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My “Uncle” Bill’s Uncle’s War Story in Nam

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This is a war story that some middle-aged gentleman whom I met online, sending me his Uncle’s event in the Vietnam War.

Hey girl, I’d like to retell you a war story that my uncle told me years ago.

My uncle was a Sergeant in the Vietnam war.
He was in his late 30’s when this war story happened.
Stood over 6′ and weighed almost 200lbs, he was rugged, tough and strong with a big mustache.
He was handsome just like … me.

He and his men were ordered into a village to check if they were aiding the VC.
They entered the village and took all the people prisoner
All the villagers except the headman and his wife and 2 daughters were tied up
The head man and his family were taken to their house, tied up and made to
kneel in the center of the main room.
My uncle ordered 5 men to go with him; the rest were to guard the villagers
The headman was in his 40s, so was his wife, the daughters were 14 and 12
My uncle started to interrogate the dad about if they were helping the enemy
He kept denying helping the VC so my uncle beat him.
All during the beating the mother and 2 daughters were crying and screaming
and begging my uncle to stop and leave them alone.
When the dad wouldn’t talk, he ordered 2 of his men to take the mother away,
into the jungle.
He never said what happened to her except that she was screaming a lot and
then she just was quiet.
He said that after about an hour the 2 men came back to the village without her
My uncle said that both of the girls looked like china dolls.
So beautiful and petite and sexy.
Anyway, when the dad still wouldn’t talk, my uncle walked over to the older girl
and grabbed her by the hair, and dragged her away from the rest of her family.
She was screaming and trying to fight him but he was too big and strong, plus she was
still tied up.
He said that he kneeled down and pinned the girl’s legs with his own, her
hands were tied behind her back with parachute cord, very tightly.
He looked over at the dad and smiled as his men stripped the dad and retied him so that his hands were tied to the opposite ankle behind his back and then they forced him to kneel, fully exposing him to his daughters.
As the dad wept in shame, my uncle noticed that the younger daughter was secretly looking at her dad’s dick.
Then my uncle turned back to the older girl, just thinking of what he was going to get
to do to her was making his dick very hard.
He reached for her breasts with both his hands and started to feel and rub her
breasts through her clothes.
The girl started to scream and yell and fight him like a wild animal.
My uncle had to hit her hard several times until she was dazed enough to stop
fighting for a few minutes.
The dad was screaming and cursing, and begging him to stop and leave his
little girl alone
My uncle started to rip all of her clothes off her, one piece at a time and threw the
torn clothes into a pile in front of the dad and little sister
The girl started to realize what was going to happen to her and started to fight
again, but to no success
He reached down and grabbed a breast in each hand, started to pinch,
squeeze and twist her nipples very cruelly
The girl was screaming and crying in pain from this treatment and it just made
my uncle get more and more horny and rougher with her
When she started to try to wiggle away, my uncle slapped her hard across her face.
He smiled down at her and slowly started caressing her little body from her breasts down to her tummy and then down to her mound.
He said that her mound was lightly covered with short, soft little hairs and the sight of her almost bald pussy caused a passion to start in him.
He first ran his hands around to her slim little butt and squeezed and massaged her ass cheeks with both hands
He stopped playing with her ass and moved back to her pussy.
He ran his hand up and down the outer lips, stroking her from her mound, down to the crack of her ass, all the way to her little anus.
He said that after a few minutes of this she seemed to start getting turned on and started to squirm and moan between her tears and crying as he continued to add more pressure to his rubbing of her little pussy.
He started to slide his fingers one after the other between her puffy little lips and she started getting wetter and more turned on.
All the while she squirmed, thrashed and tried to fight him off her but she was pinned under his body that was more than twice her weight.

