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Hump in the Night

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A variation on the fantasy; “Watching our Daughter lose her Virginity” from before, only this time, it doesn’t go as far, and goes a little further…

I’d honestly forgotten he was there, until I woke up in the middle of the night, and went to pee. Then, I heard a thump, and a scrape, but through the bathroom door, I couldn’t place where. I hesitated to crack it, and listen, but it was quiet. I was beginning to think that I imagined it, until I heard it again.

Down the hall, at the doorway to out bedroom, I paniced, and went to the bed. ‘hugh!’ I kept my voice down, and shook him. ‘i think there’s someone in the house.’

“Uh!” He grunted, and sat up. So, I backed off to the closet, and felt around for the cane, hanging from a hook just inside. On his side, he pulled up his pajama pants, and listened at the open door. ‘you sure?’

I went to him, and whispered over his shoulder, ‘i’m coming with you,’ I held the cane up in both hands, like a battle ax, or war hammer, and followed him out to the hall. ‘i’ll watch your back.’

To be honest, I had mixed emotions at that point. I was worried about robbers, or at least that’s what I imagined, but I was also worried about him. Hugh could take care of himself in a one-on-one fight, but he could still get hurt. Especially if the intruder had a knife, or even worse, there were more than one of them.

We hadn’t been robbed, and neither had our neighbors. As far as I had heard, but then again, we had just bought a new flat screen TV, and entertainment system, so that’s what I thought they might be there to take. Then, we got to the end of the hall, I touched his shoulder to re-assure him, but I also got a little thrill of expectation. Of what I’d see when I peeked around, but nothing prepared me for this.

Our daughter, Mia was on the couch, but the coffee table was tipped up, which must have been the thump, and scrape I’d heard. Right across from the hall, so we couldn’t see anything but her head, and shoulders, but she threw her head back, and let out a soft moan.

My husband chuckled, and whispered. ‘huh, it’s just emmit.’ That reminded me that he’d come over, to hang out with our sons. Stayed for dinner, and crashed on the couch, but also Mia had a bit of a crush on him.

‘Huh!’ I relaxed a little, and at least let the cane slip through my fingers. I wouldn’t be using it to bash anyone’s brains out tonight, and all of a sudden, the adrenaline drained out of me. I wasn’t tired, I was a bit relieved that the night wouldn’t turn violent, but also her soft moans. The look of pleasure on her face.

In the near dark, there was only a few stripes of sodium vapor orange shining in from the streetlight, through the blinds, and on her face. I couldn’t see what was happening, but I felt around my husbands shoulders. Remembering the cane, he’d gotten out of storage when the sprained his ankle pretty bad, and he took it gently from my hands.

So, I could feel his chest, run my fingers through the patch of hairs down the middle. Like a triangular bib, I could smell his arousal on his neck, and felt his earlobe brush my cheekbone. ‘huh, she finally got what she wanted.’

He nodded, and gently took my arm by the wrist. Guiding it down his softly breathing belly, and straight to the bulge in his pants. There was something dirty about getting aroused, watching Mia give herself. No, honestly from what little we could see behind the coffee table, she was on top, and taking him.

Perhaps that’s why Hugh hadn’t reacted with anger, but just relaxed when he saw what was going on. He wasn’t forcing her, she wasn’t struggling, and he hadn’t come down the hall to get in the girl’s room. He’d crashed on the couch, and our eldest daughter. Well, she had confided in me, at an early age that she was jealous of her brothers, their friendship with Emmitt, whom she’d had a crush on for years.

‘uhn!’ Another moan, this one a little different, and louder, but still not loud enough to wake anyone, who wasn’t already up. ‘there, yeah huh! right there, just a little faster, huh!’ Her head fell, so her hair slipped off her shoulders, and covered her face. She shivered, ‘huh! uh, huh!’ she nodded, than shook. “Huh!” Gasping, and grunting.

‘i think, she’s.’

‘yeah,’ my husband turned, and his teeth shined white in the direct light. ‘she’s not faking it. she sounds like you, having a climax.’

‘ohhh!’ finally she lay down. ‘ohhh!’

I pushed him, gently, and held onto his prick. Sticking out of the unbuttoned fly of his pajamas, I had just stroked it slowly, hoping to keep him up for when we went back to bed, but that’s not what we did. I know what possessed me to push him in the living room. Even before I heard her sniff.

