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Messed up Holidays, to messed up life 2

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Rare occasions leading to rare nightmares. My birthday is a rare one because it comes once every four years. As I sat hookah pipe in my mouth, browsing through all my birthday wishes on the 29/02/2019. There was one particular text that caught my attention. M I a perverted officially 36 year old man? M I at the prime of my sexual predatorship? That particular text read ” Happy bday daddy lover, we wish you a day filled with lots of pussies ( ours). Dearest ❤️❣️❤️? daughter & cousin” I deleted the text quickly as my two preggies were around. Immediately another text from unfamiliar number followed ” Dear daddy dearest, remember my father can always know your doings accidentally. Come and get your birthday present before accident happen.” I both want to stop the perverted actions and continue abusing the little still maturing pink pussies. I slowly smoked out a huge fog of hookah smoke, not hearing Cleo inviting me for lunch. She repeated her sentence in a firmer voice. Bit scared by her sudden stern voice, I said my sister invited me out for my birthday lunch. I immediately whatsapped my little brother asking him to call Cleo and ask if I was ready to leave. Couple of minutes her phone rang, she later said they are waiting for you. I immediately left, texted Amanda on my way out. She replied ” we are ready for you” when I approached the house, there were more than two teenage female voices. I texted again ” who are you with? I hear more voices” She said ” it’s about time, please come in”. I bugged in, there group of unknown little faces. I called Amanda to the side, asked her what was going on? She said ” I noticed how you enjoyed my cousin and you are the only option to teach this curious girls to be women.” I enquired, how many are they? ” 3 excluding your wives.” What you mean by wives? She said me & cousin”. She immediately noticed a concern on my face. I emphasized that I never had such an orgy not forgetting age is not on my side. ” I have you covered” She smiled extending a box of Viagra. I was really worried. She had it covered, it seemed. I took both blue pills at once, as I walked back to the group, I heard my little slut cousin saying ladies ” anyone who wants to experience real man please put the money in this hat” she rotated the hat. To my surprise they all put R50 notes in the hat. I asked them ” m I selling my services?” They smiled and said we reckoned you love Vodka. That cash is for our nerves. In no time they gave me a glass of Vodka. I gulped and went to my two sluts ( Amanda & the cousin) I ordered them to undress me. Amanda obliged as the cousin fumbled her jeans. As my dick was throbbing I felt unease with palpitations. I ignored that putting my middle finger in Amanda’s welcoming wet warm pussy. She was extremely wet. I tore her dress and rammed her right away. The group were cheering as she convulsed. There were fluids smelling like urine on the floor and both of our thighs. Next was forever tight cousin. I was smiling deep down for unknown supernatural force possessed me. If is a demon of sex I was grateful. None of the first three lasted a minute. They were truly shaking from the orgasms. The fourth on the line was a 16 year old coloured. She was not as tight, though she possessed a different skill to the previous three. Her Vjayjay ( punani, pussy) muscles were contracting intensely. I almost came until she maintained eye contact. I immediately fell in love, then I decreased the pace. It was passionate love making ensuring I pause at the mouth of the cervix. She kissed me and whispered “I love you. Please take my ass”. I smiled and said in due time love. I saw pure jealousy in both Amanda and her cousin. The 16 yo came very softly with minimal moans. The fifth girl went directly to the aching dick. I admired the art. I came, she gulped all the semen. Despite all the cum my dick was throbbing, my intention was to ramm hard in her velvet. She was as tight as crap. The pain on my dick was unbearable. I ordered the 16 yo to suck her as I went for her anal. It went on and on until the crowd onlookers complained. Their noise unleashed both the action stars into their simultaneous orgasm. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Boom my two preggies came in… The end of the series.

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