He started to rub her harder and press his fingers deeper and deeper into her virgin pussy.
He said the sounds of her crying and begging him to stop was getting him more excited until he could stand it no more.
He withdrew his hands from her little pussy and unzipped his pants and let them down around his ankles covering his muddy shoes. He just pulled his rapidly hardening and angry fat cock out of his underwears.
When the girl saw this, her eyes grew wider and she fought even harder to get away from him.
He slapped her really hard alongside her head and she was stunned enough for him to spread her legs apart and force his way in between.
He positioned his erected cock at the entrance to her wet, hot little virgin pussy and started to thrust into her.
She was so tight that he couldn’t get his cock head into her so he pulled back and thrust harder, forcing his way in as she screamed and bucked and tried to throw him out and off of her.
He lay down on top, pinning her down and thrust harder and harder into her tight little pussy, each time getting more and more of his cock into her until he hit her hymen and she cried out.
He withdrew almost all the way out of her and with a great thrust, he pierced her hymen with his thick, stiff cock as she screamed in pain.
Her tears ran down her cheeks as he winced in pain at how tight her pussy was wrapped around his cock.
He didn’t wait too long as he again started to thrust deeper and deeper into her tight little pussy
He forced more and more of his thick hard cock deeper into her, stretching her pussy painfully as she slowly started to respond and force herself further onto his shaft.

He would pull almost all of the way out and slam back into her over and over as her little pussy was stretched more and more by his big, thick cock..
As he was pounding her little pussy, she was moaning and groaning, tossing her head from side to side as she was getting ever closer.
My Uncle raised himself off of her and took each of her legs and, spreading them was wide as he could, pushed them up to her shoulders, making it easier for him to thrust deeper than before
He thrust so deeply that he finally hit her cervix and she cried out in pain and pleasure.
The more the girl’s pussy stretched and loosened around his shaft, the less my uncle was enjoying fucking the girl. “What a little slut!”
My uncle looked over at the dad and noticed that he was getting excited and having a hard-on from watching his daughter get raped.

With a wicked smile, my uncle got an idea; He pulled completely out of the girl leaving her unsatisfied but so close to cuming.
He went to the door of the house and called several of his men to join him. When the men arrived, he had 3 of them hold the dad down on is back and 2 of them to grab the older girl, pick her up and carry her until she was straddling her dad.
Then as both the dad and daughter tried to stop them, my uncle’s men spread the girl’s legs and lowered her down until her dad’s thin little hard cock slid easily into his daughter’s wet and well stretched pussy.
The dad cried out in shame as his own daughter was forced all the way down onto his cock.
And to make it worse, he moaned and couldn’t stop himself from thrusting up into his daughter’s teen pussy. He has never had a 14-year-old pussy before.
As they forced the daughter up and down on her dad’s shaft, they again tried to question him; he kept telling them they were not helping the enemy.
At this time, one of his men unzipped his pants and withdrew his raging hard-on and walked up behind the older girl.
The men making her ride her dad forced her to lean forward with her dad’s little cock still inside her pussy. As she was leaning the guy with his cock out reached between her legs and coated his hand in her pussy juice.
He then proceeded to spread the juice on his cock and all over her ass, working it more around her tight little anus and he stuck a finger in her ass and twisted.
He started to pump his slick finger in and out and slowly added a second finger and then a third.
As he pumped his fingers into her ass, he slowly spread his fingers wider and wider.
He held them there until she relaxed and got used to them in there.
He took his other hand and reached between her legs again and coated his hand in her juices.
Again he spread the juice all over his cock head and shaft, then taking hold of his cock, he swiftly pulled his fingers out of her anus and rammed his cock as far up her anus as he could get it.
She screamed and cried out in pain at his violent thrust.
The dad cried out because he could feel the soldier’s cock enter and slide deep in his daughter’s anus with only a little thin wall of flesh between his cock and the soldiers.
Despite it being his own daughter and knowing that she was being raped in the ass by another man, the dad could not help but continue his thrusting into his daughter. The soldier withdrew until he was almost out then as the dad pulled back, the soldier thrust deeply again as they set up a rhythm between them. The older girl started enjoying…
Somewhere around this time, my uncle said he let his men finish the interrogation of the older girl and the dad.
My uncle was still hard and horny so he walked over and grabbed the 12-year-old girl and forcefully tore her clothes off her and threw her to the floor.
The little girl screamed, cried and tried to get away but my uncle hit her until she stopped fighting and lay unmoving, her hands still tied behind her back.

