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Lost virginity to family dog

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age 9 had sex with our american bulldog true story

This is a true story of how I lost my virginity and how I began having sex with dogs.
Growing up we always had dogs mostly American Bulldogs. my dad would breed them and sell the puppies. So we always had our stud male his name was Panzar. Well i was age 9 when I got interested and curious about sex, I would touch myself at night and put things in my vagina such as markers. I never before had paid much attention to Panzar trying to mount things which he would sometimes do to our spayed female mixed breed dog name jasmine. I remember one time seeing them get locked together by mating in the backyard and my dad threw water on them to get them to Separate. Well I started wondering if I could get him to mount me like that and what it must feel like. So I decided next time I was home alone I would try. the time for that finally came about 3 weeks later. My parents went out to play cards with their friends. I waited till they were gone at least for 30 min and called Panzar into my room. I had removed my underwear and was only wearing a tshirt. I closed my door and crawled around him on all fours. He didn’t seem very interested at first. after about 5 min of this I crawled backwards towards him, presenting my rear to his face. I could feel his breath as finally he started sniffing around my genitals. After a few moments of sniffing he nudged his nose closer, I could feel the wet coldness of it nudging at my little pussy lips. My thighs trembled. He gave out a couple flustered breaths then gently licked my pussy. It felt so good i moaned like an adult. In the mirror i could see him sniffing and licking at me and slowly the sheath pulled back to reveal his bright red cock. I started to wonder if i could even take his cock and thought to myself him just licking me felt good enough. He began to lick more feverishly, then curled his tounge and penetrated my virgin pussy with it. I jolted forward and shouted, having never felt something so thick inside of me. I decided to stand up and this wasnt a good idea but it was too late. Panzar was an experienced stud dog and must have realized i was trying inexperienced and trying to get away, cos no sooner had I moved my legs forward to try to pull myself up he mounted me in one movement, swiftly gripping around my hips. I yelled at him to no, stop and to get off but instead he positioned himself above me, his forearms wrapped so tightly around my waist I could hardly breath. I could feel his sticky cock tip nudging at my ass cheeks, closer to my pussy as he shifted around, readying me. finally his cock was slightly tapping against my pussy. he panted loudly above me. I thought to myself okay, so long as this is it I could handle it. I let myself relax as he gripped around my waist so hard my small knees came off the floor and I was doing my best to hold my small body up beneath him. I didn’t realize it at that age but he was only readying my pussy to be penetrated. After about 5 minutes of fervent tapping, the mating began. I felt the tip enter and thought he was going to pull back again, but this time he lurched forward, forcing his cock fully into me. I screamed out loud. With one hand I tried to push his wrapped forearms away but he only tightened his grip. I glanced in the mirror and could see how rapidly I was being fucked, it felt like fire. he had lifted my haunches up off the floor and I was trying to crawl slowly forward to keep up with his momentum as it pushed us forward. He was slightly stepping forward as he thrust. I screamed out a few times, even wished my parents were home to get him off of me. I wondered if he was going to cause damage. I tried to relax and just let it happen. After a few minutes of rapid thrusting my pussy began to sting and burn in a new way. He had slowed down and slowly I could feel his cock swell. His knot was deep into my shallow pussy. I yelled and twisted to no avail. Finally he was motionless, his grip loosened but his knot swelling. I tried to moved out from under him but was met with a tug and stinging sensation. I cried out again as I realized we were locked or it at least would hurt to bad to try and get him out of me while he was swollen. He panted loudly and dismounted me. Still inside of me but no longer on top of me. I caught my breath as my thighs trembled and shook. Slowly he moved his back leg around, so we were ass to ass the way I had seen him with female dogs before. I lowered my face to the floor, trying to relax and at least get comfortable. I moved one of my legs so it was wrapped over his back a little to help bear some weight cause otherwise I was just dangling from his cock. I whined to myself as I felt his knot still pulsing. Was he still cumming? I wondered. But mostly I was surprised at my own body. Inside of me I could feel my own self gripping, then loosening, milking him despite the fiery pain. I wondered if sex would always feel like this and if so why did anyone ever enjoy it. At some point he began to walk forward, I yelled out from the burning sensation as his knot tugged me along with him. I understood why some girl dogs screamed and twisted around trying to bite him. He paused again and at least for another 10 minutes was inside of me. Slowly the grip loosened as his cock began to resheath. Finally it popped out with a burst of slimey liquid mixed with blood. I cried out and collapsed to the floor. Panzar wandered off, to him this was nothing more than another successful mating. For me I was laying on the floor, devirginzed and trembling. My legs and ass shook violently and I could feel my pussy hole smacking and still pulsing as more liquid poured from it. I laid there a little while longer before cleaning the mess off the floor and going to take a bath. After the bath I grabbed my hand mirror to inspect myself. My pussy was no longer pink and smooth, but red, puffy and agape. I felt a strange sense of pride about no longer being a virgin and thought to myself about when I should try to have sex with men and how maybe I would let panzar do that to me again.

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