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sangyogita raped by sultan ghori

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rape of sexy booty sangyogita by ghori after defeating chauhan

“I am ghori. We have come for one thing: the Queen.”

jumped, wondering what on earth the attackers wanted with her. ghori continued, “Your beauty is spoken of throughout the land. I have come to take you.”

“To-… To take me where?” sangyogita stuttered, worry blooming in her mind.

“Right in this throne room!” yelled ghori. “Men, tie up the king!”

The barbarians charged, grabbing prithvirraj arms before he could even reach for his sword. sangyogita jumped to his feet, and made a dash for the exit. However, ghori was on sangyogita before sangyogita was halfway there.

ghori grabbed sangyogita around her waist, and physically picked her up, slinging her over his broad shoulder, so sangyogita was facing behind him. he held sangyogita with one muscular arm around her waist, with his hand resting on her round sexy fat butt. His other arm was holding her legs, keeping her from kicking at him. sangyogita could feel his hand squeezing and kneading her hot round butt.

sangyogita could hear the others tying up her husband as ghori carried her to the bedroom. ghori set her down roughly, in front of him. “Move, and I will kill him,” said the great sultan ghori

sangyogita was facing him, from only a couple of feet away. ghori stood almost a head taller than her, so she was left staring at his bare chest. He smelled like sweat. ghori grabbed her long blue saree with both hands, and simply tore it in half. sangyogit”s pink colour panty and transparent peticoat made ghori crazy.
sangyogita: please aisa mat karo sultan.
ghori: saali randi jabse tujhe dekha hai tera rape karna chahata tha…

ab dekh saali teri aisi chudai karunga ki tu subah uth bhi nahi paegi.

sangyogita: nahi plase
sangyogita bhagne lagi
ghori ne sangyogita ko jabardasti apne majboot baho me utha liya and threw her on bed.ghori ripped her blouse,peticoat,bra and panty.
One moment sangyogita was clothed, the next she was completely naked in the middle of the room. they were about ten feet away from the where prithviraj was tied on wall, with ghori standing next to the sangyogita.

ghori looked around at the leering faces, then back to ghori. ghori looking down at sangyogita, his gaze greedily drinking in her naked body. sultan ghori grabbed sangyogita wrists, forcibly moving her hands away from where they were covering her. sexy babe sangyogita tried to fight back, but his grip was like steel. He had such power…
ab sangyogita samjh gayi thi ki wo chudne wali hai aur uska buri tarah se balatkar hoga.

wo sexy awaz me rone lagi.
ghori: ro mat meri rani tera to puri raat chudai karunga
.ghori untied his loincloth, and it fell to the floor. sangyogita couldn’t stop herself from glancing down towards his cock. It was enormous. It was still soft, hanging towards the ground, but it was already huge, both in girth and length.

He stepped towards me, and I was even more sharply aware of my complete vulnerability, and pushed on my shoulders, pushing me to her knees on the thick carpet. He grabbed his meaty cock with one large hand and fed the tip of it into my gaping mouth.

ghori: saali , is chote se bedroom me kya hoga…tera wo golden bedroom kaha hai

sangyogita rote hue baayi aur ishara kiya

tabhi ghori ne kaha” aaja meri rani” aur sangyogita ka ek haath kichte hue uske nangi sexy body ko apne kandhe pe utha liya.

aur ghori ne baki musalim soilders se kaha” iske namard pati ko goldenbedroom me leke aao…usko bhi to pata chale ki ek sexy hindu maal ka kaisa balatkar hota hai ek musalman sultan ke lund se.

sangyogita; please mujhe chor do

tabhi ghori ne sexy sangyogita ko golden bedroom me leja ke bstar pe patak diya

ghori ne uske haath pao nahi bandhe kyunki sultan jaanta tha ki sexy hindu maal kuch nahi kar sakti

prithviraj ko musalman sainiko ne wall pe bandh diya

ghori : dekh saale bola tha na teri patni ki chut marunga….saali teri biwi to maal hai

phir bhori ne berehmi se sangyogita ke sexy red lips ko kiss kiya aur daat se kata…boobs pe kiss kiya,neck pe kaata, kamar pe kiss kiya….sangyogita ki sexy choout chati aur uski fat round gaand ko chat chat ke bhiga diya.
phir ghori ne puri raat sangyogita ki chut me apna lund daal kar chodne laga….ghori ne sangyogita ki gaand bhi choda..

na chahate hue bhi sangyogita ki 5 bar choot ka paani choot gaya.
ghori ne apna sperm 10 baar se bhi jyada sangyogita ki vagina me chor diya tha.

sultan ghori thak gaye the aur sangyogita ki nangi badan ke upar he so gaye.

subah hui to ghori ne ek aur baar sangyogita ka rape kiya aur sangyogita shrm ke maare lala ho gayi…..uski pyaari sweet choot se pani tapak raha tha.

isi tarah kai saal tak sangyogita ka jabardast balatkar hota rah aur ghori ki baccho ki maa ban gayi.

Ghori took raped sanyogita on his shoulder and rode his horse to afghanistan later.
later ghori told sangyogita how much he loved fucking and raping her sexy gorgeous body.

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    Write in more detail about Prithviraj-Sanyogita love-lust history and Muhammad Ghori defeating Prithviraj and fucking Sanyogita in front of her chubby Chauhan hubby!

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      Tum sirf likh sakte ho… Rajputo se shadi krke kuud rhe ho lawdo…Asli kshtriya se pala pda to apni beti aage krdi thi tumne…
      Travancore main abhi bhi lete h tumhari hum mullio 🤣 Riwaz h wnha ka ..or Rajput se yaad aaya..Suna Bappa Rawal ne maa chodi thi tumhari katuo to tumne 100 ladkiyan byah unse 🤣🤣

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    Am an upper middle class Indian wife and mother , from Kolkata, am 33 yr old ! Accidentally came across this story, and couldnt stop writing ! A very similar incident has happened with me recently ! Very very similar where I have also been forced throughout the night ! The story is almost too real for me !

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    Decide for a language and stick to it

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      Hey mother fucker…king Chauhan defeated ghori 16 times and in 17 th time chauhan killed ghuri in archer practice in battlefield…

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