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International Women’s Day

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Hasn’t been celebrated long enough for there to be an official tradition.

I got a ride home from church with my friend. Well, we’re girlfriends, but we didn’t go to one of those progressive churches, where we could celebrate it. Then, I heard mom in the bathroom, and Rachael followed me.

Neither of us was prepared to see my dad, bent over the toilet in nothing but an apron, knee-pads, and work boots, but mom was laying back in a bubble bath. “Oh, my god.”

Rachel just ran down the hall shaking her head. “Oh, shit.” Dad stood up on his knees, and dropped the scrub-brush in a bucket. “Sweety, I’m sorry you had to see that.” The frilly pink apron tented out, but his boner slowly disappeared, and mom sat up, her chest covered in suds, I handed her a towel.

Okay, I knew that my parents had sex, obviously. How I got here, but I didn’t know that they were still sexually active, or I guess I didn’t want to think about it.

I just backed up, and ran into their bedroom door. Found myself at the end of the hall, and just froze up, until Rachael opened my door, and peeked out.

“Oh,” she hugged me, “Are you okay?” Rubbing my arm, and my shoulder.

“I don’t know, how to feel about that.”

She giggled a little, “That looked a little kinky.” Finally, mom came out, with a towel around her body, but her hair was still dry. Done up in a bun, but sweaty, stuck to her forehead, and her neck. I just backed up into my room, and she followed, shutting the door.

“Huh, we just lost track of time.”

“What was he doing in there?” Rachael asked.

“Cleaning the bathroom, especially behind the toilet, and. I’m sorry you had to see that.”

“Well, okay, I. Just.” Her head tilted. “Huh! I never saw a man’s butt.” She grinned, and straightened her head, and shook it. “I can definitely see the attraction.”


“What? I don’t mean I want your dad, and besides.” She waved at mom, “He’s married, obviously.”

I nodded. “It’s none of our business, what you and dad do in the.” I almost said bedroom, “Bathroom, it was just a bit of a shock.”

“Huh!” Mom rubbed my shoulders, “I know, but Rachael.”

“Hm?” She looked up.

“I thought you’re a lesbian.”

“Mom?” I turned around, and I guess, I felt betrayed, or at least lied to?

“No, I. Guess, I did too, all my life, but. I never saw any men acting so. Submissive, and obedient?”

“Huh, well he asked me, how do people celebrate International Women’s Day.”

“Very progressive.” She nodded. “Do I come off as gay?”

“No, but a woman knows. I’ve seen how you looked at my Tanner, and she followed you all the way to church. She loves you too.”

“I know, but.” Rachael thought. “Huh, I guess I should start to reconsider, the third option.”

“Which is?” I just had to hear her say it.

“Bisexuality, obviously.” I nodded, slowly, and tried to imagine her with a boy. Nobody in particular, wondering if I’m jealous, or what that would feel like? “Of course, I wouldn’t even think about sleeping around on you.”

There was a muffled thunk, behind the door. It turned out to be the master bedroom door.

“I’m going to go check on your father,” Mom let herself out, so I went to sit down next to Rachael on the bed.

“Well, maybe you should.” I took her hand. “Maybe we should discuss it together, as a mature couple.”

“Maybe,” she turned, and stared off into space. “We should discuss it.” Then she grinned, and broke up into giggles. “You sound like a robot.” She snapped her fingers, and waved in front of my face. “Hello, you in there, Tanner?”

“Huh!” Finally I could laugh. “Huh, it’s funny, now that I think about it.” Shaking my head, “That apron, especially.”

“I don’t think your dad is hot, you know that, but yeah. That apron looked pretty good on him.”
I just can’t get the image of his boner sticking out, out of my mind, and the way it slowly drooped, when we caught him in the act.

He knocked. “Girls?”

“Uh!” I rolled my eyes, and scooted over, letting go of her hand. “Yeah, dad. You can come in.”

