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My dad deserves my underaged hot body

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This is a bit of an emotional story… But it does have naughty ending ?…..My dad has every right to fuck me and even rape me. You will know why.

My name is Makayla. I am now 15 years old. I don’t want to talk about my sizes and all. Let’s just say I have a really “hot” body.

My dad (whose name is James) is a 29 year old man. I was born when he was 14. Apparently my dad was abducted and was forced to fuck another 21 year old woman who was also abducted. So basically my dad was “forced to rape” a 21 year old woman. My dad was “able to break out” himself (being 14 years old) and the woman but she became pregnant.
She never thanked my dad that he helped her breakout and just kept yelling, scolding and even beating him because he made her pregnant. It wasn’t his fault.

After I was born to that “bitch”, I was just given to my dad and his family, because that bitch did not want to raise me. The worst part is that my dad’s family threw him out of the house thinking it was his fault.

So when I was born, I was in the hands of a 14 year old boy who was on the street begging for money and a job. He beat all odds and was able to get a job, money and house. He worked hard in order to give me a life. He never had friends, vacation, never watched a movie until recently and never had a childhood. He wasn’t upset about it and was only concerned for me and my life.

When it was visibly clear that I knew about sex, children etc. , he told me this story. I was shaken and cried ,hugging my dad, thanking him the whole day. A few months passed and all this time I was thinking about how my father never had a girlfriend, never got married, never had “proper” sex.

I also realized that I started loving my dad more than usual (after he told me the story). Being a 29 years, he maintained his body and has a 6 pack and is really handsome. Before I never made a big deal about it but now I drool over his body. I am 15, so I do masturbate. All these feelings for my dad increased after I came across incest porn and got addicted to it. I fell in love with my dad. I did not care for the boys in my class or if it was wrong to have these feelings… I just fell in love with him.

It increased so much so that one night I had a dream that my dad married me and he took my virginty and that we had kids. I assumed my dad had a 5 inch cock and he fucked me. The next morning I woke with my panties really really wet. I realized that from that one dream I had 3 orgasms without even touching myself. I now am sure that my dad is the man of my life. I knew he was it.

So as usual I got up from my bed that day. Went downstairs and found my dad sitting on the couch. I went greeted him and sat next to him. After 10 mins, well I told my dad ??????????. I then said that I wanted to lose my virginity to him, that I wanted to get married to him and have kids.

He was shocked and his jaw dropped. His mind was blank for 10 mins and he did not day anything.
I thought he might scold for the first time in my life as he has never ever scolded me before. To my surprise he calmly said

???: “I think this happened after I told my backstory. I shouldn’t have. It was my mistake. I forgot that you are 15 and of course after that story your love for me would increase. You have hormones which will take that love in the wrong direction.”

He started blaming himself and even slapped himself so hard that echoed through the whole house.
He kept on hurting himself saying “this is wrong, no no no, we can’t, what were you thinking James.”

I was scared that he might take a knife and stab himself. I started crying in fear.

??(crying): “Dad! Stop.. Please stop, listen to me.”

I then hugged him to calm him down but he pushed me and I fell on the floor. I was shocked because I never got the “parental” beating or was handled like that my father.

???: “You do not get it. Its not your fault. Its mine. I don’t deserve to live, I have to die, I am a sinner.”

When he said that I was terrified, my heart was beating really fast. I was not able picture myself living if my dad committed suicide. I went to the kitchen grabbed a knife, came back and yelled


I placed the knife near my neck. Seeing this he fell on the floor, terrified and said,

???:” NO I AM SORRY… I am going to listen to you. Don’t to this. I worked all my life to raise you. Don’t erase it like that. I love you and cant live without you.

For a second I was actually aroused when he said that. I then put the knife down and started cry-talking..

??(crying): “Dad you don’t understand. This is all me. Its not anybody’s fault. I love you for who you are. I am scared that I might not find who will take care of me as much as you do. I don’t think anybody will love me as much as you do. You made me the queen of your life. Never scolded me, never beat me, always agreed with me. I don’t care if it is right or wrong, in the end all the girls in this world want a man who is as caring as you are. I really don’t think I will be able to find anybody else like you. I want that you be the king of my life, my knight in shining armor….. I LOVE YOU….”

Saying this I cried even more and just hugged him. He was sobbing as well and hugged me back. Since I am short compared to him. He lifted me up and put my hands around his neck and legs around his waist. We were face to face. I was getting really horny.

He then said: “I love you… I cant afford to lose you.”

He clearly wanted to make a move but was still scared. So I did it. I kissed him on his lips. He is actually my first kiss as well. He kissed me back passionately. I started feeling his chest, abs, beard and mouth. Both of us got really horny and became naked. I stared down at my body and said that I was really sexy. I did not actually properly hear him saying this because I was staring at his abs and his 9-INCH DICK.

He then pressed my boobs and started licking my nipples. He started rubbing my pussy. I was so turned on that as soon as he touched my pussy I came. I moaned really loudly.


He just laughed about it and started exploring my body. Then I made him sleep on the couch. I started licking his abs and chest. I looked at his 9 inch dick nervously.