Savagely he grabbed her hair and pulled her face up until his cock head was near her mouth.
He started rubbing it against her lips and telling her to kiss it, when she didn’t respond, he hit her across the mouth and repeated for her to kiss it, through the tears and sobbing, she lightly kisses his cock head.
He then told her to suck on it.
Crying and sobbing, she slowly opened her mouth and he thrust his cock so deep into me mouth that she started gagging.
He withdrew just far enough for her to quit gagging and then told her to suck him as he began thrusting into her mouth again.
After about 5 minutes of her giving him head, he was ready for more so he withdrew from her mouth and threw her on the floor on her back.
He reached down, grabbing an ankle in each hand and forced her little legs as far apart as he could, then kneeled down between them.

He took his fingers and rubbed her tiny little pussy.
There wasn’t much wetness so he spread her bare pussy lips and started to lick and suck on her little pussy to stimulate her more. He was taking his time to arose her little budding clit. His big mustache was tickling her outer lips.
The little girl, squirmed, cried and called out for help but there was no hope.
The girl’s taste and smell as she got wetter. It was really making my uncle’s cock rock hard and as soon as he thought she was wet enough, he stopped licking.
He sat up, grabbed his fat cock with a big mushroom head and placed it between her hairless tiny pussy lips right at the entrance and pushed hard. This Sergeant’s cock was much bigger and longer than her dad’s.
The girl cried out in pain. It was music to his ears. Then my uncle only withdrew and thrust again, getting more of his mushroom head inside
He thrust again, the girl shrieked as he thrust so far up into her that he hit her hymen.
He withdrew until he was almost out and thrust violently into her, popping her cherry and causing her to start bleeding. He was so far over the edge that he didn’t care if he killed her, he just kept thrusting in and out of her hairless tiny pussy.
He said that she was so tight that is was actually painful for him but he loved it, he just kept thrusting and thrusting. Like a pleasant drug, little girls were always made him “high”. He was so horny for Gook little girls…
The sounds of her screams, the smell of her tiny pussy and the blood leaking out and the look of pain and terror on her face made him feel so powerful and in control that it was better than anything in the whole wide world. And he addicted to it.

He was just like a wild animal; all he wanted was to cum in her tiny pussy.
He forced her ankles up and forced them up to her ears, opening that tiny, hairless pussy to him as far as it would go.
He was getting closer and closer to cuming and he was getting rougher and more violent with his treatment of the little girl and she was bleeding badly but he said the blood helped him fuck her better..
As he was fucking her, he stopped, picked up the girl, and without removing himself from her pussy, rotated her so she saw face down.
With her now on all four, he grabbed her hips and each time he thrust, he would pull hard, forcing his cock deeper and deeper to the hilt, into her little worm with each stroke and causing her to bleed more and more.
He also moved his hands to her shoulders and pull her little body back toward him as he thrust, He then grabbed her hair and pulled it.
With the girl face down, I uncle would also slap her little ass just to make her cry out more.
Some of the rocks on the ground bothered his knees, Now he stood up and picked the little girl off the ground. Without pulling his raging cock out of her tiny pussy, he rotated her again, facing him.
The little girl was so tired and exhausted; she stopped fighting. Her arms and legs were wrapping around my uncle’s little-overweight body. Embracing her with a warm hug like he was rescuing the little girl from danger…
My uncle was standing there like a warrior, with his uniform shirt unbuttoned, revealing his hairy chest. Her weight was just nothing to him.
He enjoyed fucking the little girl that way. He could thrust upward or forward, back and forth. When he was about to cum, he stopped fucking. Edging himself four times, with a big smile on his face.

When he finally came, he was thrusting so hard into the little girl’s pussy that she shriek. So much cum started oozing out of her tiny pussy while his cock was still inside. It took awhile for his fat cock to deflate. My uncle just simply dropped the little girl down on the ground. There was a popping sound of his mushroom cock head getting out of her tiny pussy. She collapsed onto the floor, and lay there silently, barely breathing.

