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One afternoon

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Several years ago when I was still trying to appear straight , my girlfriend thought I was Bi and knew that I sucked and I wanted her to watch me have sex with a man or more,
One day while she was at work I went to the bookstore about noon time. This store was near Brownsville TX, and most of the clientele were Mexican Which was OK with me I was looking for brown meat, I love to have sex with Mexican men I love their big uncut cocks.
this book store had a cover charge to go back and the videos ran continuously two large rooms with big screens and many booths two of which had glory holes, I had been to this place many times and always got some cock, not always great but sometimes out of the world.
On this day the place was pretty busy and I wandered around checking out the available men. One man caught my eye medium height fit about 40 and I went in to a booth waving him to follow me, I sat down on the bench and he stepped in front of me and I undid his jeans and pulled his semi hard cock out. he was about 6 or 7 inches not thick and uncut, I started sucking his cock and taking it all there way inside my mouth and swirl my tongue around as I stroked his cock with my mouth, it didn’t take long before he was cumming in my mouth.
After he left I went out to the pool room to smoke a cigarette. while there I saw a young guy come in a foxy young man with wide shoulders and a chest to die for, dark skin and light eyes. I followed him around a bit . I came up behind a whispered in his ear that I wanted to suck his dick. He fallowed me into the booth and I went down on him like there no tomorrow I was so turned on by this big latino uncut cock slamming into my mouth, he pulled out of my mouth before he came said it was to soon, Wow what a bummer I really wanted to taste his cum.
One of the rooms with a glory hole opened and I slipped in there before some other cocksucker beat me to it. I pulled my pants down and started to jack myself . It didn’t take long before some one entered the other booth, I was watching as he was rubbing his crotch and I stuck my finger in the hole and he pulled a white cock about 6 inches and cut, and even I really wanted brown uncut dick I stroked him until he was hard and I sucked him until he loaded a big load into my mouth, as he slammed into the wall tying to fill me up. . After he finished I sat there stroking my coke the next came in pulled his cock out and stuck it through the hole and I grabbed that big uncut cock and took it right into my mouth. I was in heaven here I was sucking my forth cock of the day and already I had taken two loads of cum in my mouth. I was sucking and he was fucking me back, and all of a sudden he tenses up and shoot a big gob of really strong pungent cum in my mouth and I swallowed all I could and some leaked out and ran into my beard. Wow I had to take a break so I went to smoke a cigarette.
after a cigarette and a bottle I went back walking around and play grab ass with a couple of a got in to a very passionate kissing session with a couple of men I walked to one of the viewing rooms and saw this bigger Latino man jacking off, when he saw me he covered up and went and stood next to him and reached and started rubbing his cock . He took his cock out and I stroked it a couple of times he was uncut about 7 inches I knelt in front of him and took his cock all the way down and just waited a second before I started to bob up and down on his hard cock, By this time there were a couple of men watching me suck this man’s cock and this just turned me on even more. As I was still sucking I reached over a grabbed one of the other men’s dick and rubbed on him til he pulled his cock out and I stroked him as I was sucking . The other grabbed my ass and started to pull my pants down, The first guy spasmed and came in my mouth. I turned to the guy I was stroking and took his decent size uncut cock into my mouth by this time there were several guys crowding around want to be in on this, Two men were fingering my asshole and then some one stuck a cock in my ass hole I couldn’t see who was fucking my ass as I was sucking a hard cock and I both hands full of cock. Just then the dick in my ass sped up pounding as the one in my mouth shot off and the man in my ass came and flooded my ass with cum, I was going wild and I was shooting my cum all over the place . As soon as this guy pulled out of my ass I grabbed a man a took his cock in my mouth as a new man stuck his cock in my ass and really went to town on my ass as I was sucking a cock and hand jobbing two others guy After ass man number 2 finish fucking me I rolled over I knew I couldn’t take a third fucking like that I loved it but to much of a thing you you know. I finished this guy and he shot all in my face I finished the last 2 guys with my hands and let them shoot in my face and I licked up all their cum I could . I was spent my jaws were sore I;m not sure for how many cocks I sucked that day but I was full of cum and had cum all over in my face dripping thru my beard all over my chest.. As I was leaving I asked the clerk for a water he gave me one free and told that he had watched some of what I was doing and had taken some pics and I told him next I come in I give him a blowjob and he gave me a couple of free passes, he took my emailed and sent me the pics he had taken,.
By this time it was late and when I got home me GF wanted to know where I had been and I had been to the bookstore and had sex with more men then I could remember, She didn’t believe me so I showed her the pics of me sucking cock and being fucked I told her every detail I could remember and she got so turned on that she agreed to go with me to watch me,
A couple a nites later we went to the bookstore and and my friendly clerk was there and I asked in front of her if he wanted a blowjob and he said hell and called the other girl clerk up front and told I was going to suck his cock while my GF watched, He was Latino kinda tall and slender mid thirties I sat down in a chair with GF next to me and I slowly undid his belt and pants and his pants and nobbled his cock thru his tighty whiteys I pulled his soft big uncut cock and stroked a few times as I licked the tip as he rose to all his glory at 9 inches I was speechless such a nice dick and all for me, I took him into my mouth and sucked as hard as I was able to. My head was swimming here I was with a perfect man fucking my face while a woman was watching me. what bliss eventually he was asking if it was OK to cum in my mouth, I grabbed his ass and pulled him in closer and held him there as he shoot several gobs of cum into my mouth. I pulled back and turned to her and showed her my mouth full of cum and swallowed and showed her that I had swallowed it all down,
she said I guess you really are a cocksucker. After that I am committed to gay suck and haven’t with a woman in over 18 years.

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  • Reply James ID:bj24adqfi9

    Great sexy hot cum soaked story!

  • Reply E ID:bo2qeorqk

    Breeders just don’t get it lol I fucked my ass so good I almost passed out last night!