Mom and Me round 2

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We had crossed the line last night and there was no going back now

I woke up the next morning feeling really good. It didn’t feel like I had just had sex with my Mom but more like a woman that I had been fantasizing about for a while and just got lucky. I was quite nervous going downstairs though, what if she didn’t feel the same? What if she stayed up all night swimming in regret? How would I be able to look at her or myself again?

When I got downstairs and went to the kitchen she was already making me breakfast. She was still wearing the same nightgown from last night but she had gotten up early to do her hair and make up. She never did that. Some sense of relief went over me as she turned towards me. “Good morning sweetie. Did you sleep as well as I did?” she asked.

“Yeah, pretty good I suppose”

“Good. I got your breakfast started but I gotta run some errands, can you finish it?” she asked.

“Yeah, I got this” I said still rubbing the crud from my eyes.

She put the cooking utensil down, put her arms around me and gave me a soft kiss on my cheek.

A few hours later she came home and I was upstairs in my room playing video games. As she came upstairs my heart began racing. I still wasn’t sure where we stood. There’s a quick knock on my door and without waiting for a response she opened. She looked at me with a serious look on her face. “Can I come in? We should talk”

My heart rate increased again and I could barely breathe at this point but I agreed with her. She came in and sat next to me on my bed. She placed her hand on my thigh and took a deep breath.

“I know last night was wrong. I know we both agreed we enjoyed it. I also know that things change after you sleep on it. We should probably figure out what’s going on with us.” she explained

“Yeah, that’s a good idea” I responded nervously

“I told you about my fantasy of having sex with my Dad right? Even though I never got a chance to do it I understand on some level what you’re feeling. I don’t want to confuse you, scare you away, and I’m too old to play games. I’ll just come out and tell you everything. I’ve been with hundreds of men. My first time was when I was 13, I’m 49 now. You were the first one I’ve ever been with that I loved and loved me back at the same time. I know this is wrong but I want to be with you again. I know you’re going to find a girlfriend someday and I won’t stop you from doing so but if you’re OK with it…”

I was beginning to calm a bit. My grip on the bed sheets loosened and my palms were soaked. My nervous legs stopped shaking. So I cleared the lump in my throat and looked back at her. I told her everything. From my earliest memories of standing outside her bedroom door and masturbating while she had sex with some random guy from the bar to finding her vibrator and getting turned on.

“Mom, I know we have never been close. Your drinking has driven me away much like it drive dad away, but as I told you, I’m proud of you for sobering up and getting your life on track. The truth is I have wanted to be with you sexually for as long as I can remember. I wanted that to happen. I don’t regret a single thing.”

She wiped a few tears away and gave me a closed mouth kiss on the lips.

“Ok! Glad that’s over” she said with a bit of a laugh. “You enjoy your video games and we’ll talk again later” she said as she got up and left. As she closed the door she looked at me and smiled. In 20 years I have never seen my mother so happy. It’s how I was able to justify this whole situation. I was fulfilling a life long fantasy and she was actually happy.

Later that night we had dinner together and again I went to my room to play video games. About an hour in I hear another knock on the door. This time she waited for me to respond. “You can come in” I said with my voice raised a bit.

The door opened and mom wearing her bath robe. She looked at me and dropped it to the floor. She was standing there in her new lingerie. It was a black lace teddy that barely held her large breasts. It had a see thru part that she was covering her mid section and she had on matching black lace panties. I was stunned. I knew we had agreed to continue this relationship but I didn’t think she’d be so blunt about it.

“Whatdaya think?” she said

“Wow!” is all I could say.

She left my door open as she walked back toward her room. I didn’t know what to do. A moment later I hear her voice from her room. “Are you coming or not?”

I popped out of my bed, didn’t even pause my game let alone shut it off. Peeked my head in Mom’s room and saw her lying on her bed. I pulled back so she couldn’t see me again and I took off all my clothes. I took a deep breath and strutted into her room like an idiot. She didn’t seem to mind though, her eyes didn’t stray from my swinging dick as I walked toward her.

I climbed into her bed and she wasted no time in kissing me. This time with an open mouth. Her tongue swirling mine. There was a lot of passion behind this kiss. As our mouths released from one another she was already struggling to breathe “I’ve been thinking about this all day” she struggled to say.

