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My twin sister and me pt. 1

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The beginning of love affair with my twin sister

“Hey wake up! C’mon, get up.”

I opened my eyes and saw my sister’s silhouette standing next to my bed. “Oh, c’mon its 3: 30 in the morning, Sarah.” I grumbled.

Sarah was my twin sister. We were 13, but she never hesitated to let the world know she’s 7 minutes older than I am. Even though were opposite genders, our resemblance is quite eerie. We both have short hair, blonde, blue eyes, and pale skin. We’re the youngest of our parents kids. We have another sister who is 5 years older and a brother who is 10 years our senior.

To say our family is close is a massive understatement. We are a very incestuous family. My mother and brother have had sex many times. My father has had sex with my older sister and more or less molested both Sarah and me. My older sister Theresa taught me how to french kiss. So there was a lot going on physically in our house and Sarah and I were too young to question it.

“Mom and Dad are doing it again” Sarah said while tugging on my arm.

Our parents always left the bedroom door open a crack practically inviting us to watch. The both knew Sarah and I watched every time. Our siblings were older now and weren’t interested in seeing their 50 something year old parents fuck. Sarah on the other hand got off on it, way more than I ever did. She always did. Even when we got older.

She pulled me out of bed and dragged me downstairs. This time they were fucking on the couch. It wasnt the first time Sarah woke me up for this. The one difference we have is that she’s an incredibly light sleeper,and I am not. Mom, was a screamer. The whole neighborhood knew when my parents were having sex. My mom loved being fucked. Apparently my Dad was good at it too.

We crept downstairs, the lights were off but with a full moon we were able to see wht was going on just fine. Mom was on the floor on all fours and Dad was behind her. Mom was a bigger woman and Dad was really giving it to her tonight. Dad pulled his dick out and smacked Mom’s fat ass. He stood up and got in front of her, grabbed her by the hair and shoved his hard cock in her mouth. Mom still on her hands and knees. “Get over there and fuck that ass!” Dad said in an aggressive whisper.

Mom’s screaming had turned to a muffled gagging noise. Sarah and I saw a figure stand up from the couch. It was our brother Scott! Hegot behind Mom and picked up where Dad left off. Not the first time Sarah and I saw my brother fucking our mom, but it was the first time we saw them both doing it at the same time.

Sarah and I sat and watched for a few more minutes before retreating to the bedroom we shared. Right before Sarah closed the door we heard the screaming intensify, I can only assume they all came because they stopped shortly after.

I crawled back into bed with a raging hard on and quietly starting rubbing it. I never liked my Dad for what he did to us kids and his mistreatment of Mom, but I loved mom and watching Scott with her turned me on incredibly. I wanted to fuck Mom too but I was too young.

“Can I come sleep with you?” Sarah asked.

“Of course”. We had been thru some tough times in our 13 years and we shared my mothers womb together so I’d never say no to sharing my bed with her.

Normally when she slept with me I spooned her to comfort her but I had this rock hard erection and I didn’t want her to know. Instead she spooned me.We laid silently for a couple minutes. I tried getting rid of my hard on but I couldn’t stop thinking of my Mom screaming and being fucked so aggressively by two dick. Sarah’s warm breath on the back of my neck didn’t help either.

“Have you ever thought about doing that with mom or Theresa?” Sarah quietly asked.

My 13 year old dick had never been as hard and big as it was right then thinking of my Mom. “No not really. Theresa taught me how to french kiss once.”

“How was it?”

“It was pretty cool, actually.” I told her.

“Will you teach me?” she asked.

I know for a fact that she knew how to french kiss but I rolled over and faced her anyways. Trying not to reveal my boner, I put my hand on her cheek and kissed. Just as I thought, she already knew. She stuck her tongue as far in my mouth as she could. We stopped to catch our breath and then went right back to making out.

Sarah and I had seen our parents fuck 100 times and even though we were still virgins, we acted like professionals. We both removed our clothes. I laid on my back as I pulled my pants down. She immediately put her hand on my dick. I had been masturbating at least twice a day at this point but her hand down there felt incredible! “Its so hard!” she said holding a dick for the first time. “Touch mine” she added

Her vagina was wet, and warm and she shuttered and moaned a bit when I touched it. I slid a finger inside her. It shouldve been the first time for her but my drunk dad took that away from us when her broke her cherry a year earlier.

“How should we do this?” I asked.

Sarah laid on her back and pulled me on top of her. “Put it in me.”

I had no clue what I was doing. It felt like I was stabbing her. She kept saying “ouch, that hurts”

After 30 seconds or so it slid inside her. Both of us let out a big sigh of pleasure.

“Go slow.” she said biting her bottom lip.

I pulled back, then slowly thrusted my hips toward her. She let out a small moan, this one a little less pain and a little more pleasure. I did it again and again and after about 10 seconds inside her I came. No amount of masturbating could match a sex orgasm. My toes curled, muscles tensed up and a tapestry of obscenities came out of my mouth.

I rolled off her and we lay naked and sweaty not realizing that we just had the worst sex two people could ever have. We kissed again and just like that our already deep connection had gotten deeper.

We have continued this connection into adulthood even though we are both married. We have managed to keep it a secret. There’s more stories to come.

P.S. The entire time I have been typing this, Sarah has been sitting next to me playing with my cock. I’m going to use it on her now.

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    Not too intreasting

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    So hot an my cock was hard the whole time. I fingered my two sisters when we were all little. I tried to put it in my youngest but didn’t get it done. But I did leave a lot of sticky cum on her pussy.

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    Yes fuck her pussy so hard.

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    That Not A Real Story

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    You’ve gat one hell of a family

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    You’ve gat on hell of a family

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    If this is true you have one screwed-up family

  • Reply Timothy copenhaver ID:2c3iwvkm9c

    What a great I would really love to know did you get your sister pregnant has any of your sisters had babies by you or your brother or your dad I am really interested to know hope to hear back from you