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night adventures

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with her hands start put down her underpant i understand what want now my slut sister and like a good brother i must give her

A very hot night of august even and windows full open i couldnt sleep but my cock had hit red of erection i was 10yearsold but with dad died of cancer and to be in same house with a mature woman my mom vanessa 45yearsold brunete wiith huge breast my dream and every each other man and two sisters anna 18yearsold same like our mom doesnt need explain and tina 15yearsold blonde 1,70height round midsize breast and two sisters athletic body beacause of action with voleyball i had discover masturbate early with other worls i masturbate too often with my sisters in mind like tonight i was wearing only a white underpant.
After a big pleasure i had the need of water and i raise of bed to go kitchen for water when i pass outside of my sisters room door was full open what luck is this i was thinking and i choose to take a look at my sisters tina howewer it was big girl now from little girl she put a nightlight inside their room the light was enough to can see my sisters in right bed was anna was lying down with her belly and she wears only a blue bras and red underpant not many things to see but the best was tina when i lose anything and i had a erection she was with her back but her breast was free and she was only with a white underpant this was a fantastic deal to see a girl halfnude of near but with a little fear of course.
With slow working i get to tinas bed i clomb to her bed from end now i was in frond of her long legs she have them close but it was enough her underpant give me the sight of a nice cameltoe my cock had hit red of erection again with my hand i open them a little because we havent big area because her bed was close in wall i put his left leg stand in wall then i put in one side her underpnant reveals me a sweet smeling hairless pussy before we had doing bath and i know my sisters take care their selfs and girls in this age had hair in some areas looking at bedtable opposite her bed there are sleeping peels i havent idea that she take peels and looking her pussy i decide to play with it starting rub her lips with my firgers it was so soft but tina start to moan and start to say tom finaly you come you misse me so mush tom was her boyfriend but they divive before one month she now still want him.
Come tom i havent fucked for one month after we divive all this i rub her pussy it starting become wet and to see how mush remembering some porns i had seen with my friends i put a finger inside her and start my finger in out her pusy doing her moan more strong i have forget anna that sleep some meters from us but she was there without moving i must dream because only in my dreams can be happening this then tina with her hands grab me behing of my head and she put my face near her fresh smelling balding pussy come tomy lick my pussy like you know i hadnt lick pussy again but with my mind in porns i start with soft bites and kisses play with her pussylips her hand behind my head keep me strong there to erase her night sexual desire while with other she play with her breasts then i use my hand to open her pussy lips and stick my tongue inside doing her to rise her back a little with a big moan.
This moment i fear that they catch me but nothing and sudenly feel liguids to coming in my mounth she was ready to cum i wanted to taste them and i open my mounth tina when she explonde grab me stronger than before with result a lot of cum fell in all my face and she was again normal to bed she let my head but with her hands start put down her underpant i understand what want now my slut sister and like a good brother i must give her i help her put it down all and i left it fall in floor tina with her hands play with her pussy and tell how mush she want me inside her i also put down my underpant i force away her hands of pussy and i let her right leg feel to floor now i had better view of her pussy and i start rub my cock in frond of her pussy then with her hands she put me above her and my cock this way stink in her pussy very easy and without push but with a little force because tina had face of pain and me face of pleasure of the first feeling of fucking a pussy and secont because my face with all her cum still above it was above her breast.
Her hands in my back give me a rythm of fucking her i start to push while our difference of height give me the pleasure to lick her niples where of the desire was hand i was in paradise with all these feelings where i could fee lmy cock slide in out her pussy and my balls start hiting her pussy while tina moaning like crazy she let my back and tell me that she want anal she rise her legs my sister was really slut i was thinking i rise from above her and my cock of her pussy and i taking him in frond of her hole under her pussy and start push it was more difficult to put him from pussy but i stick cockhead first tina get a face of pain to be gentry tomy first time i feel pain too mush tom cock was bigger from mine sure howewer i will be more gentry with my sister after cockhead i start push again my cock little little start slide in her ass while tina start moaning masturbate with her pussy all this sight of me fucking sister doing me want cum early i am ready to cum tina come and cum in my mounth tomy whatever you want with my knees i come near her face and she open her mounth and start take me blowjob her mounth was so warm.
I coulnt keep more and i feel my cock ready explode then like porn and she when keep me for take her cum i push her head from behind and she take all my cum inside her mounth i could feel her drink it how realy slut was my sister i thinking of inside me when i finish i let her head fell at bed sleeping again she had cum in her mounth it was sexy to let her in this contition but it was better and for good and bad to wipe her mounth and with paper that she has always with her i wipe my cum of her mounth i coudnt left her nude and help her put her underpant again but before i give
a kiss in her pussy and ass for the nice feelings i had i also put my underpant and go to door i give a last look to my sisters i wonder how anna dont wake up of tinas moans maybe i was very lucky i also not wipe my sister cum of my face but i taste it and it was tasty more stories with my slut sisters is coming,

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