I wanted to see more, but when I peeked over the top of the coffee table, I was a little surprised to see him backwards on the couch. Mitt had his eyes closed, and his arms up behind his head. A smile on his face, and the slightest sheen across his mouth. Down his cheeks, they were wet, and Hugh sniffed.

I smelled it too, not just sex, but a fresh orgasm, and our daughter curled up on the floor. Next to the couch, bent over so she could nod. Bobbing her head right over his crotch, and breathing through her nose. Neither of them heard Hugh’s rather loud sniff, but I kept a grip on his prick, and stroked it in time with our daughter’s fellatcous bobbing. Still rather slow, but then there was a wet slurp, and I pulled Hugh back. Turning him around, and going down, I could feel the dirty grin on my face, as plain as the hot flush in my cheeks, and listened to her breathe.

Through her nose, with her mouth full, and she sniffed in between thrusts through her lips. It was just oral sex, good. She’s not on birth control, honestly I thought there wouldn’t be any need, and she hadn’t asked for any. She only had eyes for Emmitt, and before now, he had basically ignored her. Not playing hard to get, just disinterested, and I suppose respecting her brothers. His friendship with them, but then.

I imagine that she finally came out, and went for it. Knowing what she wanted, and having access to him, asleep on the couch. There was something predatory about that idea, that I rather liked. “SNH!” He gasped through his nose, and then let out a deep, ragged breath. “Hhuhuh huh. Uh!” Punctuated with a grunt, I heard her gulp, swallowing like the good little girl she is. The good little cock sucker. “Huh!’ He breathed a sigh of relief, and I heard the coffee table, bump, and scrape.

Hugh looked back over his shoulder, and then her eyes appeared over the table. Her hand over her mouth, Emmitt sat up behind her, but I started closing my eyes. I left them cracked, but pretended not to have seen them. Well, since they finished, and noticed us. I felt up Hugh’s hairy thighs, and pulled on his ass. Relaxing my throat, and even slipping my tongue out to brush his scrotum with the tip of my tongue. Shaking my head back and forth, to worm in in deeper, and root my noes into his thigh. I couldn’t take a deep sniff of his sexy sweat, until I backed out just enough to dislodge the head from the back of my throat.

“SNH! Huh! Chuhl!” I brought up a thick wad from the back of my throat. Sucked out by his fuck piston, like a plunger, or a cuckhold drawing another’ man’s load out to replace it. That’s why it’s shaped like a piston, and human spunk is so thick. I smiled, and worked it up to the front of my mouth. Let it hang open, and the thick wad roll off my tongue.

The straps of my nighty already down my arms, and my breasts exposed, i held them up, and my chin down to catch in, and rub them together. Laying back, while my husband dropped his pajama bottoms. His hard wet glistening prick almost snapping up, with an audible pat against his tummy. He’s a middle aged man, but as we got older, and I had gone through a few pregnancies. I grew to love the changes in his body, the youthful muscles going soft, and marbled. The flat midriff bulging out, soft, and cuddly. His belly button slowly sinking in, but the kids got up. I glanced out of the corner of my cracked eye, than just closed them. Reveling in his hands on my, and arching my back with lust.

His hard prick, slipping warm, and wet between my hot tits. His thumbs digging in, and his fingers gently cradling the sides. Even his balls dragging on the bottom of my ribs, I pushed his belly up, so he could hump up higher, and then felt his hips. His still strong him, pelvic thrusts, and the tops of his thighs slapping against my bus. Thrust after thrust, gasping when i could, in between thrusts, just like she had, riding Mitt’s face. Or through her nose in time with her fellacious nods.

They watched, 2 heads, four eyes, and their hands overlapped over the edge. he put his hand over her’s, her fingers between hers, and rubbed the side of her hand with his thumb.

“Oh! Hugh!”

“Oh, Milla. Mama Mia!” I laughed, at the old joke, but for once, I didn’t even flash back to our honeymoon, in Genoa. To visit his family, and get married of course, but then we went off to a rented villa to get started on our family.

“Mother fucker.”

