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My Husband, his best friend Teddy and Teddy’s nephew Brad

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The bedroom is meant for fucking, I love porn, especially bestiality. I’m a Polyamorous Whore wife that’s letting my lovers 17 yr old nephew fuck me.

Some of you might know me from my bestiality videos with a few of my ex-boyfriends dogs and the one video of me getting fucked by his brothers horse in Texas. Well this is about another part of my sex life now, which is a new chapter in my true to life sexual adventures with my husband. I’m a beasty whore and I love it, my husband accepted that and loves me more because of it. I’ve spread my legs for his six closest friends and he’s shared me with them for the entire three years of our marriage. My husband, Gabe, is my best friend and wants me to be used, borrowed or loaned out by anyone that I’m attracted to, so we have a non-exclusive Polyamorous relationship with his best friend Teddy (These are all real names of my lovers, husband and myself).

I am trying my hand at writing about my true experiences, in short stories, because my cousin, who used to fuck me for years in my teens, started to complain about women not being sexually equal to men and that all women lose interest in sex, once they get the man they want or once they get married. Well, for me, that’s not fucking true! I am only sexually attracted to men who want me to eat pussy and lez out, to get fucked by his friends, and to do the strangest, wildest and kinkiest shit on their minds, which means to fuck dogs or horses, yes, I’m a fucking slut and I love it. My husband can’t keep up with my sexing, as a matter of fact, I could only remember their being only two guys who could and they were black, one was a bi-racial Italian, and a bi-racial British guy that completely exhausted me. Note; I am not a nymphomaniac, I can do without sex and do other things in life, but I am a whore, a complete whore. Anyway, my husbands best friend and lover Teddy, introduced me to his 17 year old nephew, Brad, who’s been fucking me for the past 4 months…I’m his first fuck and I’ve trained him well. Brad can fuck me non-stop, talks as dirty as can be and tells me every sexual thought he thinks of me while fucking me. Brad is the nastiest kid I’ve ever let fuck me and has become my favorite lay.

Brad has become my addiction. He has more access to my ass, pussy, mouth, tits and hands, than anyone else, for now and the foreseeable future. Brad is nasty, but in a sexy way. He watches me while his friends share me among themselves. He fucks all day long…I mean really, all day long, from morning till night, every sexual thought or fantasy is explored and when he looks at me it’s with lust, a desire to own me or conquer me. It melts my heart when I know he’s coming over, or when I’m going to see him. When he turns 18 in October My husband and I plan on asking him to live with us for two years and take the garage apartment, to see if he can handle a Polyamorous relationship with his uncle, me, and my husband.

Brad believes that he can handle, and I also believe that he can too, but my husband and I know that it takes about a good two years to be sure, especially once a new lover gets to see me intimate with other lovers, sometimes it doesn’t work well.

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  • Reply [email protected] ID:5u1d7c3k0a

    Hi love your story would love to chat with you [email protected]

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:3057hz2fii

    Lucky Brad

  • Reply Amy jones ID:1ui3eiwh

    I always think those videos with animals are sorta fake and not with your ever day woman. Just porn stars

  • Reply SJ ID:7zv3ffs4m3

    I really wish I could live your life style

  • Reply Amy jones ID:11avao7lzri

    Would love to see a woman knotted by a dog. Or a woman with horse. Have thought about it but never seeing it. Just figure its fiction

    • Paul ID:1d67xzxrt70r

      Hi. Does this kind of sex turn you on.

  • Reply Bill ID:7zv3k7x20i

    My biggest fantasy is to see a dog screw a woman and knot her.

    • Grandad ID:2v2x46tg8m

      It’s a fucking awesome thing

  • Reply WARREN KEGLER ID:fzq5oov9i

    why would you have sex with animals than a human being?if you want to be a whore be a great whore with peoples no animals!

    • Grandad ID:2v2x46tg8m

      Watching women take animal cock is the fucking best

    • Gray Wolf ID:3zxjfle2fic

      I have trained quit a few dogs for women (actually the women need more training). Once they get the hang of it they love doing it! Ever have a 3-some with her and her ‘best friend’? graywolf804 kik

    • Trunk itch ID:2a73nvs8ri

      My dog knotted my manly ass ,we were stucked together for twenty minutes until his knot shrank , I tried to get loose but it felt like I would tear my asshole off, it was the best sexual Incounter I ever had I would do it again in a hart beat if I got the chance.