my sacrifice for daughter

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it your sweet pussy he get of me he wear his speedo then with eyes i look at his arm had a image of flower

I am natasha 36yearsold 1,70height 75pounds blacklong hair with big round breast at beach with my daughter 11yearsold nikol i was wearing a top red bikini with a blue bottom after all day in beach and sun start setting in horizon i told to nikol get out of sea to return house ok mom i give her a towel not cold and i take my beachbag to change to a beachhouse i told her to wait me here i will back in some minutes dont worry mom.
I found one empty i go inside but door had a problem and i couldnt close her the most people had arleady move of beach i was thinking and in this area it was arleady empty i left door open i put my bag in a spike i put out my clothes but then i hear someone behind me and before do or tell something
he put a hand in my mounth and with other a knife in my belly listen me carefully slut you will do anything i will tell you and dont scream otherwise i will eviscerate you and then i will go to your daughter fuck her hard ok you choose i scared for my life and daughters of course move my head up down that i agree you take the right decision i am not a pedo but my friend is and he is near her but he will not do anything to her unless i told him,i feel big relief but still worried for me.
Uknown man sure he has me under control put his hand of my mounth inside my top bikini and start play and fondle them knife it wasnt in my belly his hand that keep it now it was inside my bottom and rub my pussy while he was biting soft and kiss my neck all this had doing me moan now i had give in his appetites.
At the same time he grab my hand and put it inside his speedo and i grab a huge hairly cock my god is huge for you slut he whispere in my ear did you want to taste him no please then maybe want your daughter and my friend has a same and i think its time to taste a pedopussu no ok i will take him perfect he grab me and turn me now we were face to face he was young around 25yearsold short hair and enough beefy he put me in my knees in frond of his cock well slut what are you waiting start to blow him i had no other choise i take him in my hands and i start with tongue lick his cockhead ah yes slut this is i had years to take blowjob but it is something difucult forget he orders me take more then i open my mounth and start blow more of his cock but i couldnt take it all he doesnt like it with his hands grab my hands and put then behind his ass keep them there with his one hand while other behind my head push it with stregh it into his cock he was fucking my mounth brutal i hadnt control over it.
After five minutes brutal mounthfucking i feel his cock moving finaly it over he stops to fucking and i feel hot liguid inside my mounth my he force me to drink it all and he pulling him out of my poor mounth i stay here in my knees coughed we arent finish now next is your other holes he put me stand in wall with hands he slide my bottom bikini in one side and start rub him in my pussy entrance how it was again hard i was thinking after rub he start push him inside my pussy its huge you will tear part my pussy and without condom are you crazy this i want slut and with a violent move he push him inside doing me scream you can scream as long as you want it doing me more hard i could feel his huge cock moving inside me doing me moan with tears loudly now some minutes later he stop he put him outside my puusy and start from edge with guickl moves solve my bottom bikini its time for your next hole he open my legs open and he put him in frond of my ass no please this time you will realy tear me apart you are right he take my bottom bikini and put it inside my mounth to cannot cream i now feel his cock pressing my ass entrance where she couldnt resist anymore and his cockhead get inside something doing me tearing want to scream aloud but my mounth was full .
worse it was my abyser cock was tearing apart my ass with inside in out him very soon my abyser start fuck my ass stronger then he lay down to me and he start kiss my ear and necki hear him whispered in my ear that its ready to cum and he put off bottom bikini of my mounth he asked me if my mounth is ready i had tired of all this and i say yes great but i change mind and put him out of my ass and put him inside my pussy and he cum no i scream too late slut all my cum drink it your sweet pussy he get of me he wear his speedo then with eyes i look at his arm had a image of flower he give me a kiss think it as a sacrifice for your daughter and he leaves i stay there thinking with tears and a secret pleasure all this then i remembere my daughter i must return to her but of all this violent fuck all my body hurt me i put my clothes and return to my daughter where she was talking with a man together with a dog hey sweetie mom where you was i was waiting you there 20minutes sorry sweetie but i was talking in phone with a friend and i forget no problem here mister john with his dog jak were talking until you come or his friend what friend i ask a nice young man with a nice flower tatoo in his arm i stay there frozen are you ok madam yes thanks for doing company to my daughter now must go wait mom i must change not here in car take your things and come while we left the other man close me his one eye i doing him with my finger fuck you.
Next days pass thinking all this and what my beloved daughter could take but worse it when i discovered he left me pregnant.

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