My little helper

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As her brothers play in the room over she stays moaning quietly as I pound her……

So my name is Donald and I live in Canada a quick disclosure EVERYTHING IS BASED ON A TRUE STORY BUT ALL PERSONAL INFORMATION IS CHANGES TO PROTECT THE IDENTITY OF THE PERSON(S) INVOLVED so please relax and enjoy my story…..

So by trade I’m a lawyer but before I was even thinking of being a lawyer I was a horny 15 year old babysitter, my family lives in the outskirts of Toronto in the suburbs and I went to a local high school. I attended classes and only had a twenty minute walk to and from home usually I would babysit other peoples kids for extra money, and one day a woman named Danielle contacted me asking for me to babysit for a couple weeks after school. She explained that her kids would be able to wait at a elementary school which was down the road from my high school and I could bring them home and watch them until she arrived. The pay was decent at least $200 a month so I was satisfied, but the kids were relatively young exactly going from 11yrs old, 9yrs old, and 8yrs old. The two older ones were both boys named John and Jacob whilst the younger one was named Daisy. I watched them for months, but one day Daisy asked if she could watch TV in her mom’s room. I didn’t see why not so I just put it on and went downstairs to watch the boys, but before I could leave she grabbed my arm asking me if I could watch TV with her so I did although reluctant to. Me and her started to tickle each other and I every now and again saw her tiny little nipples under her shirt. After awhile we were starting to get sweaty so I went to get drinks when I returned to the room she was in her panties only.

Me: “What are you doing!!”
Daisy: “I got hot so I wanted to cool down.”
Me: “but I’m here.”
Daisy: “it’s okay I’m only 8 and mommy doesn’t know.”

I would probably have forced her to put her clothes back on but I didn’t. I just got in bed and started laying down behind her, and I immediately started to get hard so I started slowly working my way down towards her pussy and she was so focused on the cartoons that I was able to get right to her clit and once I did I began rubbing in circles Daisy quickly realized what I was doing asked me.

Daisy: “Why are you tickling my pee pee?”
Me: “Because I want to make you feel good. Do you feel good?”
Daisy: “I don’t know…”
Me: “can I show you how to feel ready good?”
Daisy: “Okayyy!”
Me: “Let me do the work you just stay how I leave you okay?”
Daisy: “Okay I’ll do what you want.”

I got up and pulled her near the edge of the bed whilst I took off my pants and pulled out my 7″ cock. I then took off her panties and layed her flat on her back. I began stroking my cock along her pussy lips. Then I brought my head to her entrance and I said to Daisy “This will hurt but I will feel good after awhile okay?” she nodded and I slowly slid my cock in hitting her hymen she moaned in pain and I started to push against it she started to tear up and cry I quickly covered her mouth and pushed as hard as I could. I immediately felt that I broke through her hymen and blood started to cover my cock I went to pull her closer and she started to scream out words.


I covered her mouth and I looked down to see that I was thrusting only about two thirds of my cock inside her so I pull her as close as possible with my hands while using my body to push my dick inside her. I was able to get almost my whole cock inside and I began to pound her faster and faster until I came inside of her….

I collapsed and layed next to her she was in shock and I was ashamed but I got dressed and went downstairs to check the time it was ALREADY 6:30 I HAD FIFTEEN MINUTES UNTIL DANIELLE GOT HOME. So I rushed upstairs helped Daisy get dressed and whilst she dressed she said it hurt at first but felt good after awhile. So we went downstairs Danielle came home and before I left Daisy gave me a note. “it’s okay that you hurt me I won’t tell mommy” I left knowing that this wasn’t the last time this would happen……

Thank you for reading this short story I hoped you enjoy of you want more please comment that I should and one last thing I don’t condone this behavior as it’s illegal but if you have already or are going to I don’t know about it…..

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      So by trade I’m a lawyer…
      From the beginning it’s completely unbelievable. No lawyer writes like a twelve year old with his dick in his hand.

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      I couldn’t even get half way through this ridiculous story. Completely written like garbage. If you have access to porn you undoubtedly have access to ways of fixing punctuation, grammar and spelling.

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    Mm lil daisy

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    Wow good read!