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Linda can’t get enough

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Linda starts doing everyone that will come by the house

When I agreed to let Linda suck off 20 high school teenagers at the park as it was my way of maybe finding some guys with huge cocks to make her cunt the way I liked it – “dirty” from been filled with cum. It made her really good fucking and also, I liked her sucking my cock off “Hands-Free” while a big cock was pounding her cunt. She would bring me off never touching my cock with her hands, only using her mouth. She called it her “Speciality” and did it to a number of other guys while I watched or was fucking her. Drove them crazy too when she did it. I first discovered that her cunt would pulse like a squeezing hand when she was sucking a cock.
Before she started double fucking she would pretend the big dildo was some guys cock while I fucked her and dirty talked to her and the next thing I knew, her cunt was giving my cock a blowjob at the same time. I would not have to move and she could milk my cock and make me cum – was really good. Once she finally agreed to do the double fuck scene it just got better as getting milked off as she sucked another guys cock was a way better then playtime. Even though I had second thoughts about the part suck off she wanted to do, there was no changing her mind. Would have been OK if I had been able to get some of her cunt but I knew is I did, they would be no stopping the teenagers and I was not interested in having any kind of a problem. She opened up her bra and let the guys play with her tits as she sucked them off but that was it. I said NO to her taking her shorts off. She started out with the first 7-8 sitting on the end of the picnic table and her standing up doing her them with the line moving up as one guy came off in her mouth.

After about 45 minutes she had the next ones sit on the picnic table bench and she sat on a small stool we brought while she moved thru the group. The others waiting their turn where back about 10-12 feet so it was the guy getting sucked off and her, with me standing near in the event there was a problem. After she had done everyone once, and it took only an hour, she drank a coke and then said she was ready to go some more. Everyone went a second time except one guy who had stroked off twice after she sucked him off for his first time ever. He could not get it up since he had already cum off 3 times.

One of the guys – Jim had a cock over 8 inches and she signaled me and when he dumped off in her mouth I slipped him a note to call me if he wanted to fuck her. The other guy was Rick and he was only 7″ or so long but the biggest around cock I had ever seen. Slipped him a prepared note also. She did end up sucking 3 of the guys off a third time and I said that’s it. Before we left the park she sucked me off too.

The next day Jim called me at work and come to find out he lived about 1 mile from us and I invited him to come fuck her that night. He was there and ready and she took him onto the bedroom and sucked him off as I took some pictures and after he had shot off in her mouth, his cock stayed hard so I laid on the bed and she sucked me off “Hands-Free” as he fucked her. He said he wanted a Hands-free and i told him next time as I wanted her cunt dirty up for me. He dropped another 4 loads in her cunt and got ready to leave wanting to know if he could come back tomorrow night. We said sure, but Rick was already planning on being there – but that was no problem.

The next night both of them should and she sucked Rick off first and it was a mouthful as his cock was damn near 3 ” in diameter and then did Jim – Hands-Free as Rick mounted her from the rear. She took all of his cock with no problem as she was dripping wet. As it turned out she was the first one that had been able to take Rick’s cock since his aunt 4 years before. – I took some photos. Then Jim mounted her from the rear as she sucked me off straight away. Then it was my time to get some of the great “Dirty Pussy” and was it ever good as she was sucking on cock the whole time. Both boys got their second blowjob of the evening and then fucked her some more. Needless to say it was a regular thing from then on along with the others that were getting blowjobs and fucking her. Linda told me recently that Rick had the biggest around cock she had ever fucked on a white guy – she had done some blacks with their’s just as big around and longer. (Yes this was what she did in later years.)

It was getting pretty wild as multiple guys were ringing the door bell at night and never gt turned away. When she was on her period, everyone showed up damn near ever night. It was blowjob city with her often doing 8-9 guys a night. She was cumming so much all you had to do was mention what was going to happen next and she would cum off. It got out of control and I was becoming afraid to travel away from home, not knowing what I would find when I got back, so it was time to pull the plug and that’s when our problem started. continued

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