a long 2 minutes of smooch. We lost our control. Oh…..ye…..

Hey! Today I am sharing my first ever experience of sex. All name of characters are changed. I am a teen boy with full of energy.

Its were the days after my board exams. I was waiting of that Tuesday when my mom and sister were leaving for two week to my maternal uncle’s house for summer vacation. I had not masturbated from 2 weeks to do that on Tuesday. I had a plan to watch porn video of Brandi, Lisa, Mia, etc and to masturbate. And other good thing was that my dad too was leaving from Tuesday to next months for a business trip.

On the early morning, my dad leaved from home. It was around 12 P.M of Tuesday and I was in my room. My mom told me that I had to come with her to aunt Mary house.

Me: But why ?

Mom: She had some problem with her laptop so as you are best I this job Aunt Mary requested me.

‘The plan made was such that my mom will drop to Aunt mom and my mom will go directly to uncle’s home. After completion of work Aunt Mary will drop me back to my home.’

At sharp 2 Pm I rang the door bell of Aunt house. As the door opened I could see Aunt Mary clearly. She is 5’4″ with big boobs and very tight ass. She is nearly of 31 to 33 of age. She had the most sexiest and erotic face, boobs, ass, belly, legs and arms.

She was in T-shirt and shorts. Her waxed arm and legs weee so sexy that I could even lick for whole day.

Aunt: Hey! Look who is here? Smit my boys come inside.

Me: Thanks aunt Mary.

(We walked inside the living room and she gave a glass of pineapple juice)

Me: Great juice. I loved it.

Aunt: Thanks. So how is your day going?

Me: Great and how is yours?

Aunt: Great but feeling alone as my husband is one business trip for a month and my 7 year old son has also went to his uncle’s home for two weeks.

(After listening this I just danced in my mind.)

Me: Oh! Hmm

Aunt: Welcome great. So far so good.

(She handed me her laptop)

Me: There are some bug fixation issue and software problem. I can do that but it may take 3 hours.

Aunt: Okay. So let start doing. I would make some snacks after 2 hours for my boy….

(She started to close all pf windows, doors and curtain auch that not even a fly can enter or see into house.)

Aunt: You will feel hot here. Let come to my bedroom where A.C is on.

Me: Okay fine.

(We both went to her bedroom.)

Her bedroom was so big and have a king size bed. There was a good fragrance smell in her room which make the mood romantic. She said me do work on bed and she would go to bathroom for a bath.

After a few minutes I listened a trimming sound. I thought the she is trimming her hair from arms, legs, body and armpit.

After 6 minutes, she called me and said that she had forgotten her towel and clothes outside so I would come near to bathroom’s door and give it to her. I only find a towel, a red bra and red panties. I said nervously to her that I only found that much of stuff. She said it is enough now. She opened the door only 15% that I can only see her face and half of arm.

I handed that stuff to her but accidentally the bra fell out on the floor. She opened door about 35% and bend over to get that bra. I was feeling OH MY GOD! She was fully naked. But could see only her cleavage and her full naked back as it happened speedily.

I returned to bed and I was still in shock and embarrassed. After few minutes Aunt Mary came out only covering her body from knees to boobs with towel. I was super horny at that moment that in cold temperature I started sweating. She was the best Milf I ever watched in my life.

She started to massaging her body with lotion. She was still in towel. She asked me to close my eyes for a bit of minute. After 2 minutes I opened my eyes and now she was in sleeveless black tit t-shirt and very small and tit shorts. I found that red bra and panties over bed. I thought she changed it with other but when she bent slight their were no bra wearing. She started combing her hair and then came on bed and set near me just a gap of 12 centimetres.

Aunt: So how much time it would take now ?

Me: 2 hours more but now I had to do anything by my own. It will auto updated within 2 hours.

Aunt: So what you will do for 2 hours?

Me: Just wait it to happen.

Aunt: Are you feeling tired? Did you want yo sleep?

Me: Some want tired. I would sleep for an hours

Aunt: Great. I am also feeling sleepy. Let sleep for an hour.

Me: okay! But were were is the room that I would go to sleep.

Aunt in very horny way: Oh baby! This is your room. You can sleep hear.

We both started to sleeping. She was sleeping side to me. Although the bed was big but she sleep close to me. I was clearly seeing her back, beautiful naked legs and tit ass.

I was feeling to horny to fuck her but I controlled. After few seconds I tried to get much closer to her. As she moved her legs, her one round and smooth ass touched my erected dick. I was getting more horny. Then she changed her body direction towards me.

As she was not wearing bra her right boobs was trying to get out. Her t-shirt was thin so her hard nipples were seen clearly. There become a bump on my pants of my hard erected virgin dick. She was so close that I can even smell her body odour. It was great and creamy.

