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My Brother Finally Fucked me… PART 2

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My Brother loves me… I can’t believe it, my dream of fucking my brother as come true.. 13 years old.


I woke up in the hospital. My brother was sitting next to me. He was holding my hand in his and put it near his face, kind of like he was praying.
I then shook my hand and called him. He sat up, saw me and hugged me. He started crying.

Bro(crying): “Are you ok? Do you feel fine?”
Me: “Yeah, I am fine…”
Bro: “We got rid of that stupid dog. We sold him to the pet store.”

I was shocked. My brother absolutely loved Rax and he was the one who forced our parents to buy him.
He continued to say that it was his fault that he bought an untrained dog. He apologized. I hugged him back and said it wasn’t his fault and I comforted him.

This situation was making me really horny as my brothers face was near my neck and he was breathing heavily because he was crying. I could feel his hot breath.

I was discharged after 3 days. Doctors said that I won’t become pregnant because mating of the sperm and the egg won’t be possible. They said I was perfectly in shape and told us not to worry about anything.
We reached home at 8 PM. We had dinner and we slept in our beds.

My brother decided to sleep with me so that he could give me company and also take care of me if I won’t feel alright. He slept on his left part of the body and hugged me the whole time.
Since I was very short compared to him I put my head under his left arm.

Now my face was facing his body. Moreover he slept shirtless. His abs and chest were directly next to my face. My dream was finally becoming true. I never touched his body and never got to see it properly, now it was right next to me.
I stayed awake and at around midnight I wanted to make my move. I made sure my brother was in deep sleep.

Then I put my hand on his body. A shockwave passed through out my body. I was just taken aback. Every time I touched his body I got goosebumps. It took me roughly 10 minutes to get used to it.
After that I brought my tongue out and started licking his nipples, stomach and chest. I kept on rubbing his body.

I was feeling really horny. My pussy was wet. I couldn’t control myself. I wanted him. I wanted my brother inside me. The hormones started kicking in and the more I continued touching and licking his body, the more I wanted him inside me..

At one point, I couldn’t take it. He is really hot and I felt like if my brother did not fuck me, I might die.. I actually woke him up..

ME: “Bro, Can you please wake up?”
Bro(sleepy): “Huh? Oh.. You OK? Do you want something?”
ME: “I am fine but I have something to tell you..”

He got up and sat up right. He put his hand on his stomach and realized it was wet.

Bro: “Guess it is so hot outside that even sleeping shirtless wasn’t enough.Look at all this sweat.”
Bro: “Oh.. you wanted to tell me something. What is it?”

I confessed everything to my brother. I told him that I loved him, that I wanted to be his wife and that I actually wanted him to take my virginity…. EVERYTHING.

He was shocked, which is kind of obvious. He kept on saying that it was wrong for me to have such feelings and blah blah blah…
I felt that it was going no where. So I removed all my clothes and became nude. I stared at my body and pussy as I was removing my clothes. His jaw dropped and it was open the entire time.

I put my hands around his neck and I sat on his lap. I felt his boner poking through his boxer and my ass. I understood that he was turned on and I just have to seduce him a little more.

ME: “This body is yours… I love you and I want you.”

Saying this I kissed him on the lips. For some time he did not kiss me back nor did he break the kiss. After a while it finally happened.
He kissed me back passionately. He started rubbing my body. He massaged my tiny tits and squeezed my nipples. He broke our kiss and then made me lay down on the bed.

He kissed me on the legs and then went ahead and started rubbing my pussy. I moaned with pleasure. He then started eating my pussy. He then turned me around. He then started eating my ass. I felt his tongue pierce into my vagina. His tongue was completely inside my hole.
He then jiggled it around.

I twitched and moaned. He hit my G-spot as soon as his tongue went in. I pressed his head into my vagina and his tongue went deeper. It felt really good. I started rubbing my pussy and within 30 sec, I was about to have my best orgasm. I released my juices and my brother kept it right near my pussy and he drank all of it.

Then we slept in 69 position. I blew his 9 inch cock really well. He moaned as well. He pushed his cock deep into my throat. His entire cock was inside my mouth for an entire minute. I kept licking while it was inside. My brother absolutely loved it. He moaned the entire time.

It was finally time. I removed his cock out of my mouth. I slept on the bed, spread my legs and lifted them.

ME: “I have been waiting for this moment for such a long time.. Fuck ME bro, make me your slut..”

I watched as he pushed his cock into my pussy. I screamed but this time it was a total pleasure. He thrusted me with full force. I kept on moaning.

Luckily I realized that thanks to the dog my pussy was now wider thus it did not hurt at all and just felt so good. My brother hit my G-spot immediately. I was in heaven. This was a new feeling of pleasure.
We were in the missionary position, so after 10 minutes of continuous thrusting, he bent down. His face was right into mine.

He finally said, “I have been wanting to do this for so long. I …. really love you but I was scared to confess.” He still did not stop pounding me.

When he said that a tear of joy came out and I smiled back at him as kept thrusting me and my body was shaking up and down..
He put his left hand under my head and pushed it towards him.
He said, “Jessie I love you…” and final big thrust and kissed me.

Our lips interlocked as I felt his cum flowing inside me. I wanted to scream in pleasure but sis not want to break the kiss so I hugged him and squeezed him. I put my legs around his back and squeezed him to my body even more. I myself had an orgasm at the same time.

The feeling of cum flowing inside me and having an orgasm at the same time was just the ultimate pleasure.

As he finished cumming he broke the kiss. We both started breathing heavily and we felt each others breath on our bodies. My brother removed his cock but we still stayed in the same position for a while.
We then started kissing again. He massaged my tits and sucked them. We continued to do this for another half hour and then went back to sleep.

He spooned me and kept his hand on my tits as both of us fell asleep…

…….THE END…….


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    Did u get pregnant

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      Yea did you’s?

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      That’s in an other story…

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      how old was ur brother tho

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      James he is 17 years old