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Lap Top

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A mostly true (fictional) account from “Molly” about her brother, and their mutually abusive relationship.

I bet I knew what Jeremy was doing, when I saw him take mom’s laptop. He looked around, unplugging it from the charger, but she was busy in the kitchen. So, I went back down the hall, and snuck under his bed before he came in. Closed the door, and put it on the bed.

He didn’t get on the bed with it, but I saw him kick his shoes off, and heard him clicking keys. Then, I scooted over to the edge, where I could look up. Just in time to see him unzip his pants, I bet he was looking at pictures of naked girls again.

I caught him doing it on her laptop before, but he covered it up, before I could see it. Now, he was pushing his pants down, and then he rubbed it through the front of his underwear. I know that there was no way I should be in here, spying on him, but it’s what he gets for walking in on me changing, or in the bath naked to take a piss.

I felt up my shirt, pushing my bra up, but soon enough, he pulled his underwear down too. He wasn’t even hard yet, but he pinched it, and pulled it, so his balls swung, and it didn’t take long for him to get a stiffy. He covered it up in his fist, and stroked it. Slow at first, but then a little bit faster, until his balls were really swinging, and shaking the sperm in there to wake them up.

I imagined them whipping their tails excitedly, but all too soon, he grunted. “Ah.” He sighed, and I think I saw his balls twitch?

“Uh!” Some of it fell on my face, and I wiped it off my eye, before I saw him, looking down. Between his legs, he’d lost his erection, but there was still a little drop clinging to it, and I licked my lips. My sticky fingers, while he puled up his underwear. Then, his pants. Backing up he looked back, and felt the door-knob. The lock, and he pushed it in, trapping me in there, with him.

He didn’t even ask me what I was doing in there, he didn’t say anything, he just came over, and held out his hand, to help me up. ‘what were you looking,’ I whispered, and said “Oh!” When my arm slipped on the floor. The streaks, he wasn’t aiming it, and just hit me in the eye with a lucky shot, but I licked it off my arm.

‘porn.’ Obviously, but then he asked me, ‘you like the taste of it?’ I rubbed the roof of my mouth with my tongue, and nodded. Still on the floor, I saw more of it, and wiped it up, to eat it. Meanwhile, he grabbed the lap-top, and turned around, to sit on the floor next to me.

‘huh, she’s got big ones.’ He showed me the pictures, but he looked down at my top. The cups still pushed up, and poking out.

‘he’s got nice hairy balls too.’ He had his leg up, on a chair so I could see his butt, and his balls hanging out under it.

‘look at his dick.’ He touched the little box under the keyboard, and one of the little picture popped up.

I shook my head, ‘it’s too big, and you can’t barely see his balls at all.’

‘you really like balls, huh?’

‘yeah, well you like big boobs too, and look at those. you mean to tell me those aren’t too big? they’d only get in the way.’

‘nu uh. look, that means he can do this.’ He went back to the gallery, and switched to another picture of him, humping her chest.

‘it looks like she’s doing it to him,’ sitting back in a chair, with his arms up behind his head, so you could really see his chest, and his back sticking out the sides, too. I felt mine, and a little jealous.

‘your’s aren’t too big. you want to try that?’

‘hot dogging?’ he laughed, but I shook my head. ‘they’re not big enough for that.’

‘no, but your butt is, I bet.’ I hit him, “Ow!”

‘my butt’s not big. do you really think it looks that big?’

‘no, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it like that, but i bet it’s big enough to hot dog my dick.’

‘if you can even get it up again.’ he took my hand. ‘huh!’ put it in his pants, and I felt down to his balls, through his underwear. They felt so warm, and round, like giant beans. At least as big as lima beans, but rounder.

‘pull down your pants again.’

‘we better get up on the bed.’ he folded down the laptop, since we didn’t need dirty pictures, of oversized freaks to look at, when we had each other.

My brother, I can’t believe how horny, and perverted he turned out, but then again. I have to own up to how horny, and perverted I was acting too. Sure enough, as soon as I got my clothes off, he hot-dogged my buns, and squeezed them together, so his dick slid up and down my crack when I humped it. Bent over, with my head on the foot of the bed, so I could look down between his legs, and even feel his balls. ‘huh!’

Balls. Boy balls. “Huh, huh!” I humped faster, just to see if I could feel them twitch, and pushed them around so they rubbed together, waking up his little swimmers, so they whipped their tails excited to burst out free.

‘uh, you want to suck them?’

‘your balls?’ I nodded, and got up.

‘my dick, and my balls.’

‘no, just your balls.’ He sat on my face, though, and leaned over to feel my boobs. Squeeze them, and rub my nipples, while I rolled his balls around and around in my mouth, with my tongue. I was in heaven, even with my nose in his butt, and with my mouth full of hairy salty nutsack, I had to breathe in through my nose, but I just closed my eyes, and when we’re finished, for a long time after that, I had the butt stick stuck in my nose. I can almost smell it now, right in front of my nose, from the first time I tasted a boy’s ball sweat. My brother’s ball sweat.

“Uh!” I felt his scrotum tense up again, and he grunted, just like he always did. Even when I listened through the door, but he held his breath, so he didn’t moan.