“Huh!’ Mia covered her mouth, and I grinned. “Cummon. Mother fucker. Don’t hold back.” he was grunting, and sweating with the effort, but it occurred to me that she’d never heard me talk dirty to him before. It was one of those not-in-front-of-the-kids words, but now that she was old enough to sit on Emmit’s face, and suck dick out in the living room when she thinks we’re asleep.

“Huh!” He stopped, almost pulling out and slowly rolled his balls back under his taint. Twitching, and swelling, I let go of his belly, and reached back to pull my hair. Bury my chin, and hold my tongue out to catch at least one healthy spurt of baby batter, streaking up my chest.

“Mhn!” I closed my eyed, as soon as one went in the hole, just to taste it. “Snh!” Filled my nose with the warm pastey tang of fresh spunk, rubbing the taste up the back of my teeth, and the roof of my mouth.

I smacked my lips, and heard muffled giggles behind the table.

“Uh,” Emmitt sat back, hard enough to push the couch into the wall. “Mr Cybo, uh. I’m sorry.”

“Hah!’ He got up, and pulled his pajamas back up, from where they were stretched between his feet, across my knees. Getting up, I just felt my neck, and chest. Wiping up my midnight snack to suck it off my fingers. “For what? Finally letting Mia have her way with you? Get up, and get dressed.” He looked over at our daughter, who just covered her chest with both arms, smiling, and shaking her head.

“I didn’t bring any clothes out.” Her crotch covered in a neat triangle of short curls, she just stepped around the coffee table, and went back to the hall. Looking back at me, i smiled, and gave her the thumbs up. I was so proud of her, and Emmitt. He’s a good kid, he’ll make a good addition to the family.

“Yeah, see?” Hugh sat down in the chair, next to the couch, while I heard Mitt fumble his belt buckle. Looking down. “She came out here naked, because she knew what she wanted, and she got it.” Hugh leaned over, and patted his shoulder. “I trust you, and I like you, son. You’re not going to hurt her, or break her heard?”

“No, sir.”

“Huh, you can stop calling me sir, son.” He sat back.

“Okay, Hugh?” He tried, and my husband nodded.

I pulled my nightgown back up my shoulders, and settled my damp chest against the dry lace. . “Just promise me that this won’t be just a one night stand.”

He nodded, “I promise,” and crossed his heart.

“She loves you,” I told him, “You know that?”

He sighed, and smiled, looking up, and nodding. “Yeah, I thought it was just a crush, but she never outgrew it.”

“Well,” Hugh chuckled, “I guess now is as good a time as any to tell you about the women in our family.” He held out his hand, and helped me up, so I could sit in his lap. “She’s just like her mother, and aunts.”

I kissed his cheek, licked the stubble along his jawline, and worked my way down his neck.

“Sexually aggressive, if you want to please her, just let take her lead, all right?”

“Honey, we need to get her on birth control, ASAP.”

“In the mean time, do you have any rubbers?”

“Yes, sir. Hugh.”

“You know how to use them?”

“We don’t want her getting pregnant, until she’s married, but you wouldn’t happen to be tested for VD?”

He looked at me, confused. “Is that some new STI?” Shook his head.

“Oh, sorry.” I rubbed my husbands shoulder, just to feel the underlying muscle. He hadn’t lost it, he just grew a healthy soft living layer of fat over it. I laughed, “Quite the opposite. Back in our day, it was called Venereal Disease.”

“No, but I haven’t been doing anything to catch it. I’m a virgin.” He nodded. “So’s she.” He said with a dirty satisfied grin, and the dimples popped out on his drying cheeks, to say that he’d gone deep enough to check, with his tongue.

“Well,” I got up, taking Hugh’s hand with me. “Good, but take it slow.”

“Don’t worry, I was saving myself for her.”

“Oh, really?”

“Always. I always knew that she was the one, I just had to wait until she was ready.”

Well good. He already knows his place. Beneath our daughter. I can already tell he’s going to make her so happy. “Hugh,” walking past our other children’s doors, I hears whispers in the girl’s room. Snores in the boy’s. “I’m not satisfied yet, so you’re going to lick me, suck my clit, and fingerfuck me until you’re hard enough to put another baby in me.”

Soon enough, she’s going to leave, but not on her own. I try not to think of it as losing a daugher, but gaining a son in law.

“Yes, dear.”

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