Mom and son agree to it

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My name is Tom,I am 18 years old and still at home in high school,I have a sister Kathy a year older also still at home but getting ready to head off to college in a few months.before I go any further,I already wrote in about mom and I on father’s bed, this story is the beginning.my dad is 52 and a doctor at a hospital about half hour from home on 2nd shift,my mom Renee is a stunning 42 hot ass blonde that works in a office on day shift,we are very upper class family.mom and I are home alone pretty much in the evenings 5 days a week,just seeing my mom in her skirts and tight slacks when she got home,or just parading around the house in her night attire,I admit I wanted to fuck my own hot mom,I would think about us fucking all over the house when my sister was out with her friends and dad being at work,I wanted her cunt and I was going to get it.when she would take a nap on the couch,I would sneak into her hamper and pull out her all day worn bikini panties or pantyhose and go back to my room and sniff and lick the entire crotch and Jack my big 8 inch dick,I wanted her pussy so bad,I knew dad was not fucking her due to their different schedules,plus I think he had other women from the hospital,I am not a druggy,I am a clean cut smart young man,but I would enjoy taking a walk around the sub and smoke a joint thinking of my hot ass mom,it got me so horny and very lustful for Mom,I started telling her how good she looked when she came home from work,I got the world’s sexiest mom I would tell her,thank you Thomas she would reply,I love your red nails mom,I complimented her all the time,I continued this for weeks,I even came out in front of my mom in my tightest briefs showing my package to her,she was looking also,you want this cock buried up your twat mom I was thinking.she started parading around me alot in her skimpiest panties,her ass cheeks showing in them,was I going to finally get mom to fuck,things were looking that way,but who was going to actually ask who,one evening my sister just left and mom calls out to me from the kitchen,Thomas come here honey,I go out to the kitchen and mom was standing on a chair wearing the tightest white shorts I’ve ever seen,they were just hugging her ass like glue,ass cheeks hanging out,you could see her pink bikini panties under her shorts,I can’t reach the bowl honey she said to me,I’ll get it mom get down so you don’t fall,I got the bowl down and said,I have to say mom you got a incredible ass,thank you Tom,I’m sorry mom,please don’t tell Dad I said that to you.tell dad,it’s not his business or anybody else’s for that matter,I love your compliments son,your a handsome young man yourself,with a nice package to boot.i was just going to let it all out on her,can I tell you something mom and you promise not to get mad or tell anybody,shoot honey,I have been wanting us to fuck for months now,knowbody will ever know or expect a thing mom,it will be our secret.i feel the same way about you Tom,I thought about your nice cock fucking up into my cunt more than once.you know how many times I jerked off smelling your panties mom I said to her,your getting my pussy soaking wet Tom,I am going to give you the best fuck you ever had mom,my sister then pulled into the driveway,we will continue this tomorrow when I get home from work mom said to me,you can count on it mom I said.the next day came and it seemed like eternity.my dad left for the hospital and mom was due home any minute,my sister was still home she is normally gone by now,my heart was beating,the feeling is undescribable,my mom agreed to us having sex,I was finally going to get to stick my cock in her juicy cunt,just knowing that I can not explain the feeling,it was pure lust,I did not care that this women was my mom,I wanted her so bad,and it was so near.mom got home and me and my sister were in the living room watching TV. Mom came in wearing a short skirt black in color,black sheer hose on her legs with the seam up the back with shiny red 6 inch heels.dam mom are you hot I thought to myself,not going out tonight Kath mom said to my sister,I’m low on gas and short on money this week mom,mom and I looked at each other,then mom headed toward her bedroom and called out to Kathy,I knew what was going on,I went to my room and got out my weed stash,rolled a nice