Most Erotic Night I Ever Had With My Boyfriend

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I started dating Ryan when I was 18. We met in our senior year of high school.

I started dating Ryan when I was 18. We met in our senior year of high school. Until I found out he was cheating on me which is a story for another time. 😉 Anyway, Ryan was sweet, loving, and had a 7 inch dick. He always fucked me rough, but he wasn’t as good as his brother, story for another time. 😉 This is the story of the most intense night we had.
I had just gotten home from work. I opened the side door that led to the kitchen, the same door I always went through. Someone reached from around the door, covering my mouth and wrapping around my waist, and drug me up the stairs to our bedroom. It, of course, as I figured out, was Ryan. He tossed me on the bed, locked the bedroom door, and started to kiss me, the intensity growing by the minute. He unbuttoned my shirt and slid it over my head then reached down and slid my skirt down and off my legs. He unclasped my bra and pulled it off then pulled off my panties. He pinned me to the bed and used restraints for my ankles and wrists to keep me spread out from corner to corner across the bed. He shoved my shirt in my mouth and blindfolded me. He slid his cock deep inside me and started to fuck me. I let out a moan, causing him to smack my ass and he told me that if I moaned I’d be punished. He thrusted faster and harder into me and I let out a small moan, causing him to pull out and smack my pussy into submission. I let out a pained gasp through the shirt and he started playing with my nipples. He pinched one hard between his finger and thumb and twisted it. I let out a small cry of pain and he brought his mouth down to my chest and started licking, sucking, a nipping at my nipples. I squirmed in ecstasy as he played with my clit and breasts. He slipped his cock back inside me and pounded me, not caring how many times I moaned or how loudly. I came at least three times before he finally released his load deep inside me.

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  • Reply Psiberzerker ID:1fr6k6ud4

    Short, but sweet.

    • MFW ID:1fs1dkkv3

      I like it that way a good but short story solid 4/5

    • Psiberzerker ID:1fr6k6ud4

      @MFW: To each their own. I like long, and indepth ones myself, that’s the way I write them, but I can appreciate the occasional quickie. If it’s well written.