Maami is too naughty

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Seduced by my maami who always had crush on my dick which i realised when i was fucking her.

Without any delay lets come to the story.
Actually i went to my maami’s house for a marriage party where i stood 4 days and the incident took place within those days.

I never had any bad intentions on her but her reaction always made me suspect her intentions.
Actually on that party all the relatives came and everything was going well and the time to sleep came. All of us busy in finding bed to sleep. Her room was also big. She asked me and one of my younger cousin to the room next to her. I just went immediately after that and slept.

At night around 1:30 am i nottice someone is massaging my legs. I slightly opened my eyes and saw her doing that.

Let me tell you my mama is a govt. Employee and aged old man. And my maami is a bomb sexy ??? and tall with a sexy ass that everyone would love to have a bite.

So, i didn’t respond to that and she kept on doing so slowly i was getting aroused and my dick was on full swing.she managed to get on to the bed as there were enough space on my bed and my cousin was very small to even realise what was about to happen.

After that i grabbed her hand and asked, what is this maami.
She replied just once, but i said how is it possible, u r my maami. She then took my hand and put it on her pussy and said just once u taste me.
I smiled and started kissing her. I started undressing her…she was wearing an old panty but the smell was awesome.i put that in her mouth and went down to have a journey to her lovely pussy. Then i got to know that her pussy was looking like a brand new pussy that has never been touched. I started licking herpussy and she was just going crazy slowly and slowly. Then i turned her aand started licking her ass which was so maintained that still i can feel the taste. I then again kissed her and we exchanged saliva that we were getting in our mouth dew to the desire of having sex..

She then pointed me to the table where a glass of milk was kept. I ate all the milk and noticed that i was going mad for fucking her. She might have mixed something on it. Whatever, i then told her to give me a blowjob and trust me she did this better than any porn star could have. She licked my balls, and deep throated me as a pornstar then she pulled me near and told, can’t wait more, plz start.

I first started fucking her ass which i found a better one from many sold pussys thenafter 1t minutes she pointed towards her pussy. I then pulled her near me and by slowly kissing her pushed my dick inside her pussy comfortably which made her shivered and she was like going mad. Islowly started moving back and forth and did it in every position discovered till. The best thing was i usually can last for 10 minutes bit that day we had sex for 2 and half hours, that nasha was the reason. At last when i was about to cum i asked her to let me cum inside which she neglected and poited to her mouth. I went near and gave a big sqeez to her mouth. She ate every drop that came out of my mouth. At last she requested me to eat her pussy again and we finoshed by doing that.

It has been 20 since that incident happened and i am dying to have her again. We usually meet on whatsapp where we talk like husband and wife but we are something more now.

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  • Reply Sniffer ID:2vqxjo7et09

    In India we also refer a senior neighbour as uncle or aunty , chacha or chachi etc
    Similarly we have a maami next to our flat , who is married to a young handsome rich govt officer often on tour . Besides parents my family hqve me & my 6 yrs old younger brother .Some time ago maami asked my parents to let me stay in her house when her husband was away for 5 days .
    First 3 nights nothing unusual happened but on the 4th night I was asked sleep with her as she had nightmares , it was my dream to sleep next to this beautiful sexy lady . Many time I had sniffed her dirty smelly panties in her toilet& masturnrated & came in her panties . How I dreamt of smelling & fucking her .
    After mid night when I checked she was fast asleep , slowly I approached her from behind & moved up her nighty she wore no panties . In the darkness I smelledmjer ass & pussy , kissed her . Her strong.odours of her ripe sex gave me hard on & fucked her both last 2 nights . She pretended not to notice at all .

    • Sniffer ID:2vqxjo7et09

      Sorry guys I ended in a rush as Mammi arrived looking for me to go buy grocery for her which I do always. She is 30 yrs & no child yet after 4 yrs of marriage . Her cunt has a tight grip like that of a teen girl & all became clearer to me her husband Arun is bisexual prefers men more than women.
      I still have sex with her now quite often & lets me enjoy her smells by remaining unwashed till next day . She loves strong male scent of sweat around my dick . I sniff & inhale her overpowering musky pissy fermented female aromas from nernhairy pussy , assy scents of her ass . At times when we fuck violently I put her legs on my shoulders & go for very deep penetration & when we both are soaked in sweat while our hairy crotch are wet in our sex juice I smell her toes , soles , heels cheesy heady smells I cum…& cum in waves .

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      Sniff glad you re an averge Indian guy with good sex appetite like many of us young studs love chudai with smelly chuts of females from 14 tom40 . All Indian women smell & taste wonderful & sexy

  • Reply WARREN KEGLER ID:fzq5oov9i

    I wish I could have her now! care to text me at (347)949-2811 tell me plenty more?

    • Tinku ID:2t4anp0ql