Thank God he put some pants on, and a shirt. “Huh, I guess you have some questions.” Untucked.

“Oh, no. Mom cleared that up. Happy International Women’s Day?” I felt lame, “I guess.”

“Now, I’m not a crossdresser or anything, I just wanted to do something special for your mother, to show her how much I respect, and appreciate her.”

“Um, I have a question?” Rachael waved more than she raised her hand. “How come you two don’t come to church with Tanner?”

“Well, because we’re not spiritual, but if she wants to be Christian, than we have to respect her decision. She’s old enough to make her own choices, now.”

“Well, I’m glad you said that, because.” I held out my hand, and scooted back over to Rachael, when she took it. “Huh, we’re.” I almost said gay, but then I felt confused for a moment.

“We’re in love.” She finished my sentence, and squeezed my hand. Feeling my knuckes with her fingers, and her thumb. It relaxed me, and calmed me down, in spite of all I’d seen, and what we said. The fear of how my father would take it.

“Well, good.” He held up his sleeve, and went to button it, then looked at his watch. “Well, I better go start dinner, would you like to stay, Rachael?”

“Of course. Don’t forget to wash your hands!” She joked, before he closed the door. We laughed together, hugged, and kissed. “Huh! Well, that went pretty good, all things considered.”

“Yeah, not bad, but why do you still go to church?” I leaned back, so I could look at her, and watch her think.

“I’m not going to give up God, or Jesus Christ for you, if that’s what you’re thinking.”

“Oh, no. Not at all, but you think that maybe we could find a more progressive church, where we could be ourselves, without being ashamed of it, or judged for what we are?”

“Well, we have to figure that out. I mean, what are we, really. Lovers, gay?”

“I don’t know, but I hope that when we figure that out, maybe we can find a place that will respect us, whoever we grow up to be, together.”

“Yeah, I’d like that.” She ruined the moment, but her smile, and laughter more than made up for it. “Your dad cooks?”

“I don’t know, I’ve never seen him cook in the kitchen before. We better go out, and make sure he’s not going to burn the house down, or anything.”



I was pretty impressed. He didn’t try anything too advanced, and we talked him through it. Of course, he’d cooked before, but it was just like Barbeque, and grilling. He said, he was :”Getting in touch with my feminine side,” and held out his hand, for his wife.

Tanner, and I sighed at the same time, then looked over, and giggled. I don’t know, or I didn’t. Know that there was really a man like that, and I love Rachael, dearly. She helped me come out to myself, and her, if not my family, and my church, but you know any Baptists?

Well, let me just say that our church isn’t pressed down, running together, and flowing over with good male role models. At least there’s no child sex scandals? “Ow, fuck!”

Her father cut himself, and seeing her mother, take him over to the table. We got up, but it was just nice to watch her taking care of him. “It’s not too bad, I just nicked my thumb. I should have been paying better attention.”

Tanner came back from the hall, with a box of bandaids. I went over to the cutting board, and checked the carrots. “What are you making?” The crock pot. A staple at pot-lucks, and Sunday suppers after the service, we skipped it to take her home, and I don’t know why I decided to come in with her, today. Sometimes, she just kissed me goodbye, when I dropped her off, while others. “Pot roast?” I guessed. Turning it over, so the top didn’t dry out, and dipping the broth to taste it. Nervously, I didn’t know what to say.

How do you talk to your lover’s parents? They are nice, and accepting. And so romantic, I’d never seen them so intimate, and affectionate before they were just kinda there? I guess I avoided them and felt like I was sneaking around, behind their back. A little guilty about hiding our relationship, when if I were a boy, it probably wouldn’t have been as easy to spend time with her, alone, in her room.

Which just made me think about boys. “It’s okay,” he reached under the sink, and pulled out a bag, with dish gloves in it. Another pair to match the ones hanging by the sink, but he just put one on, to prevent contaminating the veggies. “Let me do it.”

