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Hotwife Leeza (Part 2) With My Dog

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Bored and horny housewife lays out her pussy for her dog

Its me Leeza guys……………..well once again my husband is not due back this weekend to take care of my horny slutty pussy due to work commitments outstation. i am totally horny after last week s adventure with Sadda and that incident keeps provoking my horniness even more.

With no one at home today, I am still in my birthday suit the way i slept last night. Crawling out of my bed I make my way to the kitchen to prepare some breakfast. Just some coffee and toast i thought, Pundek my big dog and guardian of some mixed breed was sort of dancing around me, maybe he is hungry too….I thought. I then got some of his food and bent over to put it into his bowl and Pundek went around my naked ass and stubbed his nose right into my pussy licking and sniffing it at the same time. I just stood back up and gave him a stare…naughty boy sniffing on mummy s pussy, he understood and put his head down. Then I just smiled and patted his fur and told him to eat, off he went and i took my coffee and toast to sit at the dinning table. I was ok with Pundek actions, this was not the first time that he has done something like that. Maybe he is just as horny as his mommy. While sipping my coffee and reminiscing about Sadda, I felt someone s tongue licking my pussy and I tell you it felt so nice. I looked under the table and saw Pundek there, grinning and wagging his furry tail. After the initial sensations of a rough dog tongue combined with my horniness, I just could not refuse the offer from Pundek so I slid down further my chair and opened my legs even further giving Pundek full acces to my pussy. Maybe it was the scent of my dried up juices from last night s fingering and teasing my clit which i had not washed off yet. It felt arousing with Pundek lapping up my privates so well and diligently. I felt I was nearing my orgasm when the phone rang, it was my husband checking on me………….Hello Darling, GOOD MORNING slept well…..blah,blah blah. I told him that i was having coffee and toast and yet to take my shower.
He said that he was ready to leave for work and he called to say …Hi. I hardly had much to say to him at that time because of the sensation Pundek was giving even more diligently now and my husband asked me why i was breathing like, whether I was okay or not. I told him what happened and that I was on the verge of a huge orgasmand that is why I was not saying anything. Surprisingly my husband said,…WOW that is hot, okay enjoy yourself…..will call later for full details…..I pu my phone back on the table and went AAAArrrGGGhHHH OOOOHHHhhh so nice lovely faster boy lick harder oh baby mommy is cumming…………..aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh and I came squirting all over my poor baby but he was just too busy licking and savouring all the juices that I had to give him. Then I slumped into my chair, totally drained, my legs felt weak, my heart was pounding too fast my eyelids felt heavy, that was some climax i thought.

After coming out of my orgasm i called out to Pundek who was sitting under the table and licking his wet fur…..POOR baby. Come here my sweet baby and he came out to me, I kissed him on his forehead and mouth to taste my juices from his lovely dog tongue and he was just kissing me back. Animals are so loving and passionate when they love u.

Ok baby I think that you need a bath and a shampoo, he wagged his tail in approval and of we went, even then he kept nudging his nose from behind me into my pussy and licking my shashaying butt at every opportunity along the way.

I filled the bath tub which can easily accommodate two and got in, Pundek got in too and was facing me, he knows because we have done this before. He slid towards me between my legs and licked my face then he laid his head on my busty breast and sort of seemed relax in the cool water with his mommy,
. I scrubbed his body while he lay there and lathered some shampoo on his fur making it all soapy and my baby just lay there, like a baby you can say. I scrubbed underneath him and needed to scrub his back which i could not reach, him being such a big guy. So i asked him to stand up and turn around which he obediently followed, now his back was facing me. I reach down and scrubbed both his hind legs and stomach his dangling balls and dog prick.

What surprised me was when my hands came in contact with his cock, it was hard, hot, erect and out of his sheath. I just nonchalantly applied more soapy water to his dick and tried masturbating him, to I got some humping and a lot of tail wagging….a sign that the dogs appreciates whatever you are doing. But the tail fur was annoying me because it kept brushing against my face hitting my eyes, nose and getting into my mouth. So both of us got out of the tub, I turned the shower on and directed the water jet to my dog, gently rinsing his fur all over and using my wet hands to cleans his face. Then I carefully towel dried him and said “go sit…mommy needs to shower too you know”, again he wagged his tail and walked to the corner and sat. I cleaned myself up and shaved my pussy neat and slippery and finished off. I dried myself and tied my hair with the towel and i walked out to my room.
I turned on the hair blower and called Pundek to dry his thick fur lest he catches a cold, I started from the top as he stood between my legs staring at my clean shaved pussy, as I pulled him closer to dry his back he put his head on my thighs right next to my open pussy and was flicking his tongue out teasing my pussy. I gave a pat on his back and he stopped….so now you have started to tease mommy pussy, yeah,,,i said. Then I turned him around to dry the stomach area where a lot of fur was hanging down and I Took the blower closer to his balls and he felt heat and he wimped. When I saw his all puckered up asshole I just put the blower right on it which made him jump up…”now take that for teasing mommy s pussy”.