???: “What happened?”
??: “I always thought you had a smaller dick. I never blowed anyone and this is my first.”
???: “Its okay don’t do it. You might choke.”

My heart melted when he said that. I thought he might become an animal and would fuck me really hard as he did not have sex for so long. Apparently that was not the case.

??: “You deserve my body. You have every right to fuck me. You have the right to rape me as well. I will give you a blowjob no matter what and also I want you to dominate me. Don’t stop at all or even care about me. Just fuck me. I am your slut. I don’t care if I am underaged, I want you…”

Saying I took his dick in my mouth. I started blowing him really fast. He moaned and said “oh my little princess, you are the best daddy loves you.” I then went deep throat. His dick was so big that It I couldn’t fit even half of it in my mouth.
But dad did not stop. He pushed my head down and screamed in pleasure. I was choking and trying to become free. I couldn’t breathe, but his force was so much I could not break free. After a while he let go. I fell down trying to catch my breathe.

He apologized a million times within ten seconds. I kissed him to shut him up. I then said

??: “Don’t apologize. I want this animal inside you to be free.”

He was surprised by how a 15 year old girl was talking to him like that. I slept on the couch and spread my legs. I said

??: “I waited for a long time for this. I want you. Make me your slut.”

Well I might have made a mistake by saying I wanted the animal. By watching so much porn I thought I was professional, but I forgot that I was still a virgin and also underaged for sex. So I have a really tight pussy.

He got really turned on by my dirty talk. He placed his dick near my pussy and within a blink of an eye his 9 inch dick was completely inside my pussy. I cracked as several walls broke inside me within a second. I shouted and screamed in pain. I thought that I might have shattered few windows with my scream. I wanted to tell him to stop but I did not.

He just apologized and said “you wanted it “, but did not stop.

He thrusted me so hard that blood started coming out with the same speed as my cum does when I masturbate.

I screamed in pain for the next 5 mins. I tried to push him but he was way too strong. He pinned me down holding my hands. I tried to tell him to stop but he did not. I tried my best to escape but couldn’t. I started feeling that I was being raped, and I was aroused by this. I wanted to be raped, and my father being the person turned me on a lot so much that after 5 mins I started moaning with pleasure. I was in cloud 9. I was also surprised by his new behavior. He wasn’t the calm and composed dad that I know. I was glad that I released his inner animal.


Yup I called him a bastard. I did not mean it. He understood I did not mean it and that I wanted to be dominated.

???: “You daughter of a bitch. Slutface, I am gonna fuck you so hard… You will regret calling me bastard.”

??: “I am the daughter of a bitch.” I kept moaning with pleasure.

Dad giggled a bit when he understood the “joke”. He kept on thrusting me really fast occasionally slowing down for a few seconds. I could still see blood coming out of my vagina but I did not care much. I was getting what I wanted- “my dad”, and I knew he is mine for the rest of my life. I was so happy when I realized this. He was really fit thus he kept up with pace without getting tired.

He kept fucking me with the same speed as initial for 30 mins. I was moaning the whole time. I had 4 orgasms in this 30 mins mainly whenever he kissed me or pinched and squeezed my nipples or sucking them while simultaneously fucking me. I was surprised that he did not cum till now.

Finally after 30 mins he came and he released so much sperm that I think it might have even crossed my vagina and gone into my stomach.

We both moaned with pleasure.



He finally got of me removed his dick. He slept on the couch. Both of us were exhausted. I then slept on top him. I put my head on his chest. I realized that I was so short compared to him that even though my head was on his chest my legs still ended in between his ankle and knee.

We slept for the rest of the day and woke up at 4 in the evening hungry, because we did not anything since we woke up. Even though he fucked me 6 hours ago, my legs and pussy were still numb. I was not able to get up. I acknowledged my father and thanked him for satisfying me.

???: “I am so happy that you have confessed your love. I will marry you as you wanted me to be your husband.”

??(tearing up with joy): “I love you dad”.

We kissed each other passionately.



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    Great story Makayla. Good writing for a 15 yr old. Loved the melodrama. Get tired of the 1 dimensional stories. Your tale has great depth

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      Thank you… I really wanted to bring in the drama as it makes the story more interesting

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    • Makayla ID:etyy01oid

      Well I like stories which have drama in them…. I may have made it a little over-dramatic, I accept but I like it that way and coming to hype, Did this story become famous? I am not sure about that… It is fake of course.. I say it is real just to make it sound more hot..

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    Out of curiosity is this story true?
    Email [email protected]

    • Makayla ID:tnxw07zk

      It is…
      I know many people won’t believe

    • Makayla ID:7ezgfrmoid

      Why do you want to talk to me?

    • Makayla ID:7ezgfrmoid

      There is nothing else about the story…

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      Sorry H but I would like to keep it private…

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      Nope… Just read it hear Warren Weirdo.

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      There is nothing else left to tell… There will be NO PART 2 as its really boring, so I decided not to write….
      And H, what more do you want to know? there is nothing left…

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    Lovely story
    Your dad’s is a lucky guy
    Let’s talk more
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    • Makayla ID:etyy01942

      Thank you and my dad is not lucky ’cause he deserves better assets than mine…

      I also see that people are using this website to get dates… Really?