My mini Doberman cum hungry

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I was a teen and I slept in t-shirts and enjoyed my mini sleeping with me I remembered the first time he crawled under the sheets and sniffed around he shoved his nose in my pussy. My pussy tingled and he pushed his nose in harder and deeper I spread my legs and he began licking and nuzzling his nose in hard I loved it my pussy was soaking wet so I put my hands down and spread my pussy lips and he lick me dry after he made me cum. I wanted that all day every day as often as I could I’d sneak to my bedroom and as soon as my pants came off he was in my cunt licking me feverishly till I came and he would lick me clean I did often fantasize about what it would feel like if I could have a dog have sex with me. I’m still fantasizing. I really desire to have a dog fuck me feverishly and I’m a sex addict I am constantly needing to have something in my pussy or be cumming and have people video me or be a spectator. As an adult we had a boxer who I encouraged to lick me till I came he too had his nose in my pussy as soon as I laid in bed I spread my legs and fingered myself and patted my wet pussy to encourage his lust for my cum. I loved it and as I write this I desire to find an owner who is in iowa who would allow his k9 to mount me

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  • Reply mike ID:4lon1cxi9

    horny as fuck

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