I brushed his fur making them shinny and tangle free and fluffy……he looked so beautifully…handome…..my baby…..and i stood up to dry my hair. Pundek jumped up onto my bed and was staring at me, his ears standing steady and tail wagging….fanning on my bedsheet.

Then suddenly Pundek got down from the bed and pounced on me from behind catching me off guard. The sheer weight and size of Pundek made me tumble forward, luckily i had the vanity stool in front of me and i held on to it, breaking my fall.I was now hunching on my stool with Pundek s for legs gripped around my waist. I shouted out to him to get off me but he continued dry humping me, I knew certainly he must be very horny to attack me and disobeying me. To return his favour, i bent slightly more to give him the right angle to my pussy not because i want to but just being tolerance to his needs too though I have never done this before in my life. I thought that, since I have taken my husband and Sadda s huge cocks numerous times this shouldn t be a problem.

After a few more stabs, Pundek found his target, it was alright at the beginning at a furious pace until he knotted me. WOW….OMG….that was beyond words… no man had been able to suffocate my pussy as my dog did. Now I understand all the dog cock lovers and dog sex porn that i watched but missed out on the action. Pundek cock was expanding and growing and started pulsing in my pussy filling every void that existed giving me total fullness and i was like having non stop orgasm from all the sensations created inside my pussy. No words to describe the happenings…to be frank.

Then he put his right foot down then flipped his left leg around my butt and we were back to back, I realised that it was not over as I thought before. Now I was feeling full and nearing a full blown orgasm…..I already had multiple orgasms since he knotted me…I thought this might be the last and final one. my phone was ringing non stop, I knew my husband must be waiting for the details of my earlier session with my dog, but I just was like not bothered to have someone interupt me now when I was fully enjoying it. Pundek was trying to pull but i felt that the knot was too big and used my pussy muscles to keep him in since I was enjoying it now. In my pussy, I could feel my dogs cock pulsing and shooting jets and jets of hot gooeey deep inside me, I felt so so full. His cum and mine all mixing up inside me unable to come out made me wonder how wet the carpet is going to get when it leaks out. It has been almost 30 minutes since we knotted and now Pundek startled pulling out again and I had to reluctantly relax my muscle to ease the fabulous knot out, After much effort and time….pppllloooooooooooooooppp..the knot came out …..followed by a massive tsunami of our massive cum juices flowing out of my pussy and creating a big wet island on my bedroom carpet. I just dropped onto my vanity stool still hunched trying to recover while my dog sat down and licked his fiery red dick clean. Then he gallantly walked up to my gapped pussy and licked it clean. My pussy was a bit sensitive at the beginning but later it turned just fine.

I got up and dropped on my bed, too tired, too weak to do anything else. I loved every moment of my sex session with my dog and would keep doing it forever. I call Pundek and he jumped onto my bed with me i kissed and hugged him for giving me such a good experience, that I love him and his dog cock very very much. And we dozed off…………….

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  • Reply Cappy ID:2vqw8f7lt0a

    Best dog sex story I have ever read. Hubby knowing about it makes it even hotter.
    Perfect. Just perfect!

  • Reply Vikas ID:2vni93v9b

    I love your story

  • Reply Petro ID:571gtnd2

    Now Leave Your Comment…Leeza i love your story its a pitty i easnt there to share that dogs penis i love having sex with dogs and the best part is when they knot you

    • SLUT WIFE RANI ID:7mkm8otghl

      Cant go out much because of CORONA….BUT AM FUCKING …..JUST HAD 3 MASSIVE ORGASM WITH MY DOG.

    • TEEN ELLA ID:7mkm8otghl

      thanks petro……i just love it too. now i have 3 dogs and when its time to fuck they all take turns and fuck me good. Each dog will at least have 3 fucks …that is 9 at any one time. So I am in dog cock heaven…….

    • TEEN ELLA ID:7mkm8otghl

      With corona i still get fucked good…thanks to my dogs

    • william ID:hzjvdzj

      Leeza awesome story done great job in writing .Petroleum interested in hearing your stories
      Love to see pictures or videos

  • Reply Jimmy ID:7zv365ns8k

    Awesome story I have huge stud great Dane text me 814 319 8624

    • TEEN ELLA ID:7mkm8otghl

      I have one now and he is a trained fucker with a huge dick and lots of cum. Thanks anyway. ENJOY

  • Reply Cumgulper ID:y8ha2rm2

    That was fantastic descriptive. I wish I could have been underneath you when he pulled out of you. There is nothing better than a pussy filled with animal cum and flowing down my throat.