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Loosing My Virginity To My Dog

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This isn’t the only time this happened and not my only story. I’ve also fucked my all four of my brothers, my sister, my dad, my mom, and all cousins

This is my first story of many I plan to write. This is the story of how I lost my virginity to my dog. At the time I was sixteen, almost 4’8, 30b sized breasts, a reasonably big butt, long dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, and fair skin.

One day during the summer my parents went away for the weekend to some ski resort (I live in Colorado) my sister was at her best friend’s house for the weekend, and my brothers (quadruplets) were at a friend’s house so I was home alone with our huge ass German Shepard Cole. We’ve had Cole since I was fourteen and he definitely liked me the best. I was petting his head and scrolling on Instagram when he started to whine. I thought he needed to go out so I got outside to let him out. It was about 8 at night and I lived in the country area of Colorado so we didn’t have any neighbors that weren’t at least 5 minute drives from the house and a 10 minute walk so it was silent. I don’t have a fence in my backyard so I went outside in the cold to wait while he did his business. I was sitting in one of the deck chairs when Cole came up to me and nudged my legs apart. At first I thought he just wanted to be pet so I started to rub his ears. I was wearing an oversized T-shirt that ended just below my butt and panties. So when he nudged further in between my legs and started to rub my pussy with his nose I freaked out a little. I pushed him back and said. “No Cole.” He whined again and pushed back at me. I pushed him away and stood up. He whines as I walked back into the house. He followed me in and I shut and locked the door behind me. I turned around and tripped over Cole. When I was standing his head came up to my belly button so when I rolled onto my back after I fell on my face and found him standing over me, I was freaked out. I tried to sit up but he snarled and nipped at me, pushing me back to the ground. He pushed at my legs as I tried to keep him from separating them. When he moved off of me to try to spread my legs I stood up and ran upstairs to my room. I shut and locked the door and stood against it, startled at what just happened. After a while I left my room and went to the bathroom to shower before going to bed. I left the bathroom door unlocked out of habit. I stripped and turned on the water. I let it heat up before stepping in. I rubbed my clit and moaned loudly. I slipped one finger in my CUNY and fingered myself. After a while I stuck two fingers in, struggling to move them back and forth in my pussy. I soon cane all over my fingers and shut off the shower. I stepped out and wrapped my self in the towel on the rack. I turned to see Cole standing in the bathroom with me, the door wide open. He was staring at me. I rang out my hair in the sink and started to pat myself dry. When I bent over to dry my legs I was pushed hard from behind. I fell face first into the tile floor. Dazed I tried to stand when my back hit fur. Cole was standing over me, while I was on all fours under him. I felt his two front legs wrap around me as he humped me. After awhile of him pushing his dick (which I measured later to be about 8”) and it sliding up and down my folds I started to relax, thinking he wouldn’t be able to get inside of me. Boy I was wrong. He finally found the right angle to get his dick inside of my virgin pussy. I could barely fit two fingers inside myself let alone a 8 inch dog cock that was 2 inches thick. He started to pound his dick into me and I screamed in pain. Tears streamed down my face. After awhile the pain started to fade and it became pleasurable. I moaned loudly, causing him to thrust deeper inside of me. This went on for awhile, I came at least 3 times before he finished inside of me. He pulled out after a few minutes. I rolled onto my back, spread eagle on the cold tile of the bathroom. Cole came over and started to lap up our cum. His cold nose rubbed against my clit. I moaned and came almost immediately. After I came at least four more times I pushed him away and showered again. I was sore for a while and walking hurt. After all, this wouldn’t be the last time.

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