He stopped my hand, just chopping carrots, on automatic. I’m not a tomboy, at all. I don’t even like girls that are too tomboyish, I sure as hell aren’t going to sign up for the softball team, and start hanging out at the hardware store.

“Um, the broth needs a little salt.” I just stepped aside, and let him go back to chopping veggies, but I held my hand behind me, and felt where he touched it.

“Oh,” his wife came up, and my ears started burning with shame. “We salt it at the end. I find that if I keep tasting, and seasoning, my palate gets used to the salt, and I overdo it.”

“My grandma taught us that trick. You can always add salt, but you can never take it out, once you put too much in.” She hugged me, so I let go of my hand, and held her hips. Our arms crossed behind us, and out other hands found each other, in front of us.

“So, how long have you two been sexual?”

Her father asked, conversationally. He didn’t look up, but he kept his head down, and carefully moved the knife in front of him. His elbow moving back, and forth, and I got the image in my head of him doing something dirty. He sniffed.

“Oh, are you all right?” He stopped and looked over. His eyes wet, and tears rolled down his cheeks.

He smiled, not unlike his daughter, and nodded. “Yeah, it’s just the onions.”

“Huh, well we’re not sexual yet, dad. We’re just romantic, but we’re saving ourselves. At least until we’re ready, and who knows, maybe we can hold out until we find another church, were we can be married?”

“Oh! I don’t know.” I was starting to have second thoughts, “If I can wait.” I kissed her, just to make sure, but it was chaste. Just her lips, and just the lips she had on her face, but it wasn’t exactly the first time I had thought about kissing her, lower.

Down her neck, unbuttoning her blouse, and following my hands down her chest. Feeling up her legs, and pulling off her underwear, whatever I might find under her skirt, and how we might go about making love. That was just one thing, that was holding us back.

“Huh,” I looked down, but my face was burning with more than just shame, and it had started getting hot under the collar, too. “I don’t know if we have to get married. That’s a church thing, but it’s not. Specifically mentioned in the gospels. There’s a few passages in the old testament, that priests have interpreted to mean that.”

“Our love isn’t a sin.” She shook her head, and mom sighed. I mean, he mother, sitting at the table, watching us, and our public displays of affection. Honestly, we forgot they’re even there.

Then her father blew his nose, and dropped the apron. His onion tears dried off his cheeks, and he spilled some pieces of onion, trying to scrape them off the cutting board into the crock pot, with the back of the knife.

“You two are a beautiful couple.” Her mom mused. her elbow on the table, and her chin across the back of her hand. Bent over gracefully, and smiling. Again, it reminded me of Tanner, and the way she smiled. The way she was smiling right now, looking at me.

“Huh!” Tanner reached up, and wiped her eyes with her fingers. “I guess the onions are getting to me too,” she joked, and hugged me. “You just make me so happy.”


Tanner (ff Romantic)

Finally, we got back to my room, and something about that. Mom, and dad were so cool, and I knew that. How cool they were about their gay friends, and lesbians couples they knew, but I didn’t even realize how insecure I was about the whole thing. Coming out, and especially being so affectionate with each other in front of anyone, let alone my parents, but I knew that her whole family wouldn’t approve.

“Huh!” She reached up to her shoulder, and bit back a smile. A dirty little grin, moving my hand down to her hip, then between us, until my knuckles ran into something. “Uh.” I felt around, and looked up in her eyes. “Is that a carrot in your underpants, or are you just happy to see me?”

We can laugh together. That’s the most wonderful part, we don’t just love each other, but we really like each other too. She is so funny, and she laughs, god I love her laugh, especially when it turns naughty, and she nodded. “Why don’t you find out?”

I’m nervous, of course I am, but we both pretty much proposed, and I don’t even care who’s idea it was first, but then she lay back across my bed. “I guess it’s about time we started talking about, how we’re going to make love.”

“Yeah, let me just stuff the elephant in the closet real quick to make room.”

“AH!” She barked with laughter.