Our mouths returned to one another and as they did she took my cock in her hand. For those of you that have a dick reading this, you understand that feeling the first time someone else’s hand grabs ahold of it. Her stroking matched the passion of our kissing and I immediately began to feel like I was going to cum. I reluctantly removed her hand from my throbbing cock and pushed her on her back. I got between her legs and pulled her black lace panties off. As I threw them on the floor I could feel how drenched in her juices they were. There wasn’t a dry spot on them. Without hesitation I buried my face in her moist pussy. My tongue began running up and down each side of it until I found her clit. I gave it a soft little kiss before a hard suck. Her body curled and she let out a vulgar scream. “Oh FUCK yeah! Goddamn that feels good!”

A few moments later she sat up and told me to lay down. Just like the night before she straddled me and started riding me. Tonight I was determined not to finish quickly as I had plans of my own. As she began to grind on me she removed her teddy and her big tits flopped out. I took one in each hand and started pinching and sucking them. Switching from one to the other every few seconds.

“Smack my ass!” I hear her yell

I let go of her tits and place one hand on her hips and the other winds up to smack. WHACK!

“Harder! Harder! Punish me!”

The thought that my mom had just told me to punish her by spanking her went thru my head and as ironic as it was it was also sexy. So I smirked a little and I swung my hand once again. WHACK! WHACK! The second one was her punishment.

Her body collapsed on to mine. She was screaming in my ear now. “OH FUCK I’M CUMMING!!!”

Her body was completely tensed up. Her screams became squeaks as her voice gave out. I could feel her juice dripping down my shaft and onto my balls. ‘I think I just made my mom squirt’ went thru my head.

She popped up a bit and looked me in the eyes. Her mascara was running down her face. “What the fuck was that?!”

I didn’t know what she meant. I was scared. Did I do something wrong? “What’s wrong?” I replied.

“Nothing! Nothing at all! I think I just squirted!” she took a deep breath, and ran her fingers thru her hair. “Did you finish?”

“No, not yet.”

“How do you want me then?” she asked.

In all my fantasies of her I was always behind her doggie style. My mom has big DD tits but it’s her ass that turns me on most.

I push her off me gently and sit up. I grab her by the hips and positioned myself behind her. I hear her voice force out a sexy “Ooooh”

Her juices are still dripping from her pussy as I slide my cock back inside her effortlessly. One hard push as deep as I can get it causes her to scream out “Oh God that’s deep! Wow!”

I begin thrusting, each one gets a little harder and faster. WHACK! A quick smack of her ass again. She cries out another loud moan. She reaches back and begins fingering her butthole. The image is burned in my head of my hands on her big ass, my cock sliding in and out of her wet pussy and her middle finger knuckle deep in her own ass. When I look up she’s turned a bit and is staring back at me. I lose it. I can’t concentrate enough to keep holding it in. “I’M GOING TO CUM SO HARD!” I belt out.

She turns around and opens her mouth. My first squirt misses and hits her cheek. She proceeds to squeeze off the base of my shaft and put the tip in her mouth. The next squirt hits the back of her throat. A few more come out and now there’s cum dripping down my mom’s chin. My cum!

When I finished cumming she wiped up the bit on her chin and put it in her mouth. Similar to what she had done the night before. It was clear now that my mom loved the taste of cum. It was becoming more and more clear that she was just as horny and twisted as I was.

We laid down next to each other, both of us were breathing heavily. After a few minutes of silence catching our breath, she spoke.

“I’ve never squirted before. I didn’t think that was a real thing.”

“Really?!” I replied. I figured with all the sex she had had, she must’ve done everything and seen everything. “I was surprised when you put your finger in your ass” I continued.

“Are you into anal sex?” she asked

Being bisexual I had anal sex before but not with a woman. Mom didn’t know about my few times with men so I just lied a bit. “Yeah, my last girlfriend let me do that but she didn’t like it too much.”

“Sweetie, you can fuck my ass anytime you want as long as you make me cum first” she said with a laugh.


“I love having my ass fucked but I’m not letting you in until you earn it first.” she said still laughing a bit. “You haven’t had any problems with that yet so, yeah” she continued as she got up to go clean up.

I suppose if Mom telling me to punish her didn’t scare me away from this, her telling me I could fuck her ass anytime wasn’t going to either.

“Aren’t you going to go back to your video game?” she asked as she entered the room still naked.

I shook my head and she laid next to me. We both got under the blankets and she turned out the lights. She kissed me and said she loved me so much and rolled over. I fell asleep spooning her. Thanks for reading.

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