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Mystery and Romance

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A couple of bookworms meet in the library…

She watched me reading after school, for months, but she just smiled, and looked down at her book, when I looked up. I wanted to go to her, talk to her, but I didn’t know what to say.

“What’cha reading?” I looked up, but she was standing right there, smirking?

“Uh,” I turned the cover over. “Forbidden Desires.” I shook my head. “It’s not that good.”

“Then why do you read it?” She sat down next to me, on the side of the chair. It was like the corner of a sectional, except for the fact that it was all alone on the end of the bookcase.

I shrugged, “I don’t know, I was thinking about maybe writing them when I grow up, like my dad.” I got up, but she just turned her lags, and sat down, right where I was sitting. I went right back to the Ws. Got my favorite one out. Well, it was my mom’s favorite.

“Pleasure on the High Seas?” She shook her head, “Your father’s Sara Walters?”

“Well, it’s a pen name.” I turned it over, to show their photo on the back. His arm around her in the bikini, the bright silk scarf wrapped around her her hips, like a skirt. So the sun shone through it, reflected off the water. I shook my head, “It’s easier to be taken seriously. I guess, nobody wants to read romances by Walter Pascoe.”

“Oh,” she nodded. “I mostly like mysteries, and there’s men, and women that write those.” She got some books out of her bag. “Agatha Christie.” For example.

“Well, my mom helped write this one, but. Well, it was the last one she wrote, before she died.”

“Oh!” She wiped the grin off her face, “Sorry.”

“Don’t be, it happened so long ago, I barely even remember her.” I held up the book, “But this is how I remember her best.”

“Pleasure on the High Seas, it sounds erotic. If you don’t mind me asking, how she died?”

“Huh, well she fell overboard. By the time he brought the boat around, it was too late, and she drowned. He tried to give her CPR, and even the crew.” I shook my head. “They didn’t have a defibrillator onboard. So, even with CPR, they couldn’t keep her alive until they got her back to shore.”

He never went sailing again, nor wrote another story like that. It broke his heart, so he never remarried either.

“Sounds like a good way to get away with murder.”

“He didn’t murder her. He never got over her death, and he’s never loved another woman like her. That’s why he writes romances, it’s all the lovelife he has left.”

“Well,” she took it, “I guess I’ll check it out, thanks.” Got up, and looked back, before she wandered off. “You coming?” Her hair slipped over her shoulder, revealing an eye, her nose, smirking lips, then her neck. It looked sunburned, it was so red, to match her cheek.

High cheekbone, without a spot of makeup, and green eyes sparkling like emeralds in deep red velvet.

“Huh, I never really got into romance,” she shrugged, as soon as she was done with checkout. “Novels, or movies, because you know there’s basically only 1 plot. Boy meets girl, he tries to win her, she’s reluctant because they have to pad it out to 4, or 5 hundred pages, he usually lies to her, or has some kind of secret. So, then she finds out, and leaves him until she starts to miss him. Then she forgives him, takes him back, or he makes some grand gesture. Then, he finally takes her in his arms, and kisses her. The end.”

“So, I guess you like a little mystery, so you can try to figure out who the murderer was, before the detective says it?”

She nodded, and laughed. “Okay, I guess they can be pretty formulaic too, but at least they can surprise me. With romance, you always know how it’s going to end, and the whole rest of the book is just beating around the bush until he kisses her.”

She stopped, out front, and turned around before I caught up. So suddenly, I almost ran into her, so I backed up, but she came after me. Looking up at me, I only took a step back to give her space, but she took 2 steps forward to come even closer.

“So,” she smiled, “Why don’t we just skip ahead?”


Elyse (f)

It’s a long story, over 600 pages, but one of the nice things about the neighborhood library is that they have books that are beyond Young Adult. So, instead of just getting her first kiss, on the last page, and ending on a sunset, they got to their honeymoon in the first 3 chapters.

Also, it wasn’t in 3rd Person Omniscient. I kinda liked that, first it started with him narrating, so he could declare his intentions right off the bat. Then, chapter 2 was her narrating their wedding. Stream of consciousness, so she could tell all about her feelings, her expectations, nervousness, and what her family thought about him, marrying her.

Especially her father, who sounded like one of those cock-blocking gate keeper dads. You know the ones that don’t want his little girl to grow up, so he treats her like a Princess. Which means locking her up in a tower, with a big dragon chained up in front of the gate. So, any suitors get burnt to a crisp, and gobbled up while they’re still smoking?

Only a modern interpretation of that. He never wrote about how he felt about his father in law, in fact he barely even mentioned him, but I imagine he was intimidating. Also, a dog owner, because dragons are so hard to get ahold of nowadays, but she sounded so lonely. Looking out of her window, and watching the dogs running around the yard.