“Swop!” They bounced out, and smeared spit on my chin, but I pushed him up to watch his dick bounce, and twitch. I didn’t realize that his butthole puckered too, so I stuck my fingers in, and pried his buttcrack wide open, to watch it tens up, with each wet sticky twitch.

‘uh, no. don’t, nhm!” He let go my boobs, and got down off the bed. Covering his butt in both hands. ‘i’m not gay.’

‘huh, so what?’

‘so, I don’t want nothing in my butthole, jeeze.’

‘huh, well. you better pull up your pants.’ i wiped the fresh sperm up off my chest, and some of it even shoot all the way down my belly. ‘and distract mom, so i can go wash up in the shower.’

‘huh, yeah. that was great.’

‘huh, yeah. that was amazing.’

‘if we ever do it again, you have to promise to leave my butthole alone, though.’

‘huh!’ I rolled my eyes, but I nodded, ‘okay. I promise.” crossed my heart, then sicked my spermy fingers while he went back out.

‘snh!’ I just lay back, and felt the juices for a little while. Long enough for him to offer to set the table, so I heard plates clacking together, so i got up. Looked both ways before crossing the hall, and went in to take a shower.

I stopped, and looked back at the mirror on the door. Mover the bathrobes, and towels out of the way.

“No, my butt’s not that big.” Soft, though. Compared to his hard little butt, but if he likes it, he liked big boobs, so I guess that’s not big surprise, then.

Maybe I need to get a gay boyfriend, so he’ll let me do whatever I want to his butthole, and his balls. “Hm!” I just turned on the water, and closed my eyes. Sitting on the toilet, and letting the piss trickle out. “Hm, yeah.” A gay boy with a big hairy boyfriend, to bend over, and buttfuck, while I down, and watch their balls swinging together.

“Hm, yeah.”


Mom (Ff Talk)

“Emmy,” I knocked, “Have you seen?” By the time I looked in, she sat up with my laptop next to her on the bed.

Naked, her legs crossed, but I could smell her. The room was filled with the stink of sex.

“Oh, there it is.” She closed it, but she didn’t have a chance to kill the Paint program. So, when I plugged it in by the couch, it was still up on top.


“Huh?” She came out, with a dress on.

“Mom, I uh.”

“I thought that was Jeremy’s picture.” Of 2 men, from between their legs, so you could see the hard one sink into the fat one, and squeeze a drop of fluid out of his prostate.

“No, he’s not gay.”

“He said that,” as well as, “You must have downloaded it.” I didn’t believe him, though. I killed it, and went to open up my work folder. I forgot what I was going to change in the recipe. “Where did you get that?”

“From a movie, I just cut out the best part, so I could watch it over, and over again. Is that weird?”

“Huh, honestly, I don’t know. You better ask your father.” He has his own computer, which he takes to work, and brings home with videos to watch, and get in the mood. Nothing like this, however.

She shook her head, embarrassed. “I don’t think I could.”

“Huh, well. I suppose if men like to look at. Lesbians. It isn’t any different for a young lady to want see homosexual men. It’s just so disgusting.”

“Well, I don’t care about the anal, I just like to watch their nuts whacking together.”

“Yeah, I suppose that might be, a little weird.”

“Mom, do you like.” She took a deep breath, and sighed. Looking up, her eyelids slipped down, and she bit back a smile. Flushed with sexual arousal, I’d never seen on her face before, she sighed, through her nose. “Balls.”

“Not especially. I mean, your father’s. I don’t know if I feel comfortable talking about your father’s body.”

“Well, me, and Jeremy came out of there, so. I know, I don’t mean dad’s, in particular. Just boy’s balls in general. They’re my favorite part.”

“No, why?”

“I don’t know? I guess I’m supposed to want their di.” She stopped herself, “Penis, but I don’t. I know that you have to stimulate it, to get what you want out of them, but I’d rather go right for the source. When I get a chance,” she looked away, “With boys, I mean.” Biting her lip.

“Well, don’t be ashamed, of. Wait, boys as in. Boys, plural?”

She shrugged, “I know, it’s just a fantasy, but I always imagined the impossible, I guess.”

“A threesome?”

“Yeah, but if they’re gay, then what would they ever see in me? I keep trying to get my butt.” She rubbed it, “As hard, and muscular as them. Well, not the fat one. The hunk?”

“Is that why you keep running up, and down the stairs?”

“It’s helped a little, but not a lot. It’s still too fat, like my boobs.”

I blinked, and shook my head. “I better call the doctor, and see if he can refer you to a specialist, in this sort of thing.”

“They really have specialist doctors for this?”

“I don’t know, but if they do, than she’ll probably know one.”

“I knew it, I am crazy.”

“Now now. Let’s not jump to conclusions, but.” But what? I don’t think it’s healthy, being obsessed with such, nasty things. I don’t mean that, testicles are that filthy, but the way she’s talking about them, and gushing about them, let alone the sodomy. “I can tell that it’s upsetting you, so it’s just to put your mind at ease,” I said, but that didn’t help me. I felt so dirty just looking at that homosexual gif, that I wanted a shower just to wash that feeling off.

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