“Well, the first question is probably who would wear the pants in the family.” Still in our Sunday best, I just looked over the choices I had, hanging up.

“I don’t want one of us to pretend to be the man, but. I guess for practical reasons, we’re going to have to take turns.”

“Huh, well.” I picked some nice deep purple clacks, and pulled them off the hanger. “You didn’t bring any pants.”

She shook her head, but she smiled around the carrot, and slowly let it slip out of her mouth. Getting thinner, and thinner. I turned away, shaking my head, and blushing like crazy, but I couldn’t turn away.

“Huh!’ Then I remembered something. Going over to my bedside, I pulled out the drawer, and fished around the back, and finally felt it behind my diary. Good place for it, pushed back, and stuck under my most secret thoughts, and feelings. All the entries she helped me write, and gave me inspiration for. All the ways I imagined this going, but sh e said it herself. She can’t wait.

“I guess I was saving this.” I held up the condom, “For a special occasion.”

“Well,” she joked, “I’m not afraid of you getting me pregnant, but have you thought about having children?”

“Huh!” I just got down, and tore it open. “We’ll have to decide who wants to get pregnant, later.” Plucked the rubber ring from the package, I took her hand, and held it down, between her legs. “Rachael, will you marry me?”

“Of course!” She giggled, when I rolled it on, over the fat end, but it felt so warm. Of course, it had been in her underwear, and her mouth. It was warm from her body, so close to her body, and her privates. “Why don’t we exchange names. I’ll be Rachael Alice Dawson-Cooper.”

“And I’ll be Mädchen Tanner Cooper-Dawson.” I nodded, then tipped it out, so I could slip my lips over the rubbery end, and get it wet with my tongue.

“Huh, you better put your pants on.” She pulled it out, and stuck it in her mouth. Standing up, and shimmying her hips to drop her underwear under her skirt.

“Snh! Huh, we’re going to have to borrow the turkey baster. Later.” How much later, I don’t know, but my body. especially my baby maker was starting to insist. Not later, not even sooner, I wanted it now. What she couldn’t give me without help. “Huh, I want a baby.”

“Swop! Me too. Huh, that way we don’t have to raise an only child, and they’ll have a brother, and sister to grow up with.”

“Oh yeah. One of each, so they’ll almost be like twins, and if we do in vitro, we can even pick which one has a daughter, and which one has a son.”

“Huh, I don’t know, if I want to do it like that. Honestly, a test-tube baby sounds so, medical, and sterile. Would you think any less of me if I wanted to do it the old fashioned way with a man?”

“Huh!” There it was. The elephant reached out of the closet, to breathe on my neck. Funny, how I can’t see myself, being with a man, but somehow, I can imagine her doing it. “Well, he’d have to be a pretty damned good man.”

“I agree, but we have plenty of time to find him, and with any luck. It would take years, and years to find one that looks good enough in a frilly apron. One that wouldn’t mind getting down on his knees, and scrubbing the toilet.”

“Like my dad?”

“Well, not just like him. He’d have to be a lot less married. I don’t want to tempt anyone into adultery, it wouldn’t be fair to his wife.”

“No, I guess not.” I’m not used to thinking like a Christian, but I’m learning.


Jason (mff NS Talk)

“Sorry, I’m late.” Dad dried his hands on the apron, and pulled off the rubber ducky yellow glove.

“It’s fine, you’re not too late for dinner, but your mom didn’t want it to be too much of a sausage party.”

“Speaking of which, your sister has a friend, over. So, you better let them have some privacy.”

“Really?” Well, she’s 15, and I started getting rubbers just in case from dad, when I started high school. I didn’t know she had a boyfriend, but I didn’t see why not until I got down the hall, to the bathroom.

“Uh!” At least she had some pants on, but she jumped in the tub, and pulled the shower curtain over herself, topless.