Greyhounds, so they love to run, but she didn’t just hint at their real purpose. She came right out, and said it, they’re security. At least an alarm, because if anybody came to their yard to peek in the windows, they would at least bark. So, daddy could come running with his shot-gun to chase them off. Probably release the hounds to run them down like a rabbit, and hunt them in the woods, for daring to want just a look at his daughter.

“Huh!” I skipped ahead of the boring part, so I would have to get back to how he broke through these defenses, and somehow won her heart. Let me just say that my own father isn’t in the picture, and my mom is not that bad. She knows that I’m starting to itch in my panties, and it’s not just pubic hairs starting to sprout. I didn’t just scratch them either, but then there was another 4 boring chapters of Romance.

They turned out the light, on their honey moon night, and then she woke up refreshed. Satisfied, and just happy to see him there, next to her in bed. Listening to him breathing, he snored in the night, but then he turned over, so she could just hear him breathing, and that was the first thing, in the morning.

She heard his deep breathing, and opened her eyes. Blinked at the light shining in the hotel window, and then felt his shoulder. His arm, tracing the muscles of his triceps with her fingertips, but she didn’t shake him awake…

“Huh!” She really knew how to tease you, the reader. I’m pretty sure that they took turns writing chapters, and he was a good writer too. Talented, even back then, so he became successful, under the name Sara Walters. The name Sara large across the top of the cover, over Walters, somewhat smaller to fit it in. Raised in bas relief, so I had something to feel, holding it open, but I was expecting maybe some wake-up intimacy, when he woke up.

What I wasn’t expecting was her to get up, going to the window to pull the curtains, but instead of covering the small gap in the middle, she pulled them open. So, the sun shone in right in his eyes, and he woke up.

Chapter 8 started with him opening his eyes, so the first thing he saw was was her, standing there in the window. The sheer nightgown, and the shadow of her underpants, but no bra. She must have heard his breathing change, but he was turgid. Rolling back, so it stuck up, and rubbed the sensitive head under the heavy covers. The sheets so fine that you needed a linen tester just to see that there was in fact threads to count, and flashing back to the night before.

Getting her out of her wedding dress, the hooks, and loops down the back, like a massive bra strap, but strapless. She hadn’t worn a bra to show, anything. Then, the reception, the virginal white taffeta slipping up her matching tights, the garter slipping down, for him to throw over his shoulder to the waiting bachelors.

“Huh!” I shook my head, and flipped back, and forth, a few pages. They skipped the wedding night, just so he could flash back to the imagery? He’s very descriptive. Visually, he paints a picture, then splashes in things like sounds, and smells, but uses words like Indescribable. Broad strokes, he can’t describe the heavenly musk of a woman in love, ready for him. His newly wed wife, and the last thing between him, and her. Consummating it was the virginal white lace of her underwear, before it filled the room, his head, and made him dizzy with lust.

The blood rushing from his head to his groin… “Uh!”

Damnit! God damn you, Walter! I love it, but I hate him for teasing me like this. I know how it will end, he got it right out of the way, like the victim telling you in the beginning that he’s dead. Maybe an episode like Columbo where they show the crime, then start on how he figures it out after the first commercial break.

“HhuhH!” I can almost imagine him, his back, because in the photo, it’s just his front. Standing there in a speedo, flaccid with his arm up, so I can see the tantalizing line of hair down from his navel to his waistband, and oh yeah. She’s there in a bikini, and a sarong, too. Sarong it feels right, but I had to stop to pull my damp crotch out, and get my fingers wet. Slippery, and slick it up to my love button.

I put it down, it’s not one of those books I can’t put down, but damnit, they teased me so much that i had to do something. “Ethan, oh Ethan.”

He just kissed me, once out in the parking lot, then again after walking me home. I offered to let him in, to meet my mother, but he’s such a romantic. I suppose I have that, anticipation of what he’s going to come up with for our first real date. It wasn’t even a date, so it wouldn’t shed a really flattering light on me, if I let him go too far, when we only just met.

I wanted him to, touch me more, but he didn’t even hug me. Take me in his arms, as they say. He held mine, with my hands on his waist, and the knuckles of his thumbs barely brushed the sides of my bra, through my top. “Hhohohoh! Jesus! Huh, FUCK!” My knees clapped together, and I kicked out so hard, they hit the bedframe, but I couldn’t help it.

“Elly?” Mom knocked.

“Sorry mom!” I smelt the indescribable stink of my climax when I pulled my fingers out, “Huh!” And hunched when my panties snapped tight over my pubic hairs.

“Are you all right?” She tried the door-knob, but slowly. To give me a chance to roll over, and pull the covers over my legs. Cover myself, and snuggle my head in the pillow. The door knob stopped, turning like a killer sneaking into the poor scared victim’s bedroom, and my heart beat out of control. Even as the pleasure swirled around in my head, and drained from my body, just reminding me of the hot rush when it came over me.