My uncle grabbed some of the torn clothing and tried to clean up most of the blood from raping the little girl.
In the meantime, His men were taking turns raping the older sister, after her dad deposited a huge amount of cun into her well stretched pussy.
What a lucky little slut, he thought, getting all the horny GI’s off.
He zipped up his pants and spat on the floor.
My uncle called his men together and they proceeded to leave the village.
As soon as they were clear, my uncle had the radioman call in an air strike to destroy the village, He claimed that the village had been enemy sympathizers.
He said that none of his men even looked back, not even when the planes dropped the bombs and destroyed everything and all proof of what they had done.
However, in his mind, wishing the younger girl somehow survived, got pregnant and gave birth to a cute baby girl.
Then my uncle would come back years later, again to teach his own daughter how to enjoy life with a Caucasian fat cock with a big mushroom head!

That is all I can remember of what he told me, I have had to go back several times as I would remember more details.
Like I said, he was drinking heavily when he told me this story.
Wishing I WERE HIM!
“Uncle” Bill

Note: Seemed like he was perverted just like his Uncle!

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  • Reply [email protected] ID:p9ae2uoii

    love to hear more!

  • Reply Doug ID:1hr6f15820d

    It was seldom that I fucked the gook cunts but always first fucking her mouth and making her swallow – it was lot’s of fun if she had never sucked a cock before. If the others said the cunt was good fucking I might try it taking my turn at the end as I had a big cock, but only if it did not stink. That did not seem to bother the others in the squad. I often would go for a second blowjob after another guy or 2 had shot off in her mouth. Something about receiving the first blowjob from a cunt turned me on. But over time it was less and less that had never been face fucked. They did like doing 2 guys at the same time and most of them had never been out of the village. No doubt that changed the world for them as later on if one was on the rag she knew it was cock sucking time and they flat got after it. They also seem to get turned on watching their sister or whoever was with them get fucked too as l it was all new to them at first Watching them get wide-eyed when the blacks pulled their cocks out was something else but seem to be able to handle 8″ with no pain. Standing rule was the 2 blacks went last on the first go around and most of the time everyone got to fuck all the

    • Kimfslut ID:21c6ts6rv2

      Wow! Interesting. Sounds like my dad’s stories.
      I got so turned on eveytime he was telling his sex life while he was there.
      So horny that I wished he would do that to me!
      I love your story, Doug. Wish I’d be giving you a nice BJ right now!
      Please tell more…

  • Reply Sarge ID:1hr6f15q6ii

    We never fucked the ones that young as their pussy was too small to enjoy it but any cunt that we found that did not stink too bad or was butt ugly got fucked by the squad. It was surprising how many were out looking to get fucked by the big cock G.I.’s compared to the 5″ cocks of the men there. At first they did not know about cocksucking but picked it up quickly. Just about all the time it was double teaming the cunt to get thru the 8 man squad. You could always tell the ones that had been double fucked before as they knew exactly what to do on the head of a cock, and a surprising number of them that were on the rag and that’s what they used, would cum off sucking off the big cocks – especially the blacks – we had 3 in the squad. Even the old momma sanss would suck and swallow for a pack of smokes. and some of them were not bad. They knew when we came to the village, they were going to get fucked and looked forward to it. The youngest we ever did was a 15 year old but she had been fucking for a couple of years and was a quick and heavy cummer. Only had a couple out of a hundred or more that did not cum getting gang-banged so no wonder they did not mind doing a squad.

    • Kimfslut ID:21c6ts6rv2

      Nice done!
      Please tell the story of your squad with that young girl.
      You were the Sarge, so mostly you’d go 1st, right?

  • Reply Kimfslut ID:5u1d7cdxii

    That sounds like my father. He was in the Navy. He get drunk and then he would talk about what he did there. I still remember them

    • Bill W. ID:21c6ts6rv2

      Please post some of your father’s stories, Thanks

    • gfappsp ID:2v3h00pb0b

      Tell me more if you want. [email protected]

    • kimfslut ID:bvk4fzri


      They are very graph, perverted and snuff. Is that what you want?