“Don’t you knock?” I looked down the hall. “I thought you’re in your room.” I shook my head, and looked away, but it was too late to not see her best friend Rachael, naked. She shut the door, but peeked out, before it closed, smiling at me.

I looked back over my shoulder, down the hall, but then I just went in my room, and shut the door. I should have known when I caught them kissing, but Maddy said they were just practicing, and they were still in elementary school together.

Now, Rachael was grown up, and I think she dropped a carrot on the floor, with a rubber on it, but I looked away before I could be sure. She still wasn’t exactly super busty, but her breast looked. Just the perfect size, to match her hips, her rear end, and her slim waist with little dimples on either side of the small of her back.

“Jason?” My sister knocked. “Um, you’re not. Playing with yourself in there, are you?”

“No,” I opened up the door. “Of course not uh. Hey, uh. Rachael.”

“Hey, Jason.” She smiled, but at least they threw on some clothes, before they came to confront me.

“Let me out, I need to wash my hands for dinner. Mom warned me, that you had a friend over, but. I didn’t know, I thought she ment in your bedroom, and I just had to wash my hands.” I turned the tap off, and took the hand towel form my sister. “Thanks.” I dried them.

“Oh, no problem.” Rachael stayed out in the hall, and rolled her eyes. “I hate awkward silences, so. I’m not going to try and say what you saw wasn’t what it looked like.”

“We’re lesbians.” Maddy stepped back, and held her shoulders, in both hands.

“Well, I’m bisexual.” She looked over at her girlfriend, “But I’m in love with your sister.”

“I’m happy for you, and I’m not just saying that. Mazeltov, you two look cute together,. Now, can you let me out?”

Rachael giggled, “We’re not Jewish, we’re Christian.”

“Well, if you don’t mind me asking.” I nodded, “How does that work out, with the teachings against homosexuality?”

“Huh, well honestly? To tell the truth, I’ve been searching the Gospels for a single word about it, and Jesus never mentioned it.”

“Yeah, and in Mathew, chapter 22. The rabbis asked Him what the greatest commandment was. So, he said: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind This is the first and greatest commandment, and the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”

“Oh, kay?”

“So what that means,” I just looked back and forth, while they did that thing where one talks, then the other like twins. “Is that the old law, like the 10 commandments is just the Jewish law, like being Kosher. The new law was sanctified by the blood of Jesus Christ, and it’s just love. Love of god.” I looked back, “Love for one another.” My sister hugged her girlfriend even tighter. “Love of your neighbor as yourself.” Back to Maddy, “Even self love isn’t like. You know the parable of the Sower, and the Seed?”

“Never really was the church going type, and neither were you.” I put my hand up, “Now, I’m not one to Judge, but isn’t that still, the same kinda sexist superstition they use to threaten your soul with eternal torture if you don’t behave the way they want you to?”

I don’t have the teeshirt that says I’m an Atheist, debate me, but. I could probably wear it.

“It used to be.” Rachael thought, “but maybe we should go out, and continue this discussion over dinner?”

“Huh, yeah.” I didn’t hear the toilet flush, but I smelled bleach, and I couldn’t help notice how shiny white the sink was. The faucet, and even the bathtub. Not that it ever really got all that dirty in there, but the 4 of us had to share the bathroom, and 2 of us used the sink for shaving. So, the big thing was the stubble behind the faucet, and on the soap dish where dad, and I kept our razors, was missing. I guess I got so used to it being there, it was like seeing one of your friends with their glasses off.

“So;” Rachael went on, “Basically, we have to work out our relationship with God, Jesus, and each other together, but we’re looking for a more progressive church. While you’re right that the church itself doesn’t approve, there are denominations that are making great strides, and since I’m not Baptised yet.”

“Don’t you go to Cavalry Paptist Church? How did you manage that, I mean forgive my ignorance, but I thought the whole point of Baptists was baptizing people.”