fat one.im going out for a little mom and winked at her,I went to the field and took my time smoking that fat joint,holding in every hit as long as I could until I started coughing.making my way back towards the house with the greatest horny buzz you could imagine,I could not wait to get mom.my fucking sister was still their when I got back,I went to my room and shut the door,just five minutes later I heard my sister saying I will see you tomorrow mom and thank you for the gas money.mom came flying into my room and said I never thought the bitch was going to leave,are you ready Tom,you bet as I followed her out to the living room,mom pulled the blinds and we started kissing right their in the dining room,I grabbed her ass with both hands and lifted her up,oh yes mom I said and our tongues were dancing a mile a minute,I put her down and she removed her skirt right their in the kitchen,just let it fall right their,I picked her up and carried her right to my dad’s recliner, I draped her stocking covered legs back got right on my knees staring right into her beautiful brown eyes,you picked a good spot to get started Tom,your dad’s chair she said smiling.her bright pink panties were hugging her cunt like a second skin,I ran my tongue up the crotch nice and slow, up and down,you like your son licking your cunt mom I said between licks,oh honey it’s so good through my panties,with moms legs spread wide her heels pointing to the ceiling,who would ever think we were doing this mom I said smiling,licking away at her twat,what your dad and sister don’t know will not hurt mom said smiling at me,oh Tom lick it,keep licking it honey,oh yeah mom,oh what good pussy you have,I grabbed both her legs feeling her sheer stockings and lifted them a little further back and traced my nose over her ass hole even smelling it through her pink panties,oh God mom I love it,my cock was hard as Steele,I got my wish mom I said as I still was sniffing her ass hole through her panties and licking her cunt at the same time,you bad son licking your mom’s cunt behind your dad’s back,it’s great mom I said,I am so ready for your cock Tom,I want you to stuff it,fucking stuff your mom’s cunt with it,skin to skin honey,I had my tubes tied so fuck me all you want without a condom,blast me all your cum honey,just hearing her dirty mouth,her dirty side I never knew she had,with her panties hanging by her ankle next to her red heel I lined my cock up to her cunt,stuck it in slow,about halfway,oh yes mom,oh yeah mom I said,then I sank all the way in,balls deep,way up into her twat I went,oh honey yes,fuck yes Tom,stuff it,fucking stuff it Tom,in and out I went my balls smashing her ass cheeks on every down thrust,am I deep enough mother I whispered in her ear as I steady pumped in and out,oh God Tom yes,I love it honey,fucking just love your cock.the tip of my cock was reaching way in the back of her cunt,cum on my cock mom,cum all over your son’s cock,I stopped on purpose with my cock all the way up her snatch,balls resting on her ass,should we stop fucking mom because it’s wrong of us or just say the hell with it and keep going,I say keeping fucking your mother Thomas,my kind of mom I said as I took off pumping again,I love our dirty ass minds,as my dad’s recliner was actually making all kinds of noises from rubbing to creaky noises,and I stayed deep in my mom’s cunt repeatedly over and over,I feel no guilt at all for us fucking I said to my mom as I went way deep into her,I feel no shame at all mother or remorse for us doing what we’re doing as my cock went way up her twat over and over again on my dad’s chair,all 8 inches of her son’s cock going in and out repeatedly buried up her twat with no shame whatsoever,my legs stayed pumping,I was filled with nothing but pure lust as I stuffed and stuffed her cunt,just wanting this to last forever,just think how many times I kept going in deep on every pump,how many times a minute I went way up her cunt over and over non stop,doing this in my dad’s chair where he watches TV on the weekends,not caring that this is my own mom,his wife that he married,mom and I agreed to it,knowbody is getting hurt,it’s our dirty little secret,and we both love it,I finally shot a load up her twat,we fucked 8 times that evening before my dad got home,yes 8,and I shot 8 loads of cum up mom’s cunt to,this is only the beginning for us trust me.

