I was told what I would do

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A guy video me giving him head and used it.

A couple years ago I gave a guy a blowjob in return for some molly I was 17 at the time. I didn’t know he had recorded it. I went back to buy some more molly from him He told me he wanted sex for it. When I said no he showed me the video he told me a lot of people might see the video.
I had sex with him I made him use a condom I didn’t want to get pregnant. This went on for a couple months then one day he wanted me to come over I did but there were two guy’s there he wanted me to give them both blowjobs he recorded it. He kept me high all the time It was still horrible after It was over and I would think about It
it didn’t stop it kept getting worse I had sex with at least 8 men I didn’t know he didn’t want us using condoms because he was recording it and he wanted some creampies I did get pregnant from someone. I had sex with a girl and I am not bi. Ended up dropping out of school things were bad. But last year he got arrested for for dealing. I am going to try to get clean and move away. I hope I never see him again.

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  • Reply alex ID:61njao7h6ia

    sissy show me your pussy babe mail me [email protected]

  • Reply lilly ID:2kyee16thk

    Wow molly….really that’s messed up

  • Reply Sissy ID:fzq35kt0d

    More than you could afford

  • Reply πŸ€‘ ID:vzg6b544

    How much would you charge for a gang bang?

  • Reply Freeman ID:pvluwnphm

    Can u tall me what all happened to you

    • Sissy ID:7ylvmikv9b

      What more do you want to no Freeman?. I fucked men for him he got money and I got high. He like to see me with different men and he wanted them to cum inside me. I have no idea which man got me pregnant but it happened pretty quickly.

  • Reply Mark ID:61nk6qgdm9c

    OMG it would hurt a lot to fuk with so many people :-O your so strong. If i ask u to sex with me will u agree if u know i am a handsome boy just kidding ha ha ha

    • Sissy ID:vzgdqwqj

      Mark It wasn’t all at one time. I had sex with different men over time. A couple of times I had 3 somes with men. I didn’t know them most likely they were friends of his or paying him to have sex with me. It wasn’t something I wanted to do. After about two months I became pregnant with someone’s baby.

  • Reply Randy ID:vzg6c942

    You said these men gave you creampies. Did you enjoy stranger’s giving you a creampie. You were 17 how old were the men ? Was your pussy being sold to these men? Did you have a baby? And did you enjoy it?

    • Sissy ID:vzg6c942

      I was high most of the time but it was a strange feeling having a man just fuck you.
      I don’t no their ages they were all older than I was and I feel cheap doing it with them.
      I got no money. I don’t no how he knew them.
      The 1st time I got pregnant it was a miscarriage. The 2nd time I had the baby. I had sex even though I was pregnant.
      There were moments when it felt good but no I didn’t enjoy it.

  • Reply Doug ID:1hr6f15aoid

    Naw honey the die is cast and you will be a cock sucking slut forever. I will bet you did not complain when the cock was being put in your mouth and cunt so just go with the flow and keep on doing your thing. Did you cum off with the cocks in your mouth and how about when the cock was being pumped in your cunt. Develop a good speciality as cock suckers are a dime a dozen and unless your cunt is unusual, you will just be a run of the mill slut.

    • Sissy ID:vzg6c942

      I am not run of the mill. And now I am getting it all together thank you Doug

    • Me ID:5srdts618m

      Leave the girl alone ok? She’s been through enough fucked up shit so don’t be rude to her. You piece of shit Doug.

    • Me ID:5srdts618m

      Just leave the girl alone ok? She’s been through enough fucked up shit already. You piece of shit Doug.