“Well, yes, and no. It’s really more anabaptist than some of the other old world churches, like the Catholics, and Orthodox. The whole reason why they seperated from the other Protestant sects was a disagreement over baptism, and christening. The Vatican decreed that unbaptised children went to hell, purgatory, or limbo, I guess depending on who you ask, while the anabaptists decided that it should be a choice, so we don’t christen children, until they’re old enough to make that choice of their own free will.”

“Oh, huh. I thought that was just an Amish thing.”

“No, they’re just the most infamous Anabaptists, since they live in like the 19th century.”

“So,” mom brought out a stack of plates. “I made some calls, and it turns out that the Episcopalian diocese is considering applicants.”

“What do you mean Applicants?” Rachael sat down, and started passing plates around. Then, dad came in with the crock pot, and mittens on, but at least he took off that frilly apron with the pink ruffles around the edges.

“Well, apparently, from what Margret said. They want to make sure that the couples, expecially youth couples are really ready to be married, and it’s not just a passing phase, or will just end in Divorce.”

“I thought the Church of England basically invented divorce. You know Henry the eighth, and his 6 wives?”

“Yes, but again. This is all second hand.”

“Honey,” Dad held out the knife, carefully by the blade. “You want to carve the roast?”

“Oh,” she looked up smiling, and nodded. “Thanks.” They had some opposite day thing going on, for International Woman’s Day, so dad could better appreciate all the work mom did as a housewife. He even took time off of work, but it’s not like she was going to go out to the factory, and pull a shift as an industrial electrician. I guess that extended to him cooking, and her carving at the table, but we passed the plates back around, to get our slices.

“Tell me what you guys think.” Dad sat down, and mom pulled the chair out for him. “I never made pot-roast before, but it’s a remarkably simple dish. Who knows, maybe next time I’ll try chicken soup.”

He shrugged, and sipped gravy, before he dug in.

“Uhm, you mind if we say grace?” My sister sure was getting into the whole Jesus thing, and I guess, I can kinda dig it. I mean, I’ve done dumber things to talk to girls, but still. She really seemed to be taking it seriously.

“We better pray silently.”

They just nodded, and let each other’s hands go, but. I just saw her naked, with my sister topless, and I didn’t hear them flush the toilet, because they just pitched the carrot and the rubber in the can.


“Amen.” My sister repeated, and nodded. Then, we dug in, and sat quietly for a while, but there was just something irreverent about. Remembering Rachael naked, and straddling my sister’s lap, with her pants on, but barefoot, and topless. I mostly got to see her back, and her buttocks, their feet together right behind the door, because it swung in, but it didn’t take a lot of imagination to deduce where the carrot had been.

Does that make Maddy the top? Probably not the best question for the dinner table, or ever if I’m honest. It’s inappropriate to ask my sister about her sex life, other than she’s having one now, and I like Rachael. I’m glad it’s her, and the way they’re talking about. A church that would marry them, I should be imagining her as a sister in law, but then again.

I just saw her naked, and even a little jiggle when she turned around to grab the door, but she didn’t shut it right away. She got up, and peeked down the hall until I looked back, and then she smiled at me, before she closed the door.

I just have no idea how to interpret that, and my hormonal brain just wants to take that the most, hormonal teenage boy kinda way, but I know better than to ask a lesbian how they do it.

She corrected Maddy, though. When she said that they were gay, she said that she’s bisexual, and she made a point of it. Now, I think I just imagine one of her eyes opening, after a wink, with that smile she gets, when she’s got a secret, while they were coming out to me, but I love your sister.

She said, and I’m not just imagining how protectively she held onto her out in the hall. They didn’t even come in my room, but they got out of my way so I could wash my hands, and. “Good job on the bathroom, by the way.” I joked. “I forgot how white the sink, and bathtub were supposed to be.”

Dad laughed, “Thanks. Next time you’re in there, check out the toilet. I’m really proud of that.” He held up mom’s hand, “But it was a labor of love.” Turned to kiss her ring finger.



2 B Continued…

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