Just Being A Nice Cousin/Pimp

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My cousin wasn’t able to bang her swim coach. She was depressed and embarrassed. I couldn’t let her suffer when I knew there was someone else…

Like I said before, Elizabeth (names changed to protect everyone) was getting a little more confident and a little more demanding now that she’d fucked my brother. and also as I said before, I liked it. She’s becoming a hot, cocky bitch. She kept up the good girl look, as I have, but something let loose in her once she realized how hard she made my bro when she texted him a pic of her pussy with our double sided dildo in it. We gave her a lecture on being stupid, which that was, and she agreed not to do it anymore. But it just shows how much she thinks she’s in charge. She’s still in middle school, a silly (though adorable and sexy) little 13 year old! So she’d always had a crush on her swim coach. I told her NOT to try seducing him, that it could really mess things up, but she did. One day after everyone had left practice, she asked him to meet her because she had something urgent to ask him. In the empty locker room, he came in to find her sitting on the edge of a bench, in only thigh high stockings legs splayed and pussy lips totally open. She didn’t even finish, “Will you please fuck me?” before he turned around and walked out. She wasn’t sure what he said, but it seemed like, “Please put some clothes on.” He waited for her to come out, with her clothes on, and he had a long talk with her. He said he was concerned. Was someone abusing her sexually? NO, she said. She just wanted to be with him. He almost called some hotline and let her parents know, but she convinced him that she was still a virgin and that it had been her dumb idea to get him to be her first. He still wanted to get her to see a school counselor, but she was so embarrassed, and he could see that it really was awkward. He didn’t want her to quit swimming and become detached from her friends on the team, so he agreed to pretend it never happened. Having my brother’s cock in her and the fun we had was very different than trying to seduce her middle aged coach. I still get nervous when I think about it, though I have to admit I’d like to fuck her coach, too! We knew she’d be down for a while. She moped around when she came over, and my bro and I did everything sexually possible to convince her that she’s very hot. Her coach was simply like our fathers. Not game players. So I talked with Patty, the coach secretary, and she agreed this was a job for Ted, her father. I had already enjoyed him drilling me while my brother took her at the same time, and if she didn’t mind sharing her daddy with Elizabeth, she’d be doing a good deed. She and Ted were happy to comply as long as we kept coming to her to order our sex toys. Again, Dad is so innocent he had everyone to dinner on a night when Elizabeth was staying over to do homework on a Friday night. Later, when my bro and I said we’d take Elizabeth home, we stopped by Patty’s first. Ted reintroduced himself to Elizabeth, as dinner was a very family type of getting-to-know-you with Dad there. He said Patty had explained the situation, that the coach was just not meant for the part, and that if she wanted him, he found her irresistible. Only if she wanted him, after all I had told her. Oh yes. She wanted him. She asked if they could start off alone. She was a little nervous. No problem. There was a guest bedroom. As they walked down the hall, Patty and my bro gave each other a nod. The 3 of us agreed to use the time for us, too. My bro was on his back, with Patty mounted on his cock while I straddled his face with my wet pussy. We went slow and easy so that we could listen if they made noise. They did A lot. We made sure the 3 of us came more so that we could know what was going on in the guest room. Naked, we knocked on the door and peered inside. Ted was lounging back on pillows while my sweet little cousin rode him in reverse cowgirl position. He had a small dildo up her ass, and both of them were moaning. Her breasts were bouncing with the rhythm of their fucking, and it was a so hot I wanted cock inside me again. We left them alone again. When they finally emerged from the room, smiling, I could see that I had done a good deed. Later, after dropping Elizabeth off at home to her unsuspecting parents, My bro and I took a long road off the main boulevard that led to farms. No street lights. We were afraid of getting cum on the seats or leaving the car smelling like our sex, so we simply took care of our needs at the side of the road. I sat on the hood (still nice and warn), legs splayed with jeans and panties rolled into a heap next to me, one of my hands rubbing his throbbing cock up and down my aching, sopping slit. ramming it into me when I put it exactly where I wanted it. Kissing him while he was pumping me heightened it, so I asked him if he wanted me to turn over and if he wanted my ass. We didn’t have any lube on us, so we smeared my honey as much as we could.. Next he spat as much as he could and asked if I really was ready. YES! PLEASE! DRILL MY ASS NOW! That hurt. More than I expected, and my bro asked if he should stop. Nope. Complete the deed. He did. It’s a good thing we keep a box of Kleenex in the car. He shot his load deep in me, and it drizzled out my ass for a while. When we got home, Dad was at his desk, preparing a sermon for Sunday. He asked what took so long. We took the scenic way home. Through farm country. And we stopped by Patty’s because she and her dad had invited us for dessert. We’d all been wanting something creamy. Yes, Patty and her dad are good folks. We’ll have to meet her mom some time.

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