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My twin sister and me pt. 2

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My twin sister and I continued our sexual relationship

A few years had passed. My twin sister Sarah and I were now 17 and about to start our senior year in high school. My older brother and sister, Scott and Theresa had moved out, and more important, our father did as well. No longer in need of a big house, and now being a single mom, she moved us into an apartment. Sarah and I still had to share a room, which, wasn’t as inconvenient as you’d think. We both played sports and had various after school activities so we really used the bedroom for sleeping only.

We still carried on with our relationship, but the older we got, the less we did. In the beginning we were having awkward sex that never lasted long. We did begin to get better at it but the frequency of it dwindled. I was becoming somewhat of a star football player at school and other girls were taking notice as I was also developing more physically. By 10th grade we had stopped having sex completely. Once in a while Sarah would still surprise me with a blow job, and occasionally we would just masturbate together. Even though we had separate beds, Sarah would still sleep in mine with me most nights. We were still very close.

My mother had become lonely since my father and siblings had left and turned to me for comfort. It became increasingly noticeable that mom was interested in me. She had been with dad for nearly 30 years and the only other man she had been with was Scott, my older brother. Now it wasn’t that long ago where all I could think about was when would it be my turn with my mom. Sometimes Sarah would even dress in moms lingerie and tell me to call her mommy. But as Sarah and my bond thickened, my desire for mom, orany other woman faded. Reaching the point where I told Sarah that mom was hinting at stuff and I asked her if it was ok. Sarah asked me not to do it because it would ruin what we had. I love my sister to no end so I did as she asked and avoided mom as much as possible.

The summer between junior and senior year I met a girl named Laura. Laura was the younger sister of a friend of mine and was entering 9th grade. I had met her before, but it was a couple years earlier and she had begun to develop quite nicely. At first I ignored her flirting but then I started liking it. I wanted to ask her out but I knew I was going to have to ok it with Sarah. She reluctantly agreed with me and I began dating Laura.

After a few months of dating we had gotten to a point where Laura said she was ready to have sex. I jumped at the opportunity to take her virginity and knew my performance was going to be much better this time.

Laura and I skipped school one day and went back to my house to have sex. It was definitely better than the first time with Sarah but still not great. She didnt know what to do and I acted as if I were a professional which I was definitely not. She was however the first girl outside of my family that I had been with, and that probably shouldn’t feel weird but it did.

Immediately afterwards I walked Laura home. The walk home gave me sometime to think. I never asked Sarah if I could have sex with her. She barely agreed to let me date Laura and if she found out she would be devastated. Sarah was very much what was keeping the two of us so close. She showed little to no interest in other guys and because of that everyone thought she was a lesbian.

When I got home Sarah was crying on my bed. I knew right away that she knew, but how? “Whats wrong?” I asked.

She pushed me away. “I hate you so much right now!” She had become suspicious when both Laura and I weren’t at school and left early herself. “I found your condom in the garbage, asshole.” she continued.

“You told me I could date her. Did you think we weren’t going to have sex?”

“You asked me when mom started hinting with you, why not this time?”

I had no defense. No answers. Nothing. I sat next to her and she immediately rested her head on my shoulder. We just sat in silence for nearly an hour. So many thoughts running thru my head.

“I love you.” she said, her voice cracking from the long silence.

“I love you too.” At that moment I learned the difference between making love and fucking.

Sarah slid her hand up the front of my shirt and grabbed the small patch of chest hair I had. “Show me” she said, looking me straight in the eyes, her voice much clearer and stronger now.

Seconds later our tongues were twisted together and we were ripping each others clothes off. We hadn’t had vaginal sex in over a year. I had her shirt and bra on the floor in a matter of seconds. She began unbuttoning my jeans and I threw my shirt off. I kicked my pants off and finished pulling hers off which she had already had around her knees. I added them to the growing pile of clothes. I reached down and fluffing her pussy hoping to release some lubrication but she was already drenched. I didn’t even get a finger in before she grabbed my wrist, “NO! I want your dick!” she yelled.

It had been so long since we did this, and I had never seen her this way. My dick slid in like a hot knife thru butter and I buried my face in her neck and gave her a small love bite on her neck. She let out a cry and started screaming like never before. This was the first time we had sex with the house to ourselves. We thought we were keeping or love affair secret but mom knew. Of course she knew.

The thing that always turned me on most about watching my parents fuck was listening to my mom’s moaning,and her screaming then when she’d cum it almost turned to crying. She couldn’t catch her breath and she’d start trying to scream thru it but she just couldn’t get enough air in her lungs.

After just a few thrusts, Sarah shoved me off her. I laid on my back and she began riding me. I started playing with her tits. With each pinch she screamed “HARDER! BITE ‘EM!”

I wrapped my lips around her nipple and bit down. That did it! She sounded just like mom now. Her moans turned to screams as she bounced on my cock harder and faster now. Then, just like mom, she started hyperventilating, her voice became a high shrilling squeak. Tears started dripping from her eyes. It was too much for me to stand. I grabbed her by the hips and started thrusting as hard and fast as I could. Thru her struggles to catch her breath she squeaked out “I’M CUMMING!”

At the same time I pulled her down and stuffed her as deep as I could get. We locked eyes as I erupted inside her. I had only mdae her cum once before and it was nothing remotely close to the orgasm she was experiencing now. Her body was tensed up, she could barely breathe, and her vaginal muscles were squeezing every remaining drop of cum I had left.Our eyes remained locked on each others the whole time.

When we both finally settled, she climbed off and laid next to me. There was a puddle of our juices on the bed. We laid silent again for a couple minutes. Her head on my chest,and one leg draped over mine. She was gently still playing with my decreasing erection. In that moment of silence I realized I love my sister and I never want to be with another woman ever again.

We are both married but in same sex marriages. Our significant others dont know about us. We still have sex with each other at least twice a week give or take. We take vacations together when we feel the need for more.

Part 3 will get into how we got to same sex marriages and one particular vacation that played a huge roll in that.

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