“Huh, fine. I’m just fine I just. Huh!” Smiled, and closed my eyes, when she looked in, her nostrils flaring silently, as the scent of what I was doing in there hit her nose.

“Oh.” The book fell off the bed, when I moved to grab the covers, but she came in, and bent over to pick it up. “Huh!” She turned around, and sat down next to me. “Well, I suppose you’re a teenager now, so.” She read the cover, and shook her head. “Pleasure on the High Seas?” I pulled my arm out from under the sheet, and held it over my bare chest.

“So?” I took it, and held it up over my heart. “I’m getting into romance.”

She laughed. “That sounds a little raunchier than just romance.”

“Well, I’m almost 15, so. Yeah, it’s a little raunchier than just romance. He didn’t just kiss her, but.”

“Let me guess.” Her smirk turned into a dirty grin. “Pirates?”

“No, they’re married, and they went to the coast for their honeymoon.” The book was still bent open at the spine, so I didn’t lose my place. I just put it down on my bedside, open to save it for later. “I’m pretty sure they’re going sailing, he’s going to get a boat, but I haven’t gotten to that part yet. Just their wedding night, and the morning after. They just woke up.”

“Well,” she glanced at the spine. “I don’t suppose you checked it out from the school library.”

“No, the public library bye the school.” I took a deep breath, through my nose, and the lingering smell made my eyelids droop sleepily. “Huh, there was this boy there, and he gave it to me.”

“The one you’re kissing out front?”

I nodded. “Ethan.”

“He’s cute.”

“He’s also a romantic, so he just kissed me.” I felt my lips, with my dirty fingers, so the smell of sex got even stronger in my nose. “Snh! Twice, but he’s the one that’s got me into romance, and more than romance.”

“Well,” she got up, “At least it’s better than the morbid dark stories you used to read.”

“Uh!” I’m not going to stop, reading murder mysteries, any time soon.

“Be careful.” She turned back, taking the door knob, and pulling it slowly. “Most boys aren’t what they seem, so he might be playing the romantic, just to get in your pants.” I nodded. “At least make sure he’s not a serial killer, or something.”

“Mom, he’s not a serial killer. He’s too young, most of them don’t even start until college.”

“How young?”

“I don’t know, a junior, or senior? He doesn’t even like murder mysteries, just Romance.” It’s not like murder mysteries are a how to get away with murder, any more than romance is how to get in a young lady’s heart, but.

Okay, yeah. Maybe it does work like that, sometimes.

“Oh!” She finally pulled the door. “Good.”

Honestly, it’s driving me nuts. He could go a lot faster, if he wanted to, but I suppose that’s a good sign. It means that he’s not going to rush to nail me, then leave me to brag about it to his friends. If he even has any friends, but in a way, I suppose he’s more like me.

Our friends are books. Most kids go to the library to use the internet, or the free wifi, but not us. That’s what the library is for, and with E-books, we just might live long enough to see them become a thing of the past, but until then.

“Huh!” I picked up the book. “Where was I?” Scanning the page to find where I left off.

A long story short, he turned out to not be one of those men, that like to watch his wife with other men. Let alone other women, they were faithful to each other, but just to make it interesting. Not even a third of the way through the book. It turns out that what they both loved was other men, watching them make love.

She loved the attention, of course. She was beautiful, but knowing that isn’t as good as being told that, let alone being desired. For him, it was knowing that all those men were jealous. Desiring her, and knowing that they couldn’t have her. She was taken, and never had the chance to stray, because then she was dead.

“Huh!” That was the sad part, the part that he never got to, because it ended with them making love out on the deck. After making love in the window, overlooking all the men, looking up at her, and panting like hungry dogs. Then, they chartered a boat, and took it out, far enough over the still crystal clear water that she could take off her bikini, and suntan in the nude. Completely in the nude, wearing nothing but lotion, and the neatly trimmed heart shape she left in her pubes.

“Uh!” She shaved a heart in her pubes, for him. I had to laugh.

Too far out for any other boats, or ships to see her. You’d need a plane, and binoculars, but then there was the crew. Watching, but trying not to be seen watching them make love. So, every time she opened her eyes, and looked around, she saw them. Looking out portholes, or peeking over the railing of the top deck. Alone, and imagining them with their dicks out, spanking them madly even as they watched her ride her husbands.

“Hhuh, huhuhHuhuh. Uh, huh!”

I got my second orgasm, not even a half an hour after the first, reading that. Then, I put the book down. Finished, and satisfied, so I could finally reach up, and turn out the light…


^ I can go on, but I know how writing stories too long can turn some readers off. 😉

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