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  • Reply Bill Withers ID:1d9sv0kknknn

    Nookie from my mother

  • Reply Chuco ID:i9oeixz

    I lick her ass and fuck her in the ass and.eat her pussy and her all kinds of ways she wanted tities fuck

  • Reply Carrie ID:vuf0i2d3

    I’m sorry Ben,but you have to be dumb as shit.not only was this story kick ass,it explained in great detail how they started fucking each other.so lusty,so dirty.it sounds like your family paraded a little bit,but having sex with you was not on your mom’s mind Ben,these two wanted it,pay attention to the fucking story ben.your mom did not want you,Tom’s mom wanted to fuck.get over it Ben.

  • Reply Ramesh ID:1be4u2hb09


    • Tina m. ID:5sp8osem3

      my son what are you doing here ?

  • Reply Tina m. ID:vuf0i2d4

    Why don’t you pay attention to how he got his mom Ben,dumb ass.i payed attention to Tom’s stories down to the tee.this is not fake.i also know he runs a secret group where he helps people to fuck their moms if they got the bread.all have been happy with the results is what I heard.

  • Reply Ben ID:bpcjnotv3

    This is has to be fake I only seen my mom in her panties and bra as a adult and my little sister and I secretly got together we for 8 years and see each other naked it was just like going to the Dr but we never had sex .

  • Reply Gail h. ID:7ylren4k0i

    I was told from a secret source that you are in a secret society Tom where you get payed big money to help guys fuck their moms,and your success rate is very high.you know your a fucking guru at this.your real life stories are fucking top notch,the best their is.love this one and on father’s bed.so hot and lusty.

  • Reply Timothy copenhaver ID:2c3iwvkm9c

    Yes I do have a pregnancy fetish I love to find a good woman that is pregnant or would be willing to get pregnant I think pregnant women are extremely beautiful

  • Reply Tina m. ID:7ylren4m9i

    Great story Tom,I love how your mom teased you with her short shorts,then it all lead to you two fucking,you guys both wanted it,that makes it perfect.

  • Reply Shannon t. ID:fx7ita943

    Incredible story Tom,just loved it.the way it should be,you and your mom agreed to do the nasty together,no force,no under age,I fingered my cunt and came to this.

    • Sean ID:7ylren2qrc

      I’m 45 years old. When I was 5, I used to rub my penis on my mom’s leg whenever she wore this short ribbed yellow dress, I loved every minute of it. I loved how smooth my mom’s legs were. She was using Nair hair removal to make her legs feel very smooth.

  • Reply Kim carpenter ID:fx7i916ii

    This was excellent,I love how the mom and son both wanted each other,then both agreed to fuck behind closed doors,testing each other.my cunt is soaked.great ass story.

  • Reply Alexis ID:p8vi95qra

    How can I fuck my mom? Sometimes I go to her room and sit next to her in bed and she touches my cock but that’s about it, what should my move be

    • Bobby ID:7zv2vgxxv4

      Start taking off all your clothes if she touches you, she won’t stop, then take her clothes off, start with her top& bra….get those hooters out & fondle & suck them, then get on top naked&fuck her,& I would bend her over and get that big ass, tongue Fuck her pick asshole!

  • Reply Lisa s. ID:vuf0i2hl

    Now this story was good.mom and son admitting their feelings,and then the anticipating sex that followed.great story finally.tired of all the other unrealistic bull shit stories on this site.

  • Reply Lynette smith ID:fx7i916ik

    I just love it,a son being legal age,he wanted his mom and she wanted him,they got what they both wanted,each other and sex.keep on fucking,I love it.

  • Reply Julie taylor ID:n3e8ovk0d

    I so love your true stories Tom,fucking your own mom for hours on your dad’s bed,my pussy is drenched,your mom sounds so dam hot on top of it.

    • David Butler ID:1dfxppopmgn7

      I would love to be your little boy filling your tight pussy with cum

  • Reply Timothy Copenhaver ID:2c3iwvkm9c

    Now to me this is a great story what would make it even better is to know that it is really true would really be nice if you started fucking your sister she got pregnant with your baby

    • Linda ID:fzq36520b

      You have a pregnancy fetish.