My religious mom

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I’m Rakesh from Mumbai 17 yrs old live with my widow Ramia 33 yrs old short slim little tiny ass with big boobs .It has been 2 yrs now my dad passed away so mom been without sex all those time ,she was always home in the morning to temple then go to work as a maid four hours a day and 3 days a week ,we were a poor family I work in construction ,it wasn’t bad money was ok mom don’t have to work so I told her to quit .A month after she quit her job she start to act like a wife ,she would cook lunch and bring it to my work at lunch time , all my co worker will whistle I told them shut up then run to meet mom .Next day at lunch one co worker come to us at lunch he say hi to mom looking at me he say” buddy you have a good wife take good care of you” then he walk away ,mom for her age she look young I look at her I say “hi my beautiful wife ” she reply “hi my handsome husband” then we both laugh ,I told her “mom we been in that town for a year now since you show up here everybody think you are my wife I lie to them telling them i’m 20 yrs old and you are few yrs older than me and we been married a year and a half now “,she was surprise she say “baby in the market a woman told me we were a nice couple “looking in my eyes she say “well i’m happy to have a handsome husband ” then she laugh .I get up pull her up on her legs I kiss her on her lips and sucking each other tongue she push me away she say “let me go people will see ,as work was slowly I told her to wait I will be back ,few mins later I walk to her took her hand make our way home she ask what happen I told her that I took half day off so I can take care of her needs ,it was 20 mins walking to the house and I was horny so I took her to a bushy area lay her down telling her what i’m about to do without hesitation she remove her panty then unzip my pant remove my fat long dick very fat put it in her mouth sucking quarter ,once I was so hard she lay down legs spread I lick her very wet stinky dirty pussy till she cum ,she beg me to fuck her in one go I penetrate her tiny tight pussy she scream so loud she say “please be gentle your cock is so big I was too horny I pound her hardy and fast for 25 mins after cumming few times on my cock I couldn’t hold it I shoot a big load inside her .Since that day we fuck everyday I even fuck her ass ,it has been a year now and i’m a father of a little boy .Few months after her delivery my boss saw her at lunch time he came to us he say” lovely wife I will give you lots of money and a foreman position if you let me spend some time with her “, I told her I will think about it well for now I will have to go but will tell you people what happen next soon bye

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  • Reply Hannah ID:2kyee16tm0

    Auh fuck

  • Reply Yuck ID:fzq6j2m9k

    Ew gross.

    • Dude. ID:bmt13kb0j

      Ya it is gross

  • Reply Daniel ID:7ezh530d9j

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  • Reply Timothy Copenhaver ID:2c3iwvkm9c

    What a great story what I really want to know is is this a true story is this real