I tried to call her name but she didn’t gave response so I tried to put my hands on her belly and boobs. There was still no response thus I tried to kiss on her lips. As I put on lips on her lips she suddenly opened my eyes and slapped on my face very hard.

Aunt: What the fuck you are doing with me. You bloody fucking boy.

Me nervously: Sorry, it might happened accidentally.

Aunt: Don’t try to tell lie. I have to call your parents.

(As she took out her phone. I grabbed her hand to stop her. She slapped me even more harder than first one.)

Aunt: Okay I will not tell anybody but do me a favour.

Me: What? Favour?

Aunt: Come near me! Come.

Me: but why?

Aunt shouted angrily: I said come!!

As I went near her she started to give me hard kissing. She gave me a long 2 minutes of smooch. We lost our control. Our saliva was mixing with each other which was so much sexy feeling. I passionately removed her tee and I was press her huge boobs with hard hard nipples. The boobs milk started dripping. I squeezed more tit fully that she screamed in horny way. We both kissed each other on lips, cheeks, neck, chest and even ears too. The room was full of sound of uummm….ahhhhhh.ooyyeeee…..fuckme….fuckme…….yeeeee.yyeeee….uuuuhhhhmmmm……………

We are in 69 position as she took my semi erected penis in her mouth to suck and I put my hand on her round dome shaped ass. Now I started kissing her labias as my cock has become hard in her mouth, she is sucking my cock like a pro as I put my fingers on her labias to open her vaginal mouth. Now my tongue is inside her vagina as my fingers have opened the inner hole for love. I love licking vagina of matured lady as its flexibility is high and her depth can be exploited easily with your long tongue. So Mary has put her tongue on my cock and licking its shaft to glans but she is more excited in running the glans on her soft face and her tongue. My cock is in full erection as Mary took it again in her mouth to suck and my tongue is licking her glory hole.

Mary is on bed like a bitch, her knees and elbows have made the position as I am sitting behind her bum. I put my cock on her vagina and slowly guided it inside her vagina, a lady of 34 years with a hot figure is swinging her ass fast to enjoy my dick in her cunt. I am penetrating it fast as my cock is not hitting her inner depth, she is in physical act for 22-23 years and her vaginal flexibility as well as depth is more than my cock’s length and grith. While fucking her with my 7-8 inches long and 2 inches thick cock, I am hitting her vagina as she is moving her ass fastly. Looking at me, she screamed……. “Oohh uuummm Smit fuck me hard, I will pour my vaginal juice soon. ” And I struck her vagina hardly as she poured cum inside. Now I took out my long cock as I pushed my tongue to lick her cum. After a while, she slept on bed and I started fucking her in missionary position. My penis is running at great speed inside her smooth vagina as I leaned on her hot body to fuck her hard. Mary started moving her ass up and down to enhance our sexual pleasure. My penis is fucking her with speed as well as power as she is moving her ass fast. Now her vagina is in fire as my penis is fucking her for 10-12 minutes, she started screaming in pleasure….. “Oohh Smit now cum inside my hot vagina aahh oohh uumm.

As she put my hot juicy dick in her mouth it just exploded with a huge bulk of cum. Her whole face was filled with my hot cum. Cum was on her face, lips, cheeks, neck, boobs and hair. Then I slept on her top while leaving my penis in her vagina for an hour, then we slept like a hot couple.

After two hours for my life best sleep with Aunt Mary We both wake up. It was around 5:30 PM. We both were naked and filled with each other cum. Then we both take bath together and their we also do 69 and more.

Around 6 PM we both were in her bedroom and taking some snakes, juice and icecream. We both spread icecream on each others face and were licking it very hard.

Aunt Mary: Hey Baby; How are you feeling right now? Did you want more?

Me: Best day of my life my naughty aunt.

Aunt Mary: Hey don’t call me aunt from now. Call me by my name or anything there sweet name like baby, darling, hotty, sweety, cutie, sexy.

Me: Oyeee

The plan was made that for 2 weeks I will stay at her home and will do daily sex. For two hours my mouth and lips were sucking her wet pussy. She ordered dinner from hotel. In her kitchen we both take dinner naked. It was such a great feeling.

On that Night ? we don’t had sex because my penis and her pussy was tired but we whole night licked, massaged, kissed, sucked eachothers sexy body.

In morning I went to my house at 5 AM when all were sleeping and secretly cam to Mary’s House with my backpack full of my clothes and other stuff. I made coffee and french toast for her to surprise her.

With breakfast I went to the Bedroom. Darling was sleep naked which was amazing look. I wake up her by kissing on her lip. It was morning kiss so it had bad odour but I liked that too. She was surprised and give a long 5 minutes of smooch.

After all regular stuff. We planned about want to do for 2 weeks without getting tired. We decided to do all the categories of porn like femdom, slave, fetish, pissing, squirting, female friendly, massage session and all other naughty stuff.

Second Day:

We both watched about 100 of different types of pornography.
I teached her all position and categories. She teached me how to date a girl? How to impress a girls? What a girls likes most? How to makeup to a girl?
She made a chocolate milkshake made up of her boobs milk. It was different but it was the best milkshake I ever drink.
We ordered some naught stuff from online like dildo, vibrator, condoms, lubricant, fleshlight, bondage outfit, strapons, leapord outfit, police and maid outfit.
Role play Day:

The first role play was of horny milf cop.
She led me handcuffed and humiliated me with wip and slaps.
The the humiliation changed into sex.
Girlway Day:

Mary weared me a bra and panty with making my lips red.
She waxed my legs, penis, ass, chest, abdomen, armpits and back but not my hands as that no one can notice that.
We played as we are lesbians.
Femdom Day:

That Day was been remembered. When I was tied with handcuffs and rope on bed for most of the time.
Mary brought strapons and lubricant to fuck my ass hard.
From that day my ass small gate become bill gates of ass.
She fucked me in all position. In night she putted a long disco vibrator in ass and started jumping on my penis. It was such a deep pain.
Piss Day:

We decided to drink each other pee. We both filled two glass of eachother piss.
First time we mixed some sugar and pineapple juice to drink in first time.
It was some how salty but I loved it . She used me as an toilet for that day.
Incident happened on Sunday:

The day was passing great that at 4PM a hot aunty came to Mary’s House. She was also much sexy as Mary but her boobs were double of Mary’s Boobs. She was Petty. She was ebony with dark hair.

Mary get me to me side and said me a secret that she is Bisexual (love both men and women.) and unmarried (single). She warned me to not try on her.

We were in living room and then conversation started.

Petty: So how is this cute little guy?

Mary: He is my friend son, living for a couple of day as he is alone at home.

Petty: So wants your age my boy? I think you are 15 right?

Me: No, I am 18.

Petty: But you look too young and hot.

Me: Thanks

Mary: So why are you here today? Any special?

Petty: Actually I am house some sort of renovation is carrying which create a lot of noise. So can I have a sweet sleep of here of few hours?

Mary: Oh! I see… Its our house. You can stay here.

Petty begin to sleep in Guest room. After 30 minutes Mary and I was feeling bored. Mary asked me a challenge to do. She gave a challenge to kiss that ebony petty in her sleep but if I will be caught Mary will not take any responsibility.

I entered her room her room. Petty was in nightwear which was too short. Her chocolatty cleavage was so sexy. I kissed her about 6 seconds, as she was in deep sleep she didn’t reacted.

After Mary give me one more challenge to lick her boobs and pussy. I also licked her black dark chocolatty boobs. Then it comes to pussy. As i removed her blue panty slightly I could see a Black cave covered with wild forest. Petty has not shaved her pussy from about couple of months. It was smelly like a fresh fish which made my mind super erotic. I licked her pussy for about a minute and there was still no reaction.

After a hour passed and I remembered that i forgot to wear the panty again to Petty’s genital part. Petty was awake when i entered her room but she was not knowing that she was not wearing any panty.

In evening Petty began to leave from Mary’s House. After She left from there. We both take a breath of relax. We give each other again a 15 to 20 minutes of smooch. Then we started our daily routine of sex.

We had sex in morning to till night and to late morning. One day we bath with each other pee, it was such an amazing and salty feeling.

The Last day come when I was going back to my home as my mom was coming tomorrow. So I was leaving my day early to clean the hoish and to feel look like that I was in house from 2 week.

Mary and me had a plan that if we both had free time when there is no one at home we would do sex. Daily or alternatively we will meet each other and kiss each other for some 10 to 15 minutes to start or end our day.

As I reached my home I opened my backpack. Deep under that bag there was a blue stuff which was not mine. It take it out. OH MY GOD, IT WAS THE PETTY’S BLUE PANTY AND BRA. Panty and bra was filled with Petty’s vaginal smell. There was also a letter, I read it.

“”Hey! My boy, I Petty. I am knowing that you kissed me and sucked my boobs and pussy. It was a great feeling for me first time to me to have teen boy licking my pussy. You don’t know where I am living but I know you. I am living in tenant A-116 which is just 5 blocks away from your house. My number is 843000XXXX. I will wait for your call my little sturd boy. Your sexy ebony milf is waiting for you. Bye?????????””

My mind just blown out. Now I had two great sex Partners.

On that day I and Petty also had a sex. PETTY’S sex story is coming in farther days, so stay tuned to my stories and this website.

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      No bro we were getting safe sex. And from that day I or she ever gets time when no one is there in home we enjoy. As her husband always went to another country for many months and on an avg he comes to home for 10-20 days a year. So She want sex, so I was there